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Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Integrally Suppressed Automatic Carbine

The Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Integrally Suppressed Automatic Carbine is a compact and quiet weapon largely modelled after the M3 Assault Weapon System though modified with a more covert role1) in mind, it was designed by Galactic Horizon and went into production in late YE 42.

About the Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Integrally Suppressed Automatic Carbine

Due to their recently strengthened relations with the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Galactic Horizon decided to branch further into the Green market by manufacturing a more niche weapon based on an already popular platform, which would eventually coalesce into the GH-ISAC.

Nomenclature Information

Classification and manufacturing information related to the GH-ISAC GH ISAC by Mayor-Luv(DA)

  • Designer: Galactic Horizon
  • Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
  • Name: Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Integrally Suppressed Automatic Carbine, GH-ISAC, “Quiet Isaac”
  • Nomenclature: GH-W3-4M
  • Type: Chemical Projectile Propulsion
  • Role: Covert Carbine
  • Length: 25in/635mm2) or 16.5in/420mm3)
  • Weight: 6.6lbs/3kg


At a glance the GH-ISAC could very easily be mistaken for an M3 covered in aftermarket parts, everything from the rear of the receiver to the rear of the handguard is borderline identical save for the fire-mode selector and the green furniture having been replaced with tan-coloured Steenplast stand ins. The extended handguard is noticeably more cylindrical and the barrel’s end is thicker to accommodate the integrated suppressor. The typical folding stock has been replaced with a collapsible PDW-style stock that runs along tempered steel rails, which serves to make the whole package rather compact when collapsed.

For the sake of compatibility, everything rear of the handguard can be replaced with M3-style furniture if the owner so desires.

Discharge Information

Information related to what happens each time the carbine is fired.

  • Muzzle Flash: A tiny little pop of burning gas out the suppressor’s end.
  • Retort: Extremely quiet “Pamf” noise followed by a supersonic crack when applicable, the sound of the action cycling is louder than the carbine’s heavily suppressed retort.
  • Effective Range: 200 meters/219 yards
  • Rate of Fire: As fast as the user can squeeze the trigger in semi-automatic, or 900rpm in 2-round burst.
  • Recoil: Reasonably heavy though not intolerable, more sustained rather than an immediate punch into the user’s shoulder.


Despite its reduced velocity and range the Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Quake round retains enough kinetic energy thanks to its mass and sectional density to be able to maintain its lethality and armour-piercing characteristics.

Weapon Mechanisms

Information related to the internal mechanisms of the GH-ISAC.

  • Firing Mechanism: Gas operated, rotating bolt - integrally suppressed. Being an already niche weapon due to its integrally suppressed barrel Galactic Horizon opted to sacrifice the M3AWS’ hyper burst and in turn greatly simplify the manufacturing, upkeep and modification of the platform.
    • Integral Suppressor: A new approach was needed to suppress such a large round in a compact weapon platform, so in order to achieve this the GH-ISAC’s suppressor system is split into two separate parts, an expansion chamber and the baffles. The first few inches of barrel are ported and bleed gas into an oversized expansion chamber designed to increase the carbine’s backpressure for more reliable cycling. Due to size constraints it is not effective enough to make standard loads subsonic though it does practically eliminate the initial retort of the carbine firing.
  • Loading: Ambidextrous magazine release buttons are mounted to either side of the magazine well, which allow the magazine to be removed and replaced as needed. The carbine locks open on an empty magazine and is closed by a bolt-release button on the left side of the reciever, should the bolt need to be manually manipulated it can be done so via the ambidextrous charging handle mounted above the chamber.
  • Mode Selector: A three-position selector on either side of the carbine, mounted above the pistol grip.
  • Firing Modes: Safe, Semi-Automatic, Two-Round Burst.
  • Weapon Sight: Instead of the M3’s rotary diopter sights the GH-ISAC makes use of removable, folding rear and front sight components, both of which feature combined tritium/fibreoptic elements for improved visibility in nearly any conditions.
  • Attachment Hard Points: The GH-ISAC features a section of rail along the top of the receiver as well as a section of rail on either side of the handguard, and one on its underside. Ideally the carbine is used with a non-magnified optic, some form of laser pointer, and a rugged foregrip.


Being designed with a covert role in mind it is unlikely the GH-ISAC will be fired enough to begin overheating outside of stress-testing, though however unlikely that may be, Galactic Horizon made sure to prepare the carbine for such possibilities. The handguard is made from zylon-reinforced Steenplast with an innermost layer of aerogel to prevent it from melting in the event the Skusten barrel components reach absurd temperatures during operation.

Additionally with this being a carbine intended for military adoption the company's compact cleaning kit, designed to fit into similarly hollow M3-style pistol grips, is included in the platform's tan pistol grip for a quick, compact and light-weight solution to keep the weapon clean during extended field use.


The Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Integrally Suppressed Automatic Carbine is available from the regular Galactic Horizon distributors or wherever good Nepleslian firearms are sold.

  • Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Integrally Suppressed Automatic Carbine: 600KS/1,200DA

Optional Attachments

List of officially endorsed attachments available for this firearm.

  • Holographic Sight: 70KS/140DA
  • Non suppressed barrel: 50KS/100DA
  • Handguard extension6): 60KS/120DA
  • Polychromatic laser pointer: 50KS/100DA
  • Flashlight: 25KS/50DA
  • Folding vertical foregrip: 35KS/70DA
  • Non-folding charging handles: 15KS/30DA
  • 5-capacity magazine: 10KS/20DA
  • 15-capacity magazine: 15KS/30DA
  • 25-capacity magazine: 25KS/50DA
  • 35-capacity magazine: 30KS/60DA
  • 50-capacity magazine: 45KS/90DA
  • M3-style folding stock: 40KS/80DA
  • Single-point Stone Thread sling: 25KS/70DA


The Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm ISAC is chambered in rather large, straight-walled cartridges that pack a mean punch.

11.5x43mm "Slugger", Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Quake Price Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Box)
11.5x43mm "Slugger" 15KS/30DA
Galactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Quake 150KS/300DA

OOC Notes

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Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameGalactic Horizon 11.5x43mm Integrally Suppressed Carbine
ManufacturerGalactic Horizon
Year ReleasedYE 42
Price (KS)600.00 KS
and trademark issues
stock fully extended
stock collapsed
ammunition dependant
standard magazine capacity
almost fully encases the suppressor

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