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NAM-NTD-R07-X 'Gendarme' Networked Tactical Deployment Robot

Part of the NAM 'Guisarme' Autonomous Weapons Project, initiated to inflate the combat potency of SMoDIoN Forces against the NMX offensive, free up standing garrisons for critical deployment, and allow a disproportional extension of military force for a counteroffensive or reclamation effort. The NTD-R07-X 'Gendarme' is an experimental military and police robot designed to function as a squad in unpredictable tactical situations. The Gendarme is designed to replace human assets on the ground where highly lethal fire is likely and reduce the associated risk to objective achievement due to stress-induced error in a separa_shan:physiology asset. The NTD-R07-X is slated to begin wide-ranging deployment and data-gathering in both civil and military sectors, operations will initially supplement or augment existing forces in place, but deployment plans expect to be able to field fully replaced military and civil elements by the end of YE 33, allowing human redeployment plans to be fully enacted.

Compared to the Ze-J1 and J2 combat robots produced by the Black Syndicate company Zen Arms, the NTD-R07-X 'Gendarme' is intended to adequately replace flesh-and-blood forces, and thus has a greater cost without factoring in issues like training, quartering, or transporting troops. Projections indicate the Gendarme should more than repay its expense in long-term utility and inherent expendability and, combined with Savtech Cliffhanger, will allow the training of an experienced and cohesive unit to be deployed by signal to any force of R-07s anywhere within range of Nepleslian communications.


by ReneAugustus of DeviantArt Height: 5'2โ€œ (157.5cm) Mass: 723lb (327.95kg); 500lb1) (226.8kg) Top Speed: 20mph~28mph (32.19kph~45.06kph)2) Maximum Obstacle Reduction to Top Speed: 8%~40%3)

The Gendarme is stocky compared to other humanoid combat chassis, operating on a redundant servo/hydraulic/myomer actuated exo/endoskeletal frame that allows the machine to equal an ID-SOL's strength in a smaller package. The skeletal frame is made from woven carbon fullerene, providing a high impact resistance and tensile strength for a relatively low weight and cheap materials cost. Manipulators have human-comparable dexterirty and the faceplate is a semi-symmetric array of armoured sensors and optics vaguely reminiscent of a human face to promote association behaviors between the NTD-R07-X and any human assets it might be interacting with without invoking the 'uncanny valley' response.

While the Gendarme is equipped with an impact resistant fiberplastic skin, it has many gaps and is only designed to protect against everyday wear and tear. For combat situations the NTD-R07-X may be equipped with three different levels of tactical plating. The fiberplastic skin may be considered Level Zero Tactical Plating; one step up from that, Level One Tactical Plating, is a reinforced anti-ballistic chest and backplate to protect a majority of the primary operating systems. Level Two Tactical Plating is a full-body set of ferro-ceramic trauma plates in addition to a medium anti-ballistic layer on top of that. Level Three Tactical Plating is a sealed exoskeleton incorporating thicker trauma plates and hardier anti-ballistic swarthing in addition to NBC resistant top-layers and under-layers and a secondary set of plating impregnated with channels filled with an electromagnetic conducting colloid, protecting to robot beneath until the colloid fully magnetizes. These armor packages are purchased separately and do noticeably affect the NTD-R07-X's combat performance.


The multiply redundant operating systems allow the Gendarme to continue functioning even after destruction of three limbs and its primary optical center.

Redundant Systems: PSP6 L0 Tactical Plating: +0PSP L1 Tactical Plating: +2PSP L2 Tactical Plating: +5PSP L3 Tactical Plating: +7PSP; NBC & EM-proofed Resistance for 5 hours of mild exposure4).

