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Kovax System (P1-2)

Kovax is a star system controlled by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. It was colonized sometime during or after YE 30.

System description

Star Type Type G Main Sequence
Celestial Bodies 2 Gas Giants, 4 Terrestrial Planets, 2 Asteroid Belts, 6 Inhabitable Moons
Current Occupants ID-Sol, Nepleslians, Geshrin

The P1-2 star system bears a slight resemblance to the long-lost home of humanity. This would primarily be because Kovax, the system's star, is essentially the same as Sol in terms of type and size. The system has become a valuable part of the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, due to its volume of living space. Four (semi-)habitable planets and six habitable moons provide more than adequate space for the expanding Nepleslian population. Despite this, the system's lax, understaffed, and corrupt government (even by Nepleslian standards) has primarily drawn ex-military and crime syndicates. Regardless, Kovax is one of the most population-dense systems in the Colonial Expanse.

The central planet of the system is Vandenberg, which is home to roughly 25% of the system's population. Its capitol is New Dallas, which is one of the few places in the system where the Imperium holds full authority. Kovax's current representative in the Senate is Octavius Braxis.

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Type sub-arid terrestrial planet
Radius 5,864 KM
Surface Area ~425,000,000 sq.KM
Land Area ~200,000,000 sq.KM
Mass 5 x 10*24 KG
Density No one's really bothered to check.
Composition Primarily silicone


Climate Types Sub-arid
Flora Density Sparse on most of the desert land mass. Moderate near bodies of water.
Fauna Density Moderate
Length of Day 32 hours
Average Temperature Daytime: 42 degrees Celsius; Nighttime: 10 degrees Celsius



Capitol New Dallas
Demographics 51% Nepleslian, 43% ID-Sol, 5% Geshrin
Places of the SARPiverse
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