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Operation Chevalier

Initiated a part of the NAM 'Guisarme' Joint Autonomous Weapons Project at the beginning of YE 33 alongside the deployment of the NAM-NTD-R07-X 'Gendarme' Networked Tactical Deployment Robot and CALO Modules, Operation Chevalier aims to provide highly portable, government controlled and manufactured robotic troops with the intelligence to act effectively with minimal guidance by their Nepleslian superiors. With an initial contract for 169 units organized into thirteen squads, the AI can be deployed into any CALO module via subspace transmission, hypothetically allowing a crack team to be rapidly transported to any field of engagement occupied by Nepleslian forces as well as being deployed to multiple theaters at the same time. While the R07 project promises to obviate the need for a flesh-and-blood military presence, the SMoDIoN is resistant to such a radical change and future applications, assuming Operation Chevalier succeeds, will be limited to an integrated deployment of robotic and organic troops.

Each Gendarme is rated for both police and military service using a basic heuristic suite and squad-wide tactical network, effectively functioning as a loose hivemind. After the lengthy process of installing a CALO module, each element in a squad combines the human-comparable intelligence of a Savtech with a machine's durability and the processing power of an R07's tactical network. At the most basic level, Operation Chevalier is supposed to usher in the soldier of the future through the conflicts brought about by the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

To the Battlefield or Bust

Certain elements of the SMoDIoN have expressed their hopes that Operation Chevalier will be the death knell for these robotic troops, while some others recognize the worth of capable and expendable rapid reaction troops. With the psychological stability of the CALO modules in question, this operation is as much a proving ground as it is a crash course for the purely mechanical AI1).


Yamataian-Nepleslian Joint Alliance Taskforce 'Roof 33' Robotic Operations Unit

With the passing of the Senate Proposal to Form a Joint Taskforce with Yamatai and subsequent Treaty, five squads of Gendarme/CALO units have been seconded to its use, once formed, as part of Operation Chevalier.

Rapid Reaction Forces

The remaining eight squads of Gendarme/CALO units are being deployed around Nepleslian space in specially modified 'Caserne' swift couriers and are intended to link up with supply and command forces as the Star Military's strategic needs dictate.

Mission Record

No Record Currently on File

CALO Processor Variants

To reduce the chances of any psychological fault in the simulated intelligence of a CALO module ruining the operation, multiple 'flavors' have been designed, based on the neural scan template provided by citizen volunteers. Each template was then recombined procedurally with the others and uploaded into a CALO Module to produce a simplified human brain with bits and pieces from the donated templates, effectively creating a brand new entity. Every processor variant is given a unique name in addition to its serial number, termed a 'Flavor', chosen by the Variant itself, to quickly and easily identify each personality, given that the physical body occupied by each Flavor will almost constantly be in flux.

Processor Variants 'Flavor' Player
C410-01 'Curry' NPC
C410-02 'Zeus' Ira
C410-03 'Tank' Gabriel
C410-04 'Trace' Nyton
C410-xx 'UNNAMED'2) 3)

Other Characters

Other Characters Player
Anselm Wyatt NPC

Options & Expectations


Joining the plot is easy, you may either make a character biography for a CALO Module or, if available, contact the GM to see if Mainframe characters are open, or check any active missions and speak to the GM about taking a part as an NPC of your choice.

Player Characters

Due to the nature of missions and the focus of the plot on the electronically mobile CALO Intelligences, players will have the most options and consequently the most obligations when playing one of the AI. However, if three or more Savtech PCs are currently active, a player may create a single technician/engineer to work in the central mainframe, and may also play NPCs of a multitude of types in active mission areas, including but not limited to: Gendarmes4); Nepleslian Marines or other military or civilian personnel; and/or on-screen enemies.

Post Requirement

All participants are expected to post two to three times a week minimum; this is not cumulative with simultaneous missions.

Plot Audits

The GM is expected to keep up with monthly audits. Players are expected to keep their history up to date and respond punctually to any audit-related surveys.