Sensors & Communication

Maximum Magnification: 400/205) Secondary Magnification: 40/206) Maximum Effective Vocal Broadcast Range: 35yards Enhanced Anti-Jammer Radio Range: 32 miles7) Primary Radio Range: 12 miles8) Secondary Radio Range: 5 miles9) LIDAR Range: limited to line of sight10), reliable to roughly 0.2~0.5 light seconds in space

NTD-R07-X is capable of synthesized vocalizations just shy of being human-comparable, with its basic intelligence it can only give simple commands and relay data verbatim and can do so while under fire and returning fire with virtually no loss of strategic capacity. Textual processing is limited to system-recognized and properly printed fonts, though it can read these fonts at any angle, orientation, or skew. With advanced intelligence support such as from a Savtech Cliffhanger or modified Savtech Precipice, the Gendarme becomes fully literate, able to analyse grafitti as well as utilise it in field markings, and can interpret, paraphrase, or condense reports according to situational needs.

While the head contains the most advanced sensors and communications gear, the Gendarme also has a backup suite of cameras, vocal pickups, and directional vocal broadcasters inside an armored pod on each shoulder that can be deployed and aimed for greater situational awareness. Shoulder-mounted camera quality is limited to basic RGB and infra red filters, pickups in the redundant shoulder-mounted suites are also of inferior quality, being incapable of sound filtering or maintaining discernable detail at ranges greater than three yards.

The primary sensor suite within the head contains passive microwave, radio, infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray filters in addition to an advanced six-color receiver capable of long-range trifocal magnification and range-finding. The visual suite also incorporates a pair of LIDAR emitters using Synthetic array heterodyne detection to provide redundant ranging and 3-d mapping with a single emitter. The primary acoustic suite uses multiple receivers to enhance directional awareness of gunshots, though they cannot determine accurate trajectories. A dedicated computer system within the acoustic suite can refine and focus pickups, filtering out erroneous sounds and listening to distant conversations.

Two fin-like antennae where the 'ears' should be serve the Gandarme as an omni-directional long-range radio transmitter/receiver with a backup short-range 'whip' antennae mounted on its torso near the back.

Artificial Intelligence & Alternate Control

The NTD-R07-X possesses a basic logic engine programmed to process civil, psychological, and martial doctrines within a tactical computer allowing it to react appropriately to every situation which contains programmed variables, ensuring an objective view of the battlefield if a technically unimaginative one. Squad tactics are foremost the priority of the Gendarme and a tactical network shared by multiple units is projected to greatly improve individual reactions as well as overall battlefield success.

Rudimentary interpersonal intelligence is focused primarily towards interpreting orders and human emotional states, otherwise it is not much of a conversationalist though R07 tactical networks are virtually hotbeds of intrigue and gossip regarding situational objectives and unknown variable factors. A basic logic engine allows the Gendarme to rapidly familiarize itself with any hand-held weapon it encounters, though specialized programs with varying degrees of complexity are required to handle something more complicated than a crew-served howitzer or joystick-aimed turret. UPC Codes can be put on a weapon so that any complex instructions or terminal ballistics may be rapidly assessed by the R07's computer, drastically increasing proficiency with unfamiliar or complicated weapons.

An NTD-R07-X can be slaved to a remote operating station and directed by a human intelligence if needed, obliviating the usefulness of most of its programmed skill set. The R07-X line can also have a Savtech Cliffhanger installed and contains enough space and two savtech card slots inside of its torso to accept the AI module.

Starting Skills

Physical/Fighting Marksmanship (General) Communications Leadership Tactics (Squad) Law (Enforcement)

NTD-R07-Xa 'Legato' Communications Variant

The R07-Xa 'Legato' is equipped with a more powerful primary radio with longer transmitter/receiver fins and a fully redundant array in place of the basic whip aerial. The Legato replaces some of its audio/visual suite, removing the directional radar; microwave, radio, and ultraviolet optical filters; as well as a more limited audio-directional awareness and minimized acoustic computer, and possesses a smaller battery in order to carry anti-jamming communications gear capable of using several channels at once to get a signal through. Otherwise, it functions just a capably as the standard Gendarme.

