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Nepleslian Wanted And WIP Pages.

This page is a page of articles desired by or currently in progress by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia faction.

Wanted Pages

These are pages desired by the FMs or even other core nepleslian players that they otherwise don't have time to create or finish themselves. This section should not be seen as “If you want to make something for the faction you must make this”. But more inspiration for things the faction currently needs to give potential creators ideas and inspiration.

If you choose to make a nepleslian article there are a few things to keep in mind:

Please feel free, FM's, to add things to this list that are relevant!

When working on articles, please keep the following in mind:

Requested Nepleslian WIP Articles

This is a list of articles, ideas, technologies, etc. Currently desired by the Nepleslian FMs who do not have the time to make:

List of current Nepleslian WIPs

No pages in this namespace.

Free Nepleslian Art Assets

This is a section of art, models, etc. That has been created and either never used or their pages are taken from the wiki. These are free to use for Nepleslian pages for the faction and are not free-use to make for other factions or personal projects outside of the faction. The artists or the creator's name will be listed if it can be found. Most are made by Charmaylarg unless stated otherwise, please list your name as the creator of art or models if you want credit for them.

The list of images and models may be long, Use the index/directory at the top of the page to navigate. If you use any of the models or art please remove them from the page and list the reason being in the “Edit Summary” that you have claimed them.

Misc Art


Cyberdeck-style Terminal

90s/cyberpunk style robust utilitarian terminal device.

Tech Goggles

Cyberpunk/scifi style tech goggles.



With the loss of the Primus class of battleship the art is essentially abandoned and currently only used in a temporary, placeholder state until a replacement battleship of some kind is made. The art could find good use in a future primus 2.0

Frigate Sized Ship

A small, Frigate sized craft or patrol craft. It has a pontoon-style body that can be anything from torpedo bays, weapon bays that the front opens up to expose, or even a small hangar for a couple of fighters or bombers for a mini-carrier!

alternative uses could have it as a boarding craft full of Powered Armor and marines, Or a landing craft full of marines and tanks and other vehicles.

Or whatever your imagination can conjure up for it.

It has three turrets. With two single on either side and a single dual turret on the top. A large protruding bridge extends from the back of the ship.

←– Rotating gif image. Delete “?200” for it to animate.

Medium to large sized ship

Vague in size and purpose to fit whatever someone wants to make it into.

Stealth Ship

Goes against the usual Nepleslian Thick-Brick aesthetic because it was designed to be a stealth style ship of some kind. somewhere between the NaX-SC-01a Malchick Stealth Corvette and the NAM-S1-01a Hray Class Stealth Gunship in size but can be any size or class of ship.

Designed it to use a lot of energy weapons with the bottom being an aether weapon like the Aether Hellscream so there's not a lot of visible weapon turrets or bays, but you can say it has any kind of weapon it doesn't always have to show on the model to have it!

Doesn't even have to be a stealth vessel either. Can be a science ship, hybrid vessel from unknown or prototype technology, Ship made for spying or whatever you can come up with.

←– Rotating gif image. Delete “?200” for it to animate.


Many of these were made for the Tech Specialist role in the NSMC and the Tech-Pack so they are in NSMC colors. Can still be used for non NSMC stuff tho!

Crab-ball drone

Originally made as a personal helper to the tech specialist that can hold the JANE of a tech pack. Little ball looking crab drone with tool like arms and appendages that deploy out of its body. Possibly good for a small repair drone?

←– Rotating gif image. Delete “?200” for it to animate.

Saucer Drone

Small gun-drone.

←– Rotating gif image. Delete “?200” for it to animate.

Pocket Turret

Small deployable turret.

←– Rotating gif image. Delete “?200” for it to animate.

Fire Support Drone

Large drone with a lot of NAM Extended Rack Missile System, a large weapon on a mount that can fire at the ground, and some misc wing weapons. Originally designed to act like a SARP version of a predator drone like what the US airforce uses for counting, spying, firing at the ground, etc.

←– Rotating gif image. Delete “?200” for it to animate.

Non-Powered Armor

Armored Vest

←– Rotating gif image. Delete “?200” for it to animate.


Anti Armor Bomb

A bomb, or perhaps grenade with a powered spike. originally made for an infantry/PA grade explosive that stabs into armor (tanks, PA, buildings, armored doors, ships, stuff you want to not be alive anymore) and explode, sending the spike through the armor with explosive force and through the breach allowing the blast to cause extreme damage a lot like a shaped charge.

←– Rotating gif image. Delete “?200” for it to animate.

OOC Notes

Charmaylarg created this article on 2020/05/16 05:53.

if I missed any please add them
Whose lore from nep saving some of them in the evacuation of the UOC and giving them a world under their protection was lost

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