Plot Audit History
Date Score
April 18 2011 Audit 91% - A

Operation Chevalier Application

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this article about my plot. If you find the idea of running an AI-controlled, mid-range combat robot and playing with an entity that has not one body but many and does not eat, sleep, drink, nor want for any of the necessities common to humans interesting, then please, by all means, continue reading.

This is technically a transhuman plot and is slated to allow players the exploration of deeply philosophical topics related to posthuman idealism as well as the nature of memory, self, motivation, and individuality in non-human entities. Granted, for those of you who'd just like to jack into a bot, pick up an assault rifle and have at it, there will be plenty of content catering to that sort of niche, but it will not be, should not be solely about shooting things and marching home victorious but for a heroic scar.

You Have a Part in the Larger Scheme

As the sole group of players allowed to play the Cliffs and R07-Xs as a “PC Race”, your conduct within the plot will determine the overall success and, provided the FMs like our work, permanent state of deployment of this tech and most probably the Guisarme Project as a whole.

FM Involvement

As an element of meta-plot, I am planning on coordinating the events with Wes and other Faction Managers to determine the best placements of R07-X units mainly to facilitate the locations and missions for this plot, but also to allow other GMs to use the R07-X as NPC/setting elements or in a JP Mission between this and another plot. Primary involvement will be with Nepleslian FMs, though plot-interface with Yamataian, UOC, Abwehran, Matriarchy, or similar forces are not out of the question so long as those particular factions and their administrators are open to the idea.

…The Following is a Modified Application Template for GM Status and Plot Approval…

Qualifications for GM Status

Applicant: Cy83r K0rp53

  • Active Roleplayer for 3+ months: yes
  • Frequent Online Presence: yes
  • Responsibility: yes
  • Helpfulness: yes
  • Creativity: yes
  • Permission: …pending…

Application for Plot

Concept: Players will take the role of Savtech Cliffhangers installed in R07-X Robots deployed for testing on the front lines of the NMX Offensive or in other secondary applications. The same Savtech baselines are being deployed across the front and consistently updated, meaning the players could deploy to New Nepleslia on police duty and the next week find themselves operating deep within NMX-controlled space on a long-term scouting and sabotage endeavor. Missions could even occur simultaneously or in large formations where each player has one or more Gendarmes or their variants at their disposal. The Gendarme and its controlling Savetech were made to perform as expendable assets where Nepleslian forces would normally be unable to operate or where their presence would be wasteful of SMoDIoN resources. Players should expect to deal with concluding a mission without their Savtech having any memory of the event, having been destroyed in an unrecoverable fashion, while at the same time handling branching personalities during synchronous missions that are later reintegrated with differing world-views. Theme: Military; Mecha; Gritty; Psychological Format: SP; Possible JP; Possible Cross-Plot JP/SP Recruiting Plan: On-Site and Off-Site

Schedule of Online Availability

All times are EST and subject to unforseen interruptions due to sharing a single computer among a whole family. Mon~Thurs: 7am~2pm; 11pm~1am Mon~Thurs, Holiday5): 7am~1am Fri~Sun: 7am~1am

Items of Interest

Why choose the SARP?: this is the only RP I've felt tied to, all of my previous experience in Online RP has either been a one-off chat or soon-dead forums. The xx years I've spent enjoying this community have been good ones and I'd like to do my part as a more veteran member and help provide that same sense of fun and comraderie as I've been recieving. Any Art Skills?: I'll draw on occasion when the muse strikes, but I don't have much experience with art software, being limited to MS DrawTools and MS Paint. I haven't tried anything very complex in those programs either. Do you have a military background?: aside from the fact my mother was in the Airborne and that I'd like to make it a tradition, no. Previous GM Experience: I have attempted to run several games in the past, but as stated above, they did not last long due to player-responsibilities fatally interfering.6) I am currently running a Call of Cthulhu adventure on saturday nights and am hoping the holiday won't have killed my player's interest.

Thank You For Reading

Sincerely, Simon H. Keith

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