Starting Skills

Physical/Fighting Marksmanship (General) Communications Encryption Leadership Tactics (Squad) Law (Enforcement)

NSD-R07-Xb 'Artemis'Strategic Deployment Sniper/Commando Variant

The NSD-R07-Xb 'Artemis' is a counterpoint to the general aesthetic of squad operations espoused by the R07-X line. The Artemis is a strategic deployment robot usually accompanied by one or two Gendarmes as security, though a long-range op might require an accompanying Apollo, for the purpose of sniping, counter-sniping, or forward scouting operations. The Artemis has no civil intelligence package and only a limited psychological package so that it can successfully carry out its mission alone or with limited support. Though the Artemis is effective while operating on a basic intelligence package, its ability truely shines when equipped with an advanced AI program to make up for its lack of a squad tactical network while alone.

Starting Skills

Physical/Fighting Marksmanship (General, Sniping) Communications Leadership Tactics (Squad, Individual) Strategic Deployment

NPD-R07-Xc Personal Secretary & Laborer

The NPD-R07-Xc is a prototyped model but currently not ready for commercial sales. Its tactical and legal library as well as a majority of the audio/visual suites are replaced with a specialist module and an expanded psychological database as well as rudimentary social etiquette routines. The Xc model is intended to alleviate menial tasks, cut costs on governmental administration, and free up Nepleslia's labor force to pursue higher education and more technical vocations. The NPD-R07-Xc only has its trifocal camera with color; infrared; and x-ray optical filters, laser rangefinder, and a rudimentary directional awareness, but keeps its ability to filter out unwanted noise.

Starting Skills

Social Interaction Communications Diagnostic Psychology Specialist Skills: choose any three


The NTD-R07-X operates on a rechargeable molten-salt battery and can run continuously for up to 72 hours. This may be replaced with a more expensive hydrogen fuel cell that allows continuous operation as long as two weeks. The NTD-R07-Xa Communications Variant has a smaller battery and can only operate for 36 hours, or one week with a fuel cell. The batteries and fuel cells are compact and interchangeable between all R07 models, meaning the NSD-R07-Xb and NTD-R07-X have two battery/fuel cell slots while the NTD-R07-Xa has only one. While the molten-salt batteries are proportionally expensive against the hydrogen fuel cells, they hold a charge extremely well and have a very long operational life with proper care; by comparison the fuel cell is mildly volatile and must be refilled once depleted, effectively requiring that the cell be purchased a second time.


While capable of using any typical firearm, infantry-deployed explosive, or personal energy weapon right off the shelf, the Gendarme and its variants do not ship with their own weapons, unlike the Ze-J1 and Ze-J2, and must be equipped separately.

Production Statistics

Initial deployment calls for three dozen thirteen-man test squads for a total of 468 units, each squad is composed of nine (9) NTD-R07-X Gendarmes; three (3) NTD-R07-Xa Legato; and one (1) NSD-R07-Xb Artemis, in addition to spare parts and optional equipment amounting to 7,030,000 DA. Total expense for this venture is expected to run 26,426,000 DA plus shipping and handling.

Cost Per Unit
NTD-R07-X 105,000 DA
NTD-R07-Xa 128,000 DA
NSD-R07-Xb 163,000 DA
NPD-R07-Xc11) 90,000 DA12)
L0 Tactical Plating 500 DA13)
L1 Tactical Plating 8,000 DA
L2 Tactical Plating 17,000 DA
L3 Tactical Plating 40,000 DA
L3TP NBC Anti-Contaminant Solution 12,000 DA14)
L3TP EM-Proofing Colloid 4,000 DA15)
Rechargeable Molten-Salt Battery16) 600 DA
Hydrogen Fuel Cell 900 DA
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Refill 780 DA
with L0 Tactical Plating
2) , 3)
depending on loadout
3 hours moderate; 1 hour heavy; 20 minutes severe; 30 seconds extreme
signal is capable of vertically reaching the far end of low-earth orbit or roughly 1,000 miles
signal is capable of vertically reaching low-earth orbit or roughly 400 miles
signal is capable of vertically reaching low-earth orbit or roughly 240 miles
not accounting for weather or anti-laser aerosols
projected pricing
plus software
replacement set
14) , 15)
one-suit amount
should be replaced after 70,000 hours of operational use or 16 years after the specific unit's production time-stamp, whichever comes first

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