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Creating a Nepleslian or ID-SOL

Being a Nepleslian isn’t easy. The universe is filled with monsters, genocidal bio weapons, and various alien species with fascinating abilities while Nepleslians are basically human.

Their greatest weakness is, perhaps, their best asset as well. Nepleslians have the benefit of the entire human experience: childhood, family, and friends. They have a strong culture of independence that stands in stark contrast to the life of the cats and squids. They have advanced technology to aid them in the form of cybernetics, and when brute force is required, an ID-SOL is always nearby.

Nepleslians succeed by being more creative, closer together, smarter, or just more awesome than anyone who threatens them. To be a Nepleslian is to be free to decide who you are.

Before creating a Nepleslian or ID-SOL character, if you intend on joining a Nepleslian plot, it is recommended that you first read the Guide on Nepleslian Culture to better understand Nepleslian mannerisms and settings.

In more recent history, displaced refugees and people from across the galaxy have started to join the SMDION.

This page is intended for use with the Character Template.

Name and Artwork


Nepleslians and ID-SOLs typically have masculine, American-sounding first and last names (for examples, try the Random Nepleslian Marine Generator. There are also many aliens, cultures, and ways of life that are present on Nepleslia itself so a character’s name can be anything from the traditional first name, last name to a spacer-style name and number designation.

There's some naming ideas in this forum thread: What Are Some Of Your Favorite Ways To Name Characters?.


Artwork is optional for a new character, if you are a good artist or know someone who is, you can have artwork drawn up yourself. Otherwise you may want to request artwork from your Plot GM. Using images from outside sources (e.g. pics found on the web) is prohibited on the Star Army website due to copyright issues (however, linking to an image URL via text only is okay).

Most new players will not have a picture ready, in which case you should use the generic character artwork:

Wiki Code:



General Information

If you haven’t already, it would be a good idea to read the Nepleslian wiki page: Nepleslian.



Nepleslians are essentially humans, and have access to the whole of the human experience, childhood, families, hopes, and dreams. They live in a threatening universe, one full of aliens and bio-weapons that can be stronger, faster, and much more resilient. Nepleslians tend to compensate for this with cybernetic implants, cunning, and the emotional maturity that comes from having a childhood.

There are as many different ethnic groups in Nepleslia as you might find in any faction amongst the Kikyo Sector, but most are simply Nepleslian and count themselves as such when not belonging to any such culture.

Some men may have an ID-SOL father, giving them enhanced strength and durability. Note: There are no female ID-SOLs.


ID-SOLs are an older bio-weapon that is based on Nepleslian DNA. They are much taller, stronger, and generally more massive than their Nepleslian counterparts. They are built for combat.

Unlike Nepleslians, ID-SOLs are manufactured, meaning they don’t have a childhood. Their super-Y chromosomes means they will only ever have male children. Their lack of childhood also confers a certain immaturity, as they tend to have an unhealthy fascination with all things manly.


Nepleslians can be either Male or Female. ID-SOLs can only be male.


Characters in the Nepleslian military must be biologically adult. For humans including Nepleslians, this means 21 in-character years old on the Yamataian Calendar, which is about 18.1 Earth years.


For Nepleslians, it is best to start out between the ages of 21-25 for new players. This is mainly so your character is still fairly ‘new’ to the setting and can be excused for not knowing a lot about it. This is by no means a rule though, and you can age your character however you’d like.


ID-SOLs are clones who start out as adults. As a new player it is best to start out with one that has been very recently made. 1-2 years old makes the character fresh enough to not need much of a back story. Alternatively, you may age them as much as a Nepleslian if you wish to have a bit more of a history.


Nepleslians and ID-SOLs are most commonly found in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, but these races can also work for any other group or be an independent.



Probably the best place to start for a new player is the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps.

Marine Infantry

The most played class in Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, this occupation includes power armored infantry specialists of all types including Cavalry, Snipers, Sappers, and CQC experts. A good start for new players. Read the Occupation: General Infantry page for more information.

Marine Support Staff

All Marines are trained for combat, but these Marines choose to specialize in the support jobs that keep the Corps going in the field.

Though the rough and tumble Marines steal the spotlight more often than not, they also work very closely with the Nepleslian Star Navy to achieve those many victories. Its fleets are tasked with defending the nation's ever expanding interstellar interests, and are always looking for a few good Pilots, Gunners, Engineers or Med-Bay Technicians. Some of the best starfighter Aces can be found in the Aquila Flight plot.


Nepleslians don’t have to join the military and ID-SOLs are used by many organizations. They can have their own jobs or join other plots such as Taking It Back.


If you are just starting out and in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, then you will have the Private rank.

Specific Features


Though a Nepleslian can be of any height a human can, an ID-SOL tends to be somewhat larger and can be upwards of eight feet tall.


On average, Nepleslians tend to weigh between 100 and 200 pounds when fully grown. ID-SOLs tend to be considerably heavier, with even the skinniest ones reaching up to 150 lbs. It is common for them to easily be over 200.

Measurements/Cup Size

This field is optional and typically only used for female characters (See: Female Measurements). Nepleslians have a full range of sizes.

