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The Military Corps of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia


In the early years of the Star Army of Nepleslia, the system of supplies, training, and manpower was directed through a rough military doctrine. In YE 29, Nepleslian High Command sought to revise this doctrine into a more organized system. Robert Davis put forth the idea of separating the military into different corps. The idea was reviewed, and moved into action immediately.

By YE 37, however, the structures and responsibilities had ceased to be efficient and beneficial to the functioning of the SMDION's combat arms. What had sufficed for the SAON was no longer good enough. A structural reform was instituted to streamline and modernize the Corps structure.

The Corps

The original Corps system worked as a separation of responsibility and funding. A mix of people heavily specialized in the field of their corps, and businessmen who help process funding and financial organization head up these corps. This allows them the ability pass technology from research, train soldiers, and decide what is best for their corps properly. Over all of these Corps is the Central Corps, or the Star Army High Command.

This decentralized, militia-style structure was no longer used by the time of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. It had become too cumbersome for a large, national military that was moving towards a central standing force. Two “Corps” were left by the end of the reformation: Central and Marine. The Intelligence and Pacification Group was added to the list but expressly refused to be designated as a Corps. The Navy, too, does not acknowledge the “Corps” designation.


Nepleslians are fighters. Many of them grow up leading lives filled with violence, even if they themselves are not particularly so. Civil wars, gang wars, alien invasions, and overpopulation have led to Nepleslians simply being tougher, harder, and more ruthless than their “soft” Yamataian counterparts. Even the women are considered to be tougher than the vaunted Nekovalkyrja. In the words of one doctor, “our women suffer pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood with these bastards. That's proof enough that they're tougher than any Cat created by a machine!”

But any civilian is “soft” compared to the military training given by the Marines and Navy. Training for the military is intended to make every volunteer the smartest, deadliest, and most aggressive warrior. That ethos makes the Nepleslian military a stunning paradox of exceptional professionalism and explosive aggression.

While Nepleslian tactics are stereotypically considered to be simple, direct, and hard-hitting, the truth is not so mundane. Over the years, Nepleslia has learnt to incorporate tactics from whomever has a good idea. This is thanks to many foreign citizens enlisting in Nepleslia over the years and bringing their own martial traditions with them. As a result, Nepleslian Sailors and Marines study the tactics of every military in the galaxy as well as making up their own.

Central Corps

“Bringing Victory”

Central Corps' role is to do everything not related to combat. From logistics planning to recruitment drives, Central Corps is responsible for every aspect of supporting the combat arms of the military. It is mainly staffed by civilians, many of whom had served in the military. They are backed up by a legion of Junkers, which happily, if noisily, perform the tedious minutia. This makes the Central Corps a large bureaucratic institution. However, the nature of Nepleslians, their experience of war time bureaucracy, and the occasional demands by the Grand Admirals for something to be done immediately has made the Central Corps more efficient than one might expect.

Members of the Central Corps

  • Sky Marshall
  • Businessmen
  • Desk Jockeys
  • Liaisons

Rank Bars: White

Nepleslian Star Navy

“Peace Through Superior Firepower”

The Navy, also fondly called the Senior Service by its sailors, claims to be the oldest military arm in Nepleslia. Whether it is true or not, the Marines have not contested the claim. Since the arrival of the Mishhuvurthyar, or Squids, the Navy's sailors have always been nicknamed “Swabbies” so as to avoid the pejorative associated with the genocidal species.

Since the structural reformation, the Navy has taken on the role of logistical distributor. Central Corps assigns resources as necessary while the Navy is tasked with transporting, protecting, and distributing those resources. Within Nepleslian space, they are aided by NAM freighters but while on campaign, it is the Navy's job to provide for the Marines and IPG. This means that on protracted campaigns, the Navy will secure, set up, and staff planetary supply bases.

All of this is in addition to the Navy's preferred past time of blowing up every hostile vessel in its vicinity.

General Members of the Naval Corps

  • Grand Admirals
  • Admirals
  • Captains
  • Comm. Officers
  • Helmsmen
  • Navigators
  • Fighter Pilots

Rank Bars: Blue and Gold

Marine Corps

“Nepleslia Forever”

The backbone and pride of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, the Marine Corps are the fighting force that paves the way to victory. Soldiers who complete basic training go into the ‘Advanced’ Training of a soldier. Unlike other Corps that have different kinds of members, the Marine Corps has only one. The Marine is only separated and differentiated by his rank. The Marine Corps is known also for having the largest group of all the other Corps. The Marine Corps itself decides on acceptable models of Power Armors, and handles the supplies of weapons and ammunition to the Marines and Ships.

Main article: Nepleslian Space Marine Corps


General Members of the Marine Corps

See Nepleslian Military Occupations

Rank Bars: Red and Gold


Official: Not Severity; Certainty Unofficial: Kilroy was here!

The secretive Intelligence and Pacification Group was always a difficult organization at the best of times. Since its near annihilation at Rok'Veru and its reformation, the IPG has become more and more of an open secret. Everyone knows it exists now but what exactly it will and will not do is known only to its ranks. The IPG's integration into the same structures as the rest of the military marks the end of its time as a completely independent military intelligence organization. It is now formally part of the military sphere.

However, it is still supplied directly by NAM's X-Tech and relies on its own small fleet for operations. Furthermore, the IPG still retains its “answerable-only to the Grand Admirals and Premier” and “Judge, Jury, Executioner” extra-legal policies. Combined, these still make the IPG notoriously distant and detached from the regular military.

As a means of building bridges, Marines and sailors began training with IPG Commandos to learn some of their methods and techniques so that both branches could have more efficient ground combat units.

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