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Nepleslian-Controlled Territory

The following is a list of star systems within the territory of Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, their capital worlds, and their populations. Population totals and star system totals can be found at the bottom ​of each major section and the overall territorial totals at the bottom ​of the page.

New Automatic List

#FlagPagePlace NameDescriptionPopulation
1Breaker's Point (Urghaflu)Breaker's Point
2Damasica (Neo Kohana)Damasica
4Freehold FactoryFreehold Factory
6Hope (P1-3)HopeProfusion of mine-able Ice
7Hyulughflar (SC-2)Hyulughflar
8Journey's EndJourney's End
9Kovax System (P1-2)Kovax
11Lacusan (Kunniumakrflra)Lacusan
15Longwatch (Flarghrishimmi)Longwatch
16Majestic (P1-1)MajesticHas forested world, high in oxygen
17Nepleslia PrimeNepleslia PrimeHeadquarters for Nepleslian Expansion, rich in resources
18P1-6 "Freemud"P1-6 "Freemud"
20Sparticus (Formerly Sfpurflick)Sparticus
22System P1-10 "Dejection"System P1-10 "Dejection"Very high security, IPG penal colony
23System P1-5 "Area 52"System P1-5 "Area 52"
24System P1-7 "Malaise"System P1-7 "Malaise"
25System P1-9 "Fortuna"System P1-9 "Fortuna"
26System R-1 "Freebeer"System R-1 "Freebeer"4,900,000,000
27System R-2 ShinjiyuuSystem R-2 Shinjiyuu
28System R-8 "Red Sky"System R-8 "Red Sky"
    ∑ 4,902,700,000

Central Nepleslia


New Nepleslia

See: Nepleslian Colonial Expanse

System Designation Name of Star Primary Planet(s) Notable Aspects
Nepleslia Prime Core Prime Nepleslia Prime Headquarters for Nepleslian Expansion, rich in resources.
Majestic (P1-1) Prilisa Prilisa IV Forested world, high in oxygen
Kovax System (P1-2) Kovax Vandenberg Fairly harsh climates. Site of lost civilization. High population, primarily criminals & ex-military.
Hope (P1-3) Nova Hope Profusion of mine-able Ice
Porpoise Londinium Pryedein Abundance of excellent Seafood
System P1-5 "Area 52" Pasco Area 52 Barren Waste, staging area for terrestrial weapons testing
P1-6 "Freemud" Delfium Nebbian Planet of jagged mountains and foggy marshes.
System P1-7 "Malaise" Malaise Purgatory Planned site for numerous low-income metropolis.
System P1-8 Avante Avante Avante III Ocean world with sparse land masses. Prone to constant rainstorms.
System P1-9 "Fortuna" Fortuna Gold Harbor, Fortuna Rich in resources. Plagued by ion storms.
System P1-10 "Dejection" Dejection Abjection Very high security, IPG penal colony

Southern Territories

Colonial Corridor Systems

Northern Territories

These are the territories given to Nepleslia by the Lorath.

For more information, see Nepleslia's Lorath Assets

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