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Combined Barrier System (Nepleslia)

History and Development

Over the many years when active barriers first debuted for military use against enemy attacks, Nepleslia has steadily developed their own systems to keep up the pace created by rivaling nations. In a natural development decision, the several barrier systems were eventually lumped into a single, multi-spectrum unit that provides a wide variety of protective barriers against enemy ordnance and projectiles. The CPS forms an oval barrier that surrounds the armor, and is built with an automatic fail safe that deactivates when incoming force exceeds the maximum threshold and reactivates after a given amount of time required for the barrier to safely reaccumulate its energy.

The shortened name of CPS was chosen over the more traditional naming scheme (which would have often been confused with the Yamataian CSS modules) for ease of use.

CPS-05 Series

The CPS series has gone through many iterations over the years as improvements have been developed. The most current version is the CPS-05 series, which includes all of the standard shielding systems

Electrostatic Barriers - This very common barrier creates a field of electrostatic energy around the ship that is able to absorb and redistribute energy weapons and repel projectiles. Most energy beams are distorted around the barrier, while the repulsion field diminishes velocity behind solid projectiles, reducing the overall damage they inflict.

Distortion Barriers - Distortion, or Hard barriers, are in place to prevent teleportation and phasing across it and into whatever it happens to be protecting. It accomplishes this duty by causing a subspace disturbance across multiple dimensions. It does not protect the object from other things of a more tangible, physical nature, however, and does not absorb the damage of these effects.

Damper Barriers - Damper barriers utilize anti-gravity to create an extremely effective defense against scalar radiation. Damper barriers, much like Distortion effects, do not protect against most common physical attacks, instead being used exclusively as a defense against the lethal effects of scalar energy.

General Information

Name: CPS Series Type: Combined Barrier System Government: Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Designer: NAM Terratech Division Manufacturer: NAM Manufactured

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