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Octavius Braxis

Octavius Braxis is a retired army commissar, as well as the Senator of the Kovax System. He is an NPC played by the infamously unfamous Teddo.

Octavius Braxis
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Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 56 years
Height: 5โ€™11โ€
Weight: 191 lb
Organization: Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Rank: Commissar (Old Nepleslian Rank) (retired)
Occupation: Nepleslian Senator
Current Placement: Kovax System (P1-2)

General Appearance

  • Build: Very upright posture, broad shoulders, a bit of a pot belly, otherwise has a very solid soldierly build
  • Skin Color: Heavily suntanned white skin, slightly bronzed and wrinkled
  • Facial Features: Heavy-set, squared jaw. Weathered, tanned skin. Heavy wrinkles across forehead, with some sharply-defined dimples that are nearly turned to wrinkles. Heavy, brooding brow. Fading beard covers lip and chin.
  • Eye color: Black, squinty, and indefinable.
  • Hair color and Style: Formerly black hair faded to voluminous streaks of gray and white. Hair falls a bit past his ears, and his middle-parted bangs are tucked to the sides. His hair is almost as rough and bristly as that of his beard.

Octavius in Roleplay

Following over thirty years of service in the Nepleslian military, Octavius retired to a life of pseudo-politics in YE 28. Still very much in the mindset that he should be serving the interests of the military rather than the people, he used his aggressively-obtained positions to lobby risky military endeavors of his own design. Somewhat delusional in this regard, his plans have met with mixed results varying from overwhelming failure to incredible success. In YE 30, he chose to test the enterprises of the newly established Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, having a brief stint trying to get into the inner circles of Fortuna before discovering his niche in the wild-west politics of the Kovax system. By early YE 31, he'd battled his way to the chief position of System Senator, representing all the settlements of the Kovax system in the Senators of the Nepleslian Senate.

Character Data
Character NameOctavius Braxis
Character OwnerTeddo
Character StatusActive Player Character

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