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Stone Thread

Molecular Polymer Damage Resistant Fibers β€œStone Thread”

Designer: Lorath Matriarchy Occhestian House in cooperation with Fyunnen Warrior House.

A material that is able to be applied to cloth like armor, solid armor, and various construction applications. Armor constructed from the material would be able to endure moderate amounts of melee damage, sudden impact such as projectiles, along with energy and heat effects such as laser weapon damage.

Technical Information

Through the use of a multi-stage production process a high strength low weight polymer was created. Through a process of chemical bonding, nano-technology assisted molecular bonding, and a special process of demagnetizing the materials. Once the three processes are completed the material is then compressed. The process of compressing the material brings the material from being an inch thick rope like length, down to a thin thread like fiber, thus making the material much stronger due to the density. But due to the original weight of the thick rope like strand being very light, the compression process yields a product of the same weight as a lone length of thick silk thread or a light yarn. Once production of the fiber is completed, it is then able to be used for strengthening metallic armor by placing a mesh of the material over the armor in a thin coating, or being directly placed between armor plates or inside of folded metals. The material can also be used for making light weight damage resistant robes, or creating a high density weave that can be used as body armor. The material is also able to be easily dyed or coated in other liquid solutions. With this additional feature it is an ideal fabric for Lorath fashions.

OOC Notes

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