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NAM Savtech Cliffhanger Autonomous Learning Operator

Part of the NAM 'Guisarme' Autonomous Weapons Project, initiated to inflate the combat potency of SMoDIoN Forces against the NMX offensive, free up standing garrisons for critical deployment, and allow a disproportional extension of military force for a counteroffensive or reclamation effort. The Cliffhanger is an undeveloped, infant AI based around a radioactive nucleus of U-235 which provides random emissions to simulate neural processes. It is capable of executing basic programming and learning as fast or potentially faster than a Nepleslian or Yamataian. The Savtech Cliffhanger was developed as a disposable or secondary system like the Precipice1), but with a higher degree of volitional behavior like the JANE. Occupying the middle ground between the two, the Cliffhanger is proposed to eventually take the place of soldiers, pilots, and ship crew placed in dangerous operating environments.

Artificial Body, Artificial Soul

Combined with the NAM-NTD-R07-X 'Gendarme' Networked Tactical Deployment Robot, Cliffhanger personnel can operate any system built for a Nepleslian body or be plugged directly into the operating systems of a vehicle or device. Due to its nature as an expendable soldier, the Cliffhanger has a heuristic process that simulates a fight-or-flight response with the addition of a modified FoF2) identification system, โ€œFoFIDa1โ€, in which an individual or group of people can be identified as the Cliffhanger's โ€œselfโ€, theoretically prompting the Savtech to act in the best interests of the subject(s) up to and including self-sacrifice. Shakedown tests of the Savtech's behavioral processes have shown the units initially have a greater tendency to flee when this rescue response is provoked, but a dominant savior response develops within two to five sessions depending on the stress levels and explicit importance of the imperilled subject. Behavioral side-effects of both neural simulation, squad tactics, and FoFIDa1 programming include but are not limited to: group or individual bonding; excessive aggression; obsession; neurosis; and, rarely, psychosis.

The electron-impulse network that provides the Cliffhanger with a compact human-comparable artificial intelligence capable of heuristic evolution. However, the radiation source that allows this compactness of design is critical to its function, removal or radiant exhaustion of the U-235 core incapacitates the network. The radiation source must be replaced every two months to maintain optimum radiation emissions.


The ability to function in a typically high-stress situation with human-comparable responses for a length of time outside human norms is highly valuable in a great deal of civil and military applications, police; firefighting; and front-line engagement to name a few, where stress and personal flight responses are known to interfere with the requirements of a person's vocational duty. The Cliffhanger's ability to adapt quickly to a vocation means it can be deployed more effectively than a biological laborer and can perform tedious functions without complaint if left in its original semivolitional state.

:!: WARNING :!:
Nepleslian Arms and Munitions is not responsible for a Savtech attaining volition. Any requests for improved personal conditions or greater equality by the Savtech must be answered by law in compliance with the Universal Protection Act as extended to Blank Clones. As Savtech are manufactured, programmed, and sold by a manufacturer of military equipment, they are considered military property and must abide by its laws; for the purposes of treatment and conditions of Savtech employment by civilian or military agencies, a Savtech that does not express rigorous independence may be treated as personal or company property. Nepleslian Arms and Munitions is not responsible for the actions of or damages caused by a self-aware Savtech unless behavior can be shown to have been programmed prior to shipment of the unit; this clause does not cover units deployed into a hostile environment, most specifically the battlefield; this clause does cover unordered destruction or loss of life directly incured by the unit in an emergency or rescue situation in a hostile environment.


A boron carbide case protects the Cliffhanger's network against external radiation and electromagnetic fields. Impervious to extremely low-level radiation for two months, the case can absorb five minutes of mild exposure; three minutes of moderate exposure; one minute of heavy exposure; 20 seconds of severe exposure; and a half-second of extreme radiation before radiation3) penetrates through the casing and fuses the Cliffhanger's circuits. Low-level radiation merely causes a progressive degredation of the AI.

Power Requirements

The Cliffhanger's hydrogen fuel cell will last up to a year. If installed into a computer, armor, or other device that accepts Savtechs, the Cliffhanger may use its powerplant instead of the fuel cell, drawing minimal power. Should power to the Cliffhanger be cut, the pseudo-neural-electron network will fail within three hours and the unit will be effectively dead with all unsaved information lost or unrecoverable.

Hardware Requirements

Savtech Cliffhangers are larger than a typical Savtech and require two insert slots to accept the interface cards, the fuel cell, digital neuron network, and radiation source being contained in an armored rectangular base from which the interface cards project.

Cost: 32,000 DA Boron Carbide Radiation Shield: 6,000 DA Hydrogen Fuel Cell: 200 DA

Cliffhangers as Player Characters

Main Article: Creating a Savtech Cliffhanger for Operation Chevalier

Players are only allowed to submit application to play as Savtech Cliffhangers for the Operation Chevalier plot at this time.

Item #12
this corresponds to radiation on the PDR scale from 1 to 5

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