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NAM 'Suplex' Joint Strike Cruise Missile JScM-01a

Originally developed over the course of YE 41 before being put into production in YE 42, the Suplex Joint Strike Cruise Missile is a long ranged, self guided munitions delivery platform. Incorporating lessons learned from previous Nepleslian missiles and strikecraft, the Suplex complements existing weaponry and munitions without replacing anything.


The Suplex is fairly boring in its appearance- the missile is a long, angular shape, with no right angles or curves on its surface whatsoever. The warhead of the missile is located near the front of it, while the propulsion system and wings take up the rear of the weapon.


The Suplex is, in many ways, the love child of the earlier Curbstomper and the newer but smaller NAM 'Fang' Multipurpose Guided Missile MGM-01a. It is a large missile with a wide range, capable of engaging in long range strikes against shipping or even stationary objects. The Suplex uses interchangeable warheads based on UMD (Universal Mass Driver) Canisters, combined with numerous sub-munition options and seeker heads.

  • Length: 8,160 mm 1)
  • Diameter: 750 mm 2)
  • Nomenclature: AShM-01a
  • Effective Range: 200km in atmosphere, 23,383,811 kilometers (Full burn) in space without FTL
  • Muzzle Velocity: .65c 3)
  • Maximum FTL Capability: 1 hyperspace jump of up to 1 light year.
  • Space Maximum Operation Time: 120 seconds worth.
  • Atmospheric Maximum Operation Time: 2 Hours.
Missile Damage Quickchart
Missile Purpose
WHITE Tungsten Cap Tier 12, Heavy Anti-Starship, reduced to Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha against shields
RED High-Explosive Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship
BLUE EM Pulse Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship to shields, minor electronic scrambling effects against unshielded targets.
GREEN Antimatter Warhead Tier 12, Heavy Anti-Starship
PURPLE ARROW Submunitions 200 individual ARROWS per warehead; Tier 4, Light Anti-Armor


The Suplex is guided by its own internal guidance system and sub-sentient AI, and has four tracking modes to engage enemy targets:

  • Radar Guidance, where the Suplex's internal radar locks onto and follows a target.
  • Inertial Guidance, where the Suplex is fired at a fixed point in space and time.
  • Aspect Seeking, where the missile homes in on an object which fits the initial aspect or visual profile of the target.
  • Gravity Seeking, wherein the Suplex guides in on a source of artificial (or natural) gravity closest to an initial gravity profile.
  • Radiation Seeking, wherein the Suplex aims at the strongest radar and homes in. The Suplex in this mode can be ordered to loiter above a target area or region of space to wait for radars to activate.

In all of these modes, the Suplex is self guiding and does not need further input from the firing platform.


The Suplex is propelled by a pair of independent propulsion systems within its chassis: a NAM Dual-stage Hyperspace Tap Drive for high speed maneuvering and terminal engagement, and a Hyperspace Drive capable of propelling the missile through a 1 light year jump before burning out. In addition, the Suplex Missile features a pair of swing out wings for use in atmosphere, in order to extend its atmospheric loiter time.

The Suplex has enough stored power and fuel for its Hyperspace Tap Drive for roughly 120 seconds of continued burn, which includes acceleration and evasive maneuvers. This operation time is greatly extended when in atmosphere thanks to the ability of the Suplex to glide, allowing it to operate for up to 2 hours before running out of power.


The Suplex features a fully functional Na-M/V-E4100 Black Veil Electronic Warfare Suite, integrated into the missile and tied into its control systems. The missile is capable of accessing all of the features of the Black Veil to achieve its mission, utilizing the electronic warfare suite to defeat enemy defensive fire and countermeasures.

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