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AwesomeCorp DataJockey

Along with its famous vendor A.I., which is used in general convenience stores around Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, the Awesomecorp DataJockey was one of Awesomecorp's greatest achievements. This Datapad is widely used across Nepleslian owned worlds, and mass-produced to work as powerful personal data assistant and communication device. While this datapad is sold in stores across Nepleslian space, it is free standard-issue to Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Personnel.

Dimensions & Appearance

Depending on one's taste and how much they're willing to pay, a person can decide on the appearance and material in which the case is made of. However, most people choose the basic factory style since it has the cheapest price.


Height: 6“ / 15.2 cm. Width: 5” / 12.7 cm. Thickness: .3“ / 1 cm. Mass: 1 lb./ .45 kg.


The DataJockey's face mostly consists of the touch screen in which everything is viewed on the pad. At the top center, there is a camera along with the camera's cap(which usually has an icon or symbol to go along with the other designs.) On the bottom right of the screen is a large button that turns the DataJockey on and off. The side of the DataJockey has a small knob that adjusts the volume output of the speakers on the back. A small touch pen lays in a slot on the side. There is also a series of slots and ports that allow the user to connect to a series of items.



These generic styles are for the common man, and suitable for any pay check.

(200 DA)Factory: The typical factory design, a standard gray case, with a black screen, darker gray camera cap with the Awesomecorp's insignia, black on/off button, and a black pen.


Aethersperm is a craze going across the galaxy, and Awesomecorp is ready cash in on the popularity.

(200 DA)Aethersperm: A lazy design for quick DA, this design includes a nearly solid black DataJockey, the only thing that's not black is a white Aethersperm insignia on the camera cap.

(250 DA)Jon-Jon Rocketass Edition: matching the mesh-fascination of Jon-Jon himself, this design sports a diamond-checkered pattern, deep gray covered by wires of black. The camera cap is black, the on/off button is black, and the pen is black. Each Jon-Jon Rocketass Edition model comes with a special OS modification which switches all of the sounds of the DataJockey with Jon-Jon’s own little set of short quotes and quips.

(250 DA)Dizzy Dinkaid Edition: pink, pink, black, and more pink is the only way to describe his Double D Edition of the DataJockey. Across the back of the Dizzy Dinkaid Edition DataJockey is a large engraved body-shot of the universally-known Gesrhin, dressed and posing in a not-so-modest manner. Each Dizzy Dinkaid Edition model comes with a special OS modification which switches all of the sounds of the DataJockey with Dizzy Dinkaid’s own sultry voice as she coos and purrs at the user as he pushes button

(250 DA)Rodney Shitz Edition: the components of the Shitz model are all different shades of dark-brown. Since very little is actually known about Shitz and his personal life, Awesomecorp had to settle with emblazoning an imprint of Shitzs’ famous bass guitar on the back of the unit. The standard soundboard for the OS has a small set of Shitz’s personal quotes in their place.

(250 DA)Moe 17 Edition: instead of colors, the case, camera cap and the rest of the Moe 17 model are created to look like the hobbled, rusty gray outer shell of the android percussionist, complete with small industrial bolts and screws. Moe’s new soundboard is perhaps the most elaborate of the four specialized editions, containing over 300 sounds and voice-clips of the android.

(5000 DA)Aethersperm Special Edition: this special edition holds a gold-plated case encrusted with various valuable gemstones, with a black screen, gold-plated jewel-encrusted camera cap with the Aethersperm logo, diamond-studded on/off button, and pink pen. Not surprisingly, this model is a tad pricier.

Star Army of Nepleslia Issue

All military issue designs are free, but really, you should know that you actually have to be in the military to get one issued to you. For someone to keep their datapad ythey must achieve the 'Veteran' status, simply a title for someone who served hard or long enough to get a freebie.

Military: The standard-issue military design, green case, very dark green screen, a light green camera cap with white trim and a black star, golden olive leaves stretching from each side of the cap, white on/off button, and a green pin with a gold colored tip.

Veteran: When a soldier commits himself enough to his nation, or serves a long enough term of service, he or she is allowed to keep his or her issued datapad. That soldier can send their old DataJockey to be refited or ask for a brand new one, recieving a 'Veteran' design.

The Veteran design has the green case, with a very dark green screen with the Star Army of Nepleslia's insignia in the center, a white-gold plated camera cap with an insignia showing which Corps or service they preformed for their nation, gold plated olive leaves stretching from each side of the camera cap, a white on/off button, and a solid silver pin with a green covering and gold(actual) tip.

Marine Military Style: Similar to the Military style, only with gold colored ELEMENT armor in the black star on the camera cap.

Medical Miliary Style: Similar to the Military style, only with a white circle with a red cross on the camera cap.

Engineering Military Style: Similar to the Military style, only with a grey circle with a black wrench in it.

Functions, Programs, and Parts

Awesomecorp NPL 2850 XS Processor: One of Awesomecorp's largely used CPU's on the market. While not the most powerful one, it does work as a small enough CPU to support the main uses of the device. It is also cost effecient enough to work in this mass produced device.

Multi-port Interface: A small area on the back of the DataJockey is dedicated to it's interfacing ports. It has different ports, allowing it to connect to different systems, including the Multi-Jack Port.

NAM Network Hardware/Awesomecorp Network Hardware: A joint effort with Nepleslian Arms and Munitions allowed Awesomecorp to develop the NAM Network Hardware in the DataJockey. The main purpose of this was to allow marines and ship personnel to recieve information and data wirelessly for future reference on the ship's network. However, it has gained a more commercial use, allowing businesses and workers to keep in touch on the go.

The hardware can be used to it's full extent through the Skylight's Network Control program, allowing you to manage which networks you can link up to. This is where the military sets its issued DataJockey's to civilian ones. The unique NAM Network Hardware has been limited to Star Army personnel only, the civilian sold DataJockey use similarly made 'Awesomecorp Network Hardware'.

Pressure-Sensitive Touch Screen: The touch screen of the DataJockey is what makes most of the datapad's functions possible. Its easy rub-off screen allows a user to clear their screen of stains and odd-markings. Along with this rub-off texture, and its clear digital screen, the DataJockey is sure to provide an excellent picture. On a note, another function of the screen is the DataJockey's ability to rotate the screen on touch with either pen or hand.

Digital Camera: Under the camera cap lays a small digital camera that allows for quality picture and video taking, wether it be for simple fun, or important information. This camera features a low-light and zoom. The Skylight 28 comes with picture/video management programs.

Awesomecorp Hard Drive: A small hard drive that has capacity for most of things a user will need their DataJockey for. A meager amount is dedicated to the operating system, and if you're in the military, another amount is dedicated to the military programs.

Awesomecorp “Skylight 28” OS: The first OS to come out of production from Awesomecorps greatest mind, 'Phil Nates'. This operating system sports a stylish interface, and basic operation programs to play music, send messages, InterNEP Pathfinder(surf the InterNEP), and the universally renowned Awesomecorp Viru-cide(anti-virus, system diagnostic, and firewall).

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriescomputers, electronics
Product NameAwesomeCorp Datajockey
Price (KS)100.00 KS
Mass (kg)0.45 kg

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