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BW-6AS "Sickle"

The Sickle is a 6mm assault rifle designed in YE40 meant for infantry use against lightly armored, and unarmored targets. It is manufacture by Section 6 and FSC:FMS, and is used by USO forces. However, it was grandfathered into use by New Dusk Conclave, and manufacturered by Black Wing Enterprises.

About the "Sickle"

Section 6 decided it needed a lighter rifle then the Maverick for on base security and for less well equipped hostile forces. So in mid-YE40 the Section 6 weapons department came up with and tested the design for the S6-6AS, or β€œSickle” assault rifle.

Nomenclature Information

Below are the logistics of manufacturing and design creation of the Sickle assault rifle.

  • Designer: Section 6, S6-WDD.
  • Name: Sickle Assault Rifle
  • Nomenclature: S6-6AS
  • International Nomenclature: S6-W6-1A
  • Type: Chemical.
  • Role: Infantry assault rifle.
  • Length: 24 inches long, by 2 inches wide, by 6 inches tall.
  • Mass: 5.5lb unloaded, 6lb loaded.



The Sickle is very block in design and has its magazines loaded into the stock. it has a rectangular upper part in the front where the few electronics in the rifle go. the rest of the receiver is rather level, and a flash light is built into the lower part of the receiver. The lowest part of the rifle is the bottom of the stock where the magazine is located, as well as the grip and trigger.

Discharge Information

Below are the characteristics of the reaction of the weapon when the trigger is pulled and is fired.

  • Muzzle Flash: Bright orange burst of released gases.
  • Retort: Up close it is a loud bang with only being registered as a pop from long distance.
    • Projectile/Beam Appearance: Bullets leave a gas trail for a short distance unless tracers are used, in which case rounds give off a burning chemical color during flight.
  • Effective Range 550 yards
  • Rate of Fire: semi-2 rounds per second, burst-5 rounds per second, and full auto-7 rounds per second.
  • Recoil: As the rifle is fired, the recoil will cause the rifle's aim to steadily climb if not corrected.

Ammunition (Or 'Energy Source' if applicable)

Below is the ammo used by the Sickle and it's damage rating.

  • Ammunition S6-6mm
    • Purpose: T2 medium anti-personnel.
  • Round Capacity: 30 rounds per magazine.

The Sickle's 6mm rounds will penetrate flesh and armor alike medium range, unless targets are wearing heavy armor, or at long distances from the shooter.

Weapon Mechanisms

Below are the internal components that make the rifle work and how they operate.

  • Firing Mechanism: The firing pin in the stock where the action is located, strikes the primer of the round. This ignites the chemical powder inside causing a combustive reaction which propels the bullet down the barrel and towards the target.
  • Loading: Magazines are loaded into the stock where the action is located behind the trigger and grip, making the rifle a bulpup weapon.
  • Mode Selector: An ambidextrous switch locate above the trigger on both sides.
  • Firing Modes: Safe-weapon cannot fire, semiauto-fires with each pull of the trigger, burst-fires 5 rounds in succession with each trigger pull, and full auto-fires as long as the trigger is held down.
  • Safety Mechanism: Switching the mode to safe on the fire selector.
  • Weapon Sight: The rifle is aimed using the iron sights, the digital targeting assist that PA equipped, or equivalent hardware users can use. An optional volumetric smart sight is also available.
  • Attachment points: There is one attachment point, a rail on the underside of the rifle up front under the built in flashlight.


Below here is the pricing of the weapon, it's components, optional parts, and ammunition for commercial sale.


Below is the price of the rifle itself for commercial sale, as well as its components and optional parts.

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Magazines: 10DA (5KS) each.
  • Trigger assembly: 2DA (1KS)
  • Upper receiver: 200DA (100KS)
  • Lower receiver: 200DA (100KS)
  • Smart link system: 100DA (50KS)
  • Flashlight battery: 6DA (3KS)
  • Flashlight: 60DA (30KS)
  • Flashlight bulb: 6DA (3KS)

Optional Attachments

  • Volumetric smart sight: 60 DA (30 KS)
  • Suppressor: 60DA (30KS)


Here is the pricing for a standard box of ammo, which are only sold by S6 and FSC.

S6-6mm Price Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Box)
Standard 400DA (200KS)

OOC Notes

Jack Pine created this article on 2018/07/26 04:53.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameBW-6AS "Sickle"
ManufacturerBlack Wing Enterprises
Year ReleasedYE 40
Price (KS)300.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 2
Mass (kg)2.7 kg
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