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The star of this system is a blue giant that has an ordbital period of 8 months and rotation of 15 hours and is surrounded by two planets, one that is inhabited. It is named Gryzciki and was held by the Lorath Matriarchy before it was given to the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in YE 39.

Star Data

The star of the Gryzciki system is a white blue star. Below are statistics for the star.

  • Name: Gryzciki
  • Type: Blue Giant
  • Mass: 5 x 1629 kg
  • Semi-Major axis: 14 AU
  • Orbital period: 8 months
  • Rotation: 15 hours

Planetary Data

There are 2 planets in this system. Below is their statistical information.

Planetary Overview
Order Name Type Distance Mass Radius
1 Lemo Water/ Forest 70 million mi 28 to 1013 kg 100 million mi
2 Egre Ice 100 million mi 10 to 1013 kg 180 million mi


Lemo is a water and forest planet with a populace of 4 million, agricultural hubs, as well as a thousands of cities. It is the planet closest to the sun in this system and has an orbital period of one year.

  • Type: Water/ Forest
  • Orbital Radius: 60 million km
  • Period: 1 year
  • Gravity: 9.1 m/sยฒ
  • Planetary Population: 4 million
  • Natural Satellites: Eight moons
  • Facilities: Several thousand agricultural hubs as well as above ground cities.


Egre is an ice planet with little activity second and furthest from the sun of the system. It has no natural satellites nor facilities and has an orbital period of three years.

  • Type: Ice
  • Orbital Radius: 100 million km
  • Period: 3 year(s)
  • Gravity: 20 m/sยฒ
  • Planetary Population: None
  • Natural Satellites: None
  • Facilities: None

OOC Notes

Approved here by Wes on June 24, 2017.

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