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Multispectral Marksman Scope

The Multispectral Marksman Scope, sometimes referred to as the MM Scope or the M’n’M Scope, is a high-quality scope designed and manufactured by Galactic Horizon that combines older and more traditional optics systems with the advantages that come from the inclusion of modern sensor suites like their Multifunction Optical/Audio Sensory Suite – it began production in early-mid YE 41 alongside their latest batch of firearms.

Designer: Galactic Horizon
Nomenclature: GH-M10-4J


Some might say that the first GH-M10-4J prototype was actually released as a finished product, a MOASS-enabled scope sold with the company’s first kinetic rifle and the legitimacy of this rumor has neither been confirmed nor denied.

Disregarding whether you believe this rumour or not the Multispectral Marksman Scope is still a high quality optic with a slew of features for such a compact and robust unit.

Function and Design

The main body of the Multispectral Marksman Scope is a 7”L x 4”W x 4”H rectangular prism of anodized Durandium Alloy1) that uses a tritium-illuminated reticle that is easily visible come day or night. The inside of the scope is lined with high-quality volumetric projectors based off of Galactic Horzion’s own VoDiM – this takes information from the top-mounted MOASS and projects it into the scope, buttons on the side of the scope control zoom2) as well as the various visual modes 3). The unit is emp hardened and should be able to withstand most electromagnetic pulses though, the analogue nature of the scope's main body means that it can continue to function as a basic ACOG even if the fusion powered electronics fail.

In addition to the previously stated visual queues the scope also has a laser range-finder, anemometer, gyroscope and compass built in that can all display their appropriate bits of information on the scope’s customizable heads up display that helps calculate how much to offset the barrel of the attached weapon to hit their target at longer ranges – an open space running through the mount4) allows the use of the weapon's iron sights when mounted to a carrying handle without having to remove the scope and finally it has a flip-up dust cover to protect each end of the unit.


The Multispectral Marksman scope is a rather boxy and mostly rectangular optic with a slope towards the front of the unit, on the top – this protruded section houses the majority of the sensors and the small fusion battery that powers it all, with buttons and dials on the sides of the scope that control the various functions it is capable of. The most common colours for this series of optics are od green, tan, bone white or black, all with a flat finish to reduce shine - though it is available in a wide variety of camouflage designs and even custom jobs on a case by case basis.


The Multispectral Marksman Scope is available from Galactic Horizon directly, their approved associates and affiliates, and most gun stores.

OOC Notes

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available in a wide variety of colours
up to x100 zoom
thermal, infrared, low-light and standard optical input
options available for a wide variety of mounting systems

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