Build and Skin Color


Nepleslians cover the full spectrum of human builds and skin colors, but it is rare to see one on any extreme end of the spectrum.

Most Nepleslian player characters so far have been white dudes, so please at least consider making other ethnicities.


The ID-SOL can be manufactured in any skin tone, but are always large and imposing. On the low end they tend to be muscular and well toned, on the high end they are bulky walls of muscle.

Eyes and Facial Features


Nepleslians tend to have Green, Blue, or Brown eyes. Other colors are less common and it is fairly standard to have cybernetic eyes installed.


ID-SOLs can be manufactured in a range of eye colors, but these tend to be the basic three, Brown, Blue, and Green. It is common for cybernetic eyes or other parts to be installed.


Rounded, wide, human. It is also common to have cybernetic ears installed. It is common for people to go overboard with the abilities of their cybernetics so the best thing you can do is get your character approved first with ‘generic’ cybernetics that have no special abilities and then go through the new technology and setting elements forum to get your own cybernetics approved.

Hair Color and Style

Black, Brown, Blonde, Red, and Grey. It is also common to have your hair color changed through dies or genetic tampering, but this tends to be a style choice.

Currently, large sideburns are fashionable in Nepleslia.

Distinguishing Features

Use complete sentences here. If your character has a limp, scars, cybernetic parts, or anything that is not covered by the section above then it goes here.


Cybernetcis, also sometimes referred to as 'Netics', augmetics, and advanced prosthetics are a major part of Nepleslian culture. As common amongst Nepleslian men and women as tattoos or piercings; Cybernetics are as much fashion and aesthetic to the average nep as they are an enhancement or augmentation to their body and its functions.

For this reason, cybernetics, while completely possible to be stealthy or unseen, is in typical Nepleslian style anything but as Neps will often have very show offish style cybernetic jaws, arms, hands, legs, fingers, or any part of the body save for the brain to which Nepleslia lacks the technology to properly alter, unlike their neko-neighbors.

Cybernetics are also more than a fashion statement and more often than not enhance or are utilized by Nepleslians for their daily lives or activities. Strength enhancement, remote interfacing, thermal vision, hidden weapons, enhanced livers, artificial hearts, testosterone boosters, camouflaging skin pigments; Cybernetics are as varied as Nepleslians themselves and can achieve almost anything.

Some Nepleslians take this even a step further and modify their entire bodies except the brain to become cyborgs. But are less common and a very expensive and time-consuming practice.

Nepleslia has the largest modification-culture in the setting and while Cybernetics is not impossible elsewhere they pale in comparison to the wide usage and utility that is Nepleslias cybernetic arts.


Filling out your personality

The best tips for creating your character’s personality is to have it be close to something you know and want to play.

You should avoid playing characters that always refuse to be given orders or always act on their own. They tend to not get along well with others and then end up by themselves, leaving you with no one to play with. Having a dislike or distrust of authority is fine and sometimes encouraged, but don’t go overboard.

Likes, Dislikes, and Goals

This is perhaps the most important part of your character. Likes and dislikes establish a quick framework for the characters personality but goals can define who a character is and where they are going.

Small goals lead to small characters, but it is good to have a few so your character has something to work towards in the short run.

Large goals give your character an epic journey to fulfill. They may not get far on them at first but as they rise in the ranks, meet friends, and grow they will be able to affect the entire universe. The characters with big goals, tend to be the ones people remember.


For place of birth, keep in mind that there were not many planet colonized until recently. For example, in YE 18, the known planets that were already colonized by Nepleslian-type humans were:

  1. Geshrintall (now Yamatai (Planet); most of them died in the Great Plague of YE 08 and were replaced by the Geshrin species)

Family or Creators


This would be your character’s father and mother. If they have any brothers or sisters here is where you would add them.

Nepleslian families range from massive groups like the Vanderhuges, to close knit families, to those that have broken. It is not uncommon for a Nepleslian not to know their mother, (but very rare to only know the father, since there are many more men than women). There are also many orphans without a family to call their own.


ID-SOLs are manufactured “Ideal Soldiers”, so you would put the organization that created your character. This is most likely the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia; it can also be any variety of groups such as the Black Syndicate Criminal Organization or the Reds.

As of 2018 / YE 40, official and new ID-SOL can be made within Nepleslian plots. This is intended to expand outward in the future, but currently you MUST received FM permission to create a Full/New ID-SOL outside of Nepleslia.

Writing Your Character’s History

For much of Nepleslia’s past, it has been constantly at war with itself, various factions fighting for control. For many war in the slums was a constant of life. For a few others, living in towers provided comfort and security while wars raged outside. It is generally best to have little history, and develop your character’s past by having them interact with the setting.

You might also want to mention schools your character went to, for example Kennewes University or Nepleslia State University.


Skills aren’t the only things your character can do, but they are perhaps what they are best at or things that are notable about them. Typically you include seven at the beginning but you can have less (Or more, earning them over time). This is not like DnD, where you might need a skill at a certain level to progress. Instead, view it more as an extension of the character’s personality, explaining to others what they can do.

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