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NSN 4th Fleet

The 4th Fleet1), also known as “Fleet Strike” is a fleet in the Nepleslian Star Navy. The 4th fleet was remodeled in YE 43 upon its takeover by Grand Admiral Lysander Calloway to focus a new role as a rapid reaction force based around smaller sub-capital ships able to deploy across the DIoN in short notice.

It has approximately 650 active starships in its roster as of YE 43.

Its fleet logo is a long-dead species of invasive plant life once thought in the oldest of Nepleslian lore to bring good luck; The Four Leaf Clover.

Its current leader is the recently promoted no-nonsense and anti-politik Grand Adrmial; Lysander Calloway.

The 4th Fleets official Flagship upon being taken over by Calloway was the NSS Sickslayer, A Jackdaw class corvette. In Ye:43 the Big Green starbase was widely considered to be the unofficial flagship of the fleet as its Grand Admiral spends the majority of his time commanding from there.

Old History

  • Formed in YE 32 under the command of ex-Taisho Heram J. Wazu.
  • YE 33, Dominic Valken promoted to commander of the 4th fleet.
  • In ye 33, 4th AASP launches an attack on the SMX held Minyas system with 40:1 odds, losing only one ship; NSS Wasp
  • NSS Hornet and NSS Yellowjacket join 4th AASP along with multiple support ships.
  • The 4th fleet then led an attack on Artume, encountering and destroying the 292nd patrol squadren without losing any ships.
  • The 4th fleet alongside the NSS Acadia raid a prison camp on Higaflan, discovering it to be a bioweapon production facility.
  • 4th Fleet engages in diplomacy with Yamatai Star Empire and Black Syndicate in regards to Anti-NMX threats to DIoN.
  • Under command of Rear Admiral Dominic Valken; 4th Fleet engages in 6 hour-long fleet battle against NMX fleet in Tange System, Aiding in the evacuation of 200,000 UOC civilians, Suffering heavy losses in the process.
  • After repair, refit, modernization, and downsizing of its marine force from losses the 4th Fleet performs a raid of the 87I system losing 1 cruier, 7 escorts, and 2 squads of marines in the process; Failing the raid and being forced to retreat when NMX reinforcements arived.
  • 4th fleet exchanged NMX prisoners with Yamatai Star Empire in YE 33
  • YE 34 to YE 36, the 4th Fleet claimed the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse.
  • After receiving 3rd Assault Fleet reinforcements both fleets engage the NMX at Mwigflukbajik before they could reinforce and overwhelm 1st Assaul fleet forces at Rok'Veru.
  • in YE 35 the 4th Fleets flagship; The NSS Dauntless was destroyed by ex-paragon mercenaries who where swiftly hunted down by a joint 4th Fleet and IPG taskforce.
  • In YE 36, the Fleet participated in military exercises on the Nepleslia-Yamatai border alongside 1st and 2nd Assault Fleets.

Current Events

Following the events of the Kuvexian War the 4th AASP was given to the newly promoted former captain turned admiral Lysander Calloway in YE 43 who, after taking control of 3rd Assault fleet elements during a power vacuum left by the loss of its grand admiral showed incredible initiative, resolve, and tenacity in engaging and delaying a massive force of ships belonging to kuvexian backed mercenaries from invading and sacking the colonial expanse with the help of Admiral Julia Brisk of the NSN 1st Expeditionary Fleet.

Under now Grand Admiral Calloway the 4th Fleet was restructured into a quick reaction force of smaller and faster sub-capital classes of ships, Keeping only carriers in the capital class to diversify his fleet and with the rest being re-distributed to other fleets by senate order as a sanction and punishment after the 4th fleet stole ownership of the Big Green Starbase before it could be handed off to another grand admiral; Giving him the desirable ability to deploy his ships anywhere within the democratic imperium from outside its borders and vice-versa.

Ship Composition

Subject to change until completed

4th Fleet's Naval forces are composed of 650 ships. Unlike the other assault fleets that maintain regular taskforces and semi-permanent smaller fleets; Fleet strikes the entire assault fleet resides around its mother-station, system. Its captains and crews are considered some of the most competent in the entire SMDIoN in regards to their ability to muster and deploy on such short notice. With its captains and admirals are often very close-knit and spending a good deal of time either on or off their mother station in practiced exercises, drills, wargames, and strategy sessions working together and learning the various command styles of the fleets leaders and its captains, making the dispatch style of fleet deployment the 4th Fleet uses rather effective wherein other fleets would be prone to failure.

When a situation arises that forces must be deployed; From a single ship or taskforce, to an entire fleet is drawn up and deployed often within the hour through a Na-S/S-03a 'Zvonock' Wormhole Gate and towards its destination. Taskforces and ships are often designed based on the situation.

At current Fleet Strike has access to the following ships:

4th Marine Shaik "The Deaths Head"

Compared to some fleets, fleet strike has a significant marine presence at their disposal since its formation. Many of the marines are based not on planetside bases but fill up the marine contingents of the fleets ships and a sizeable majority muster onboard the mother station either billeted to its security, on reserve for deployment, or in some cases, entire units are held in cryo-sleep for extended periods of time until their tours have ended but ensuring there is always a significant force available for the fleet to draw from and deploy at a moments notice.

What is most unique, however, is a large amount of Jiyuuian marines who are billeted on the mother station and in the fleet but can no doubt be linked as a subtle repayment for the 4th Fleets aid in the evacuation of the Tange System years before.

The Deaths Head is composed of six divisions with one being an independent division of Jiyuuians. Each division has its own unique characteristics while sharing some similarities that allow them to identify as the Death's Head.

  • Commanding Officer: Field Marshal Grom Harmbaton
  • Executive Officer: General Apollodorus Wiegand
  • Provost Marshal: General Lucas Felon
  • Strength: 850,000 Marines

401st Division “The Deathrockers”

The 401st is the lead division in the Shaik. It is the most well-rounded division in the Shaik. They are equally capable in offensive and defensive operations, making them the normal unit held in reserve.

The nickname comes from their unusual psychological warfare tactic of playing loud rock n' roll music whenever they are on the attack. While it means nothing to the Nepleslian ears, few non-Nepleslians can stand the hours of constant ear-shattering rock and metal the likes of Aethersperm.

Active Taskforces CompositionFlagshipStatusCombat RecordNotes

402nd Division “The Gravediggers”

The 402nd, or the “Four-Oh-Twos,” is the first defensive unit in the Shaik. Their preferred tactical doctrine is to absorb an enemy offensive, sapping its momentum and leading it to the waiting positions of the rest of the Shaik. Instead of being a hard wall against the offensive, the divisional units employ small units in ambushes before falling back in front of the enemy's offensive. This uses their momentum against them, leading them to the prepared positions of the 403rd Division. The Four-Oh-Twos are, in essence, a division dedicated to skirmishing with the enemy rather than fighting in a stand-up battle.

Active Taskforces CompositionFlagshipStatusCombat RecordNotes

403rd Division “The Undertakers”

The Undertakers are the second and premier defensive unit in the 4th Shaik. They are best known for their abundance of combat engineers and first-rate defensive fortifications. Their signature positions are underground complexes linked to numerous bunkers and pillboxes built into the terrain. To accomplish this, they are also provided with construction and engineering equipment as well as the normal power armor and vehicles used by Marine infantry. They are the most inflexible and specialized division in the Shaik, giving a reputation as hard-headed construction workers.

Their doctrine also makes them the most difficult to employ in attack since they are the ones who are normally the first to receive the main attacks following skirmishing by the 402nd.

Active Taskforces CompositionFlagshipStatusCombat RecordNotes

404th Division “The Reapers”

The Reapers are the major offensive arm of the Shaik. They are the only unit to have no place in any defensive operations executed by the Shaik. The 404th is held in reserve and never committed to a defensive battle. If a hole appears in the line, it is the Deathrockers' job to plug it. The Reapers, as their name implies, are there to reap the enemy's ranks in a single blow. Often, they are employed independently of the rest of the Shaik in a separate offensive action.

As a purely offensive force, the Reapers are a fast, hard-hitting force and highly durable force. To that end, they employ power armored infantry supported by light and heavily armored vehicles. Their signature assault is an armored pincer, supported by infantry, around the enemy's flank while the enemy's front is held down by a massed infantry force.

Active Taskforces CompositionFlagshipStatusCombat RecordNotes

406th Raider Division “Penitent Damned”

A division of almost exclusively Jiyuu. Its officer corps predominately is made up of survivors from the Tange evacuation and the new generation makes up the bulk of the force with a minority of non-jiyuuians. The Penitent Damned is based around powered armor operations such as boarding, planetary insertion, void warfare, shock-and-awe, etc.

Many of the Jiyuuians possess either outright civilian grade Neko bodies, have transferred to Minkin bodies, or possess Lorathi made NI-ARIA bodies. Unlike their former UOC and Yamatain cousins, however. The Jiyuu of the 406th raiders have retained their Jiyuuian heritage and pride but with a Nepleslian twist and sport a wide variety of digital tattoos, punk hairstyles often considered too crude or unpopular in yamatain fashion sense, and possess a much more forward and brash attitude among the younger generation influenced by the violence of Nepleslian culture even if they are still and will always identify as Jiyuuian at heart and still follow the ways of the Tange.

Active Taskforces CompositionFlagshipStatusCombat RecordNotes

NSMC 309th

See NSMC 309th Armored Infantry "Ruthless Riders"

The 309th 'Rough Riders' are a mechanized brigade supported by armor and cavalry and is one of the most famous units amongst the entire SMDIoN. Combined in YE:45 to supplant the jiyuu forces with a competent armored unit the 309th is larger and more structured than the smaller units of the Shaik and encompasses roughly 1/4th of the overall marine forces of the 4th Shaik.

Their role within the Shaik is to provide heavy armor and powered armor cavalry where and when needed. To achieve this, the 309th make prolific use of the Maximus and Coyote tanks, as well as Hostiles, Aggressors, VOIDs, and Cyclops, powered armor amongst others. The division is as capable in the attack as it is on the defensive. In combat exercises, its component units are often identified by tank-riding infantry.

Active Taskforces CompositionFlagshipStatusCombat RecordNotes

OOC Notes

The 4th Fleet was home to a roleplaying plot that ran from April 5, 2010 to 2014. The 4th Fleet was claimed by Charmaylarg after all its lore and history were taken down by its creator, Ligma. The new 4th fleet shares only a name and vague history with the rest being re-made by Wes and Charmaylarg with no other ties to its former creator.

The old logo to the 4th AASP was the 4thaaspemblem.jpg300.jpg

Formerly called the 4th AASP fleet in the past
room for roster expansion as new ships are made

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