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System P1-9 "Fortuna"

System P1-9, known as Fortuna, is a newly founded Nepleslian colony that is was discovered to be fairly rich in resources, but plagued by a unique spatial phenomenon. Ion Storms. These are caused by the large mobile fields of gas and debris formed by the collapse of the outer sector of the system's gas giants being struck by the particularly strong solar radiation of the binary stars. When the storms are particularly intense, large plasmatic ripples ebb across distances spanning several light-seconds, while the sensors data that makes FTL travel possible is garbled and most communications are jammed. Channels and travel to the DIoN and the other colonies are maintained through the use of a redundant set of communications relays and buoys set around several 'safe' points throughout the system.

Despite the difficulties in reaching the inner portion of the system, Fortuna's namesake world and Gold Harbor, the primary system space port are mining hotspots because of a large amount of precious and starship-grade metals. As well, the Black Syndicate, under the watchful eye of DIoN authorities, have set up a large, fairly legal gambling business in Fortuna's spaceport cities.

Sun Type Binary White Dwarves
Celestial Bodies 1 Tropical, 1 Desert/Rocky, Several Collapsed Gas Giants, Ion Clouds
Current Occupants Nepleslians

Solar Grid Facilities

  • Bulwark