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NSMC Skills

The Nepleslian Space Marine Corps provides extensive training to its members.

Major character skill areas include combat training and working with Nepleslian Military Equipment.

Basic Skills

Traditionally, those who enlist in the NSMC are recommended into specialties; outside of traditional service roles such as infantry and driver, each enlistee is required to undergo various regimes.

The following skills are considered available to any member who enlists within the NSMC.


All members of the NSMC are expected to learn or already speak Trade. However, each member is taught a second language to attempt granting fleets and formations someone fluent in most of the common languages. Among those spoke throughout the Kikyo sector, the Corps offer to train individuals for the duration of their stay in one of the following languages.

Additionally, there are uncountable languages throughout the Imperium that are local languages. These dialects of Trade can vary from gang-specific lingo of Funky City to frontier-jibber in the Colonial Expanse. These languages are not taught, however those who come able to speak in these dialects are tested to determine and catalog any new variations that may surface for study and Neplelsian translators.

As a result, those who choose to pursue the role of Interpreters in the NSMC are some of the most well-versed linguistically in the entire sector; ID-SOL and those blessed with machine minds are given copies of language databases, allowing them to translate and speak without issue to any race that one might encounter both within and beyond their military service.


Disciplined in warfare, the NSMC are expected to be able to operate any weapon available to a common infantryman. Those few who enter service without ever wielding one are subjected to live fire drilling, firearm education, and eventually are thrown into exercises against robotic units or more seasoned soldiers. As a result, Nepleslians are able to operate and use all forms of small arms, long arms, and infantry fire support weapons. This training is thorough through the entirety of their bootcamp, as most members who join the NSMC are expected to be prepared for various scenarios that may draw them into combat even aboard vessels or inside vehicles. Additionally, every Nepleslian has a one-week class on how-to-kill Vordachibeanss in the case of containment breakout.

Following the prioritization of firearm training, Nepleslians learn an exclusive martial arts and fighting style created and refined throughout the NSMC. For half of their duration in training, they must attend classes both unarmed and armed with a knife, axe, or bayoneted weapon. This style has had names and been coined as iconic in various instances, yet often loses its name as it morphs and sways between various worlds and practitioners changing it. This basic fighting style is known as Kill-Motion Martial Arts, while it's collectively dubbed Marine Footwork due to the footwork often being supplementary to moving and firing with various weapons.

Beyond this, they are trained in the operation of Modern and Nepleslian power armors; their prior fighting and weapons training is integrated into this, allowing them to carry theory and learn the basic operation of weapons both manually and systematically operated. They are expected to undergo the entirety of their training period with power-armor lessons, yet those who opt into different service roles may shorten it to half the duration of their boot camp. Those who choose different roles such as tank operator or the sparse pilots within the NSMC instead replace the latter half of their training with these vehicles.


Most Nepleslian Marines are human so a proper fitness routine is key to their health and combat performance. To this end, Marines are required to work out at least one hour every day. Training for Nepleslian marines helps them set up a personalized fitness regimen that includes cycles of focus (e.g. cardio days and muscle days), nutritional needs, proper hydration.


A shorter period is aimed at the focus on survival, operating under a quick memorization-oriented understanding of survival basics. Finding water, determining how to hunt fauna, and foraging without exposing your location are all focuses of the short survival classes. However, most Marines receive direct guidance and education from Colonial experts brought to Boot Camps; every week of the short two-month class is taught by a survivalist or hunter from various worlds throughout the Imperium

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