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NDC Combined Weapons Technology Doctrine

The Combined Weapons Technology Doctrine is an effort to create a standard set of weapons technologies that can be applied at any scale. Supplemental technologies will be developed in parallel to improve weapon operation.


In YE 43, researchers at DOARAD realized that a not insignificant amount of their development time was being spent on ways to apply existing weapons technology at a scale that it wasn't originally designed for.

Rather than create dozens of weapons designed to operate at all possible scales, they instead decided to create a few well-designed, best-practice backed sets of designs that could be applied to everything from a basic handgun to a capital warship's main cannon. Alongside this would be a suite of supplemental technologies that could be applied to any of their weapons for improved effect. While the upfront effort would be somewhat taxing, the long-term benefits of reduced R&D and improved maintenance logistics is expected to pay off.


These are known examples of this doctrine still in use as of YE 46

  • Sutafaia Fusion Shell available in most calibers, gauss effect armed thermonuclear shell
  • Storm Rifle II Available in 5X30mm flechette A varient and 12.5X75mm flechette B varient cannon

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