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Na-D2-1b Atlas-Class Destroyer

The Atlas is a Destroyer-class vessel serving within the DIoN primarily as an escort.

About the Ship

The Atlas was designed to fill the role of a medium-weight escort vessel. To provide heavier firepower and screening capability against foes, and protect heavier ship assets alike. The name 'Atlas' comes from ancient Nerimian mythology regarding a race known as the 'Titans'. These Titans were once powerful deities before the rise of the gods of a long lost nation. After casting the Titans down, the ruler of the gods forced one of the Titans, Atlas, to bear the weight of the sky upon his shoulders. Much like its namesake, the Atlas-class bears the weight of the role of escort, protecting fleet assets.

Key Features

  • Precision Main and Secondary Weapon Systems.
  • Networked/Semi-Autonomous Point Defense Batteries.
  • Smaller, more nimble vessel suited for both independent and battlegroup operations.

Mission Specialization

  • Escort
  • Pack Hunting


The Atlas shares some typical Nepleslian design traits seen on many of their vessels. It cuts a spartan profile with its blunted, hard angles meant to deflect on coming solid-ordinance that is backed up by placement of armored gunports held within the hull. While the main weapons and secondary weapons are simply too large to retract into their own ports, point defense weapons are fully capable of popping up at a moment's notice to surprise the enemy. These are along the hull to give it minimal blind spots in the fact of a swarm of attackers and when retracted, the armored ports blend seamlessly into the hull giving no indication as to their location.

History and Background

With both the DD5 and Sword-class Frigate filling heavier and light weight roles, there was no ship design in service to fill in the shoes of a true escort. Work began late in the year YE 33 by NAM design teams to rectify this problem as the NMX War began to take a turn and with a fear of their focusing more heavily on Nepleslia.

By YE 35, the Atlas was being deployed to front line units as an escort. They were used to replace the more fragile Sword frigates. Squadrons of destroyers were also used to picket the newly conquered territories gained from the Rok'Veru Offensive.

In YE 37, the Atlas class underwent a minor refit to install new systems.

Statistics and Performance


Class: Na-D2-1b Type: Destroyer Designers: NAM Aerotech Division Manufacturer: NAM Production: Mass Production Fielded by: Nepleslian Star Navy


  • Command: 4
  • Starship Operations: 4
  • Transport Operations: 8
  • Medical: 12
  • Maintenance: 25
  • Support: 30
  • Security: 15 1)
  • Marine Complement: 55 2)


Length: 302 meters Width: 115 meters Height: 75 meters Decks: 10

Propulsion and Range

Continuum Distortion Drive: 21,915c (2.5 ly/h) Hyperspace Fold Drive: 525,960c (1 ly/m) Sublight Engines: .375c Lifespan: 30 Years Refit Cycle: Every 5 Years as upgrades become available.

Damage Capacity

  • Hull: 20
  • Shields: 20 (Threshold 3)

Inside the Ship


All decks and compartments of the Atlas contain bulkheads and blast doors encase of hull breaches.


The armory is nestled deep within the vessel at a centralized location to allow rapid deployment of heavier weapons in the event of boarding actions. Surrounded in a thick Durandium shell, and with numerous safety devices such as biometrics, retinal and even password encryption that are all checked by the ship's on-board AI. Smaller armories are dotted throughout the ship and housed within various hallways right in the walls that deploy as needed by the crew. Each of these much like the main armory is shielded against brute force entry as well as scalar-based attacks.


Much like the rest of Nepleslian designs, the bridge itself is buried within the ship. A Nerimium shell surrounds the bridge in addition to triple-reinforced blast doors against intrusion should a boarding action take place. In addition to these protective measures, the bridge also features a full hemispherical holographic display linked to the Atlas' sensor suite to provide a real-time view of the outside. It should be noted however that due to the smaller size of the Atlas it does not feature a CIC like larger Nepleslian warships. Instead orders and information is relayed through the ship's AI system and a dedicated 'Operator'.


The ship contains a centralized Nepleslian Starship Brig near the armory for convenience and features over a dozen cells.

Cargo Storage Areas

Cargo Areas of the ship are sectioned off for their given category of supplies. Weapons, Munitions, and Spare Parts are all located within shielded; separate rooms to prevent short circuits of sensitive goods or detonations. These dedicated supply areas are located close to the Power Armor bays for rapid deployment and repairs as required.

Perishable Food Stuffs are typically contained within their own refrigeration units within the Messhall. Non-perishables such as grains, canned goods, cooking oils are placed within their designated racks in the back of the Mess. The racks themselves are made of thin steel wiring and are attached to the walls with 'lids' they can deploy to prevent spillage of goods in the event of impacts or artificial gravity failure.


The engineering deck is a-typical of most Nepleslian designs appearing wholly industrial with a rough metal finish. Here the engineering crews work to maintain the ship's reactors, STL and FTL engines and deploy as needed throughout the ship. The lead engineer has their own station which they receive status reports from on the various systems of the Atlas.

The Reactors are self-contained within a quarter-inch Nerimium shell as added protection from enemy fire. In the event of a reactor breach or overload automatic containment systems are activated and the reactor unit is jettisoned into space.

Maintenance Conduits

Maintenance Conduits consist of multiple tubes running throughout the ship which allows the Maintenance crew to get to and from damaged components or sections of the ship quickly and efficiently. These conduits are reinforced to resist damage and allow them to work. This however has the advantage of strengthening the overall superstructure of the ship.

Medical Center

The Medical Center is atypical of Nepleslian design aesthetics. Cold, Spartan and containing a lot of cybernetic grafting equipment. While smaller than the DD5, the overall layout remains largely the same. A small surgical theater, medicine storage, cybernetic storage and ISU.


Passages consist of cold metal walls, ceilings and deck plating. The plating itself is a form of grav-plating running on their own power source. Walls and ceiling while appearing utilitarian on the outside consist of Durandium Alloy paneling, carbon-fiber mesh to catch shrapnel should an explosion occur.

Power Armor Bay

Power Armor Storage The Power Armor Bay is a moderately sized room housing multiple suits placed upon revolving racks as a space saving measure. These racks spin and detach a single suit before moving on to the next as the pilot climbs into their armor. From here they grab their hand-held weaponry from distribution racks and thankfully come pre-loaded with Mini-Missile Ordinance. If the suits are meant for launch they simply walk down the bay toward the Pneumatic Launching Tubes, or if they require maintenance head further into the ship to the maintenance depot.

Pneumatic Launchers The Atlas features four Pneumatic Launching Tubes each with rapid launch capabilities. After launch, the pilots are free to make course corrections as necessary should they need to do so.

Maintenance Depot It is here that armorers, maintenance staff and pilots perform all necessary repairs to the suits on-board the ship. While lacking the manufacturing capacity of the DD5, the Atlas features a fully stocked supply room with multiple sets of any and all parts required to repair, or flat out build a new suit. However be warned, there is a finite supply of material to work with.

Ammunition for the Power Armors is found here, as well as a secondary stockpile stored within the armory in a heavily armored and shielded section.

Shuttle Bay

Adjacent to the Power Armor Bay, the smaller Shuttle Bay houses the ship's complement of four Zachitnik shuttles. It has room to accommodate another four shuttles. It has a separate door from the PA Bay for entry and exit into space. Likewise, it has its own maintenance storage area and is fully self-sufficient.


The officers' Wardroom is located in the center of the ship, near the cafeteria and crew quarters. It has its own kitchen, should officers wish to cook their own meals, as well as other amenities. A small shower stall is provided for officers' use, a well-stocked bar, several lounge chairs, and a dining table for officers to dine at. While modest in comparison to larger warships, it suits the practical needs of Nepleslia's naval officer corps to a tee.

Ship Systems


The framework of the Atlas is made up of a hollow Nerimium lattice work containing foamed Durandium Alloy to present a tough outer exterior that can weather damage with a softer core to prevent outright snapping of the trusses when impacted.

Armor Plating

The armored plate used for the Atlas is in practice the same as the DD5, only thinner. Nerimium plates coated with a thinner Leptonium shell. While not meant for extended periods of combat the Leptonium shell can regenerate and therefore seal punctured hull sections lending the Atlas an inkling of the DD5's higher endurance.

Power Sources


Computer System

The Atlas utilizes a dual ACE AI core with one being active at all times and the other acting as a redundant backup. Or if needed additional processing power. Both units are contained within armored rooms and within separate locations to prevent 'lucky' shots crippling both at once.

Emergency Systems

The Atlas comes with a series of emergency systems including triple reinforced blast doors (Durandium Alloy, Nerimium, Durandium Alloy), fire extinguishing systems as well as redundant life support systems in case the main system goes offline. The Atlas also includes a number of escape pods should the ship be on the verge of destruction or if it is compromised.

Life Support Systems

The Atlas' life support systems feature air purification systems, atmospheric scrubbers and recycling equipment as well as a waste collection system. It also includes water purification, recycling and creation to extend the amount of time it can go without resupply. In the event of a main system failure, a redundant backup system capable of supporting the crew's basic needs, would kick in.


STL Propulsion Systems
FTL Propulsion Systems

Shield Systems

The Atlas uses a Combined Barrier System (Nepleslia) to defend itself from all forms of conventional attacks.

Primary Weapons Array

Plasma Lance Battery (2)

NAM Plasma Lance Cannon

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Starship
  • Location: Starboard, Port Hardpoints
  • Damage: Tier 12, Heavy Anti-Starship
  • Area of Effect: 20 cm Diameter Circle
  • Range: Approx 800,000 KM, (500,000 Miles)
  • Rate of Fire: 20 Second Beam, 'Lance' 12 Rounds Per Minute/Every 5 Seconds
  • Payload Self Replenishing

Curbstomper Missile Launchers (2)

NAM Na-LRMS-XX "Curbstomper" Long-Ranged Missile System

  • Location: Two Fore and Two Aft Armored Launching Tubes\
  • Payload 8 warheads per tube

Secondary Weapons Batteries

NAM Massed Positron Array (8)

NAM Massed Positron Array

  • Primary Role: Anti-Starship
  • Secondary Role: Anti-fighter, Anti-Mecha
  • Damage: Tier 10, Light Anti-Starship
  • Range: 1 AU unaided
  • Rate of Fire: 1 shot per 2 seconds
  • Payload Unlimited, providing hyperspace taps are providing power

Point Defense and Countermeasure Systems

NAM Plasma Cannon Turrets (4)

NAM Twin Plasma Turret

  • Primary Role: Superheavy Point Defense
  • Secondary Role: Anti-Ship
  • Damage Rating Value: Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship
  • Range: Approx 600,000 Kilometers, 370,000 Miles
  • Rate of Fire: 30 per second
  • Payload Self Replenishing

Heavy Plasma Vulcan Batteries (6)

  • Primary Purpose: Ship Point Defense
  • Secondary: Anti-Vehicle, Fighter/Bomber, Power Armor
  • Damage: Tier 8 or Tier 9, Medium Anti-Mecha or Heavy Anti-Mecha (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)/Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha
  • Range: 400,000 Kilometers, 250,000 Miles
  • Rate of Fire: 33 Rounds Per Second
  • Payload 1000 Rounds Per Standard, Turret Mounting Dependent, Self-Regenerating

Vehicle Complement

Power Armor

55 Nepleslian Power Armors (13 Agressors, 42 Hostiles standard)


If all 55 Power Armor bays are replaced, the Atlas can fit 24 fighters.


  • 400000 DA (Export Model, Only Sold Within DIoN Borders, Includes Export Model Power Armor Contingent, Includes Export Model Shuttle Contingent, Includes Downgraded AI, Downgraded Shields.)
Part of the Marine Platoon
One Platoon

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