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Lucas Arturius

Lucas Arturius is a player character played by Jack Pine.

Lucas Arturius
Species & Gender: Male Iromakuanhe
Date of Birth: 20ๆ—ฅ 8ๆœˆ YE 18
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: ranger
Rank: Jรดtรด Heisho
Rank Markings
Current Placement: YSS Artemis Plot

Physical Description

Lucas is 6'2, chalk white skin, black hair kept short and well groomed, violet eyes, and black horns. He has a rather Spanish set of facial features. His body is adorned with older green neon gang related tattoos, while newer ones are a red neon and of a religious nature.


In his younger years Lucas was a hard and cold man as he dealt with a world of conflict back home and while abroad. In recent years after joining a church, he has become calm and collected. He tends to be a rather kind and helpful individual, although blunt at times. Unlike his during his time in the gangs on Vice, he has become rather against unnecessary violence. He still understands it is sometimes necessary, but tries to avoid at all costs. He is very devote and loyal, but in times of weakness old tendencies surface on rare occasions.


Lucas is a Cohronl Iroma born in YE18. He spent most of his life in the turbulent frontier space colonies of the Commonwealth, but adventured out abroad for several years. In YE35 he landed on Vice of the Reservoir system where he spent the next two years involved with local gangs. His knowledge of drugs was highly sought after. In the beginning of YE39 he left to join a local church as an out to a very dangerous life, and found a new understanding of life through their practiced religion. Eventually he left Vice and moved to Yamatai in late YE39 to join the Star Army in an effort to help others. He completed training at Fort Hajime in early YE40 as a Santo-Hei to join the crew of the YSS-Hana.

After a few months and participating on one sortie, Lucas left the crew with many other when crew rotation came around. He received a promotion, and now searches for a new placement. As well as keeping up a correspondence with his love interest Elenor Arturius.

Soon after beginning search for new placement in mid YE40, Lucas put in a request to undergo retraining for RANGER placement. Spending the next 2 1/2 months undergoing intense training to become a recon member. He passed training and was accepted in during late YE40. The Iroma hopes to do his girlfriend proud, putting his newly learned skills to good use.

YE41, Lucas had by now seen months of service in the field, even doing quite well as a Ranger. Later he was recognized for his performance in the field and was promoted, eventually being fast tracked for officer. He now serves as an NCO on a starfortress in orbit of a major agricultural world, as leader of the unit of rangers he had been fighting along side since induction into the Rangers.

Skills Learned


Lucas in his training in the star army has become quite proficient at managing records, reports, recquisitions, and other data management duties. He also has an uncanny skill at procurement of data and needed information, partly in due to his past activities.


With a heavy involvement in drugs as part of his race's culture, as well as his past, Lucas is rather knowledged in the creation of certain chemical compounds.


Lucas is skilled in the use of most small arms, and is a decent shot.


Lucas through his faith to the church, has become adapt in providing moral support to his comrades, as well as instilling home in them.

Survival and Military

Your character has a high level of survivability in the case they are cut off away from the main force. This includes but is not limited to the creation of shelters, hunting, cooking, trapping and other essential skills. Your character can also accurately report their findings despite adverse conditions, enemy presence and technological restrictions. This means that the Ranger must have an excellent memory and be able to identify and approximate the amount of enemies in a glance.


As there is a lack of support and increased personal risk in the line of duty of a Ranger, split second decisions can mean the difference between operational success and failure much more often than standard Infantry and Pilots. Rangers are expected to consistently display excellent logic in the face of adversity.


Your character has a proficient understanding of psychology, unit cohesion, mental attrition, demoralization, and psychological warfare. Star Army Rangers are expected to apply their understanding of psychology to their actions in the field for the benefit of the Star Army of Yamatai.


Your character maintains excellent physical condition, on account of their intensive training and workout regime.

Star Army common skills

Social Connections

Lucas Arturius is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Lucas Arturius has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment


  • Small Box Full of Gold Bars 1)
  • Several Mattresses 2)
  • SSCC-XL containing cleaning chemicals 3)
  • Box of bottled cleaning chemicals 4)
  • QNC Engine parts 5)

Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor

Lucas Arturius currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by jack_pine on 04, 13 2018 at 13:01.

In the case jack_pine becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes.
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameLucas Arturius
Character OwnerJack Pine
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Approval Threadโ€ฆ
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankJรดtรด Heisho
SAOY AssignmentYSS Artemis
SAOY Entry YearYE 39
DOR YearYE 41
YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 35-20, IC: 722-977-51
YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 54-41, IC: 2271-1984-89
YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 10-12, IC: 167-633-21
YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 34-71, IC: 2437-3536-101
YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 86-17, IC: 1519-907-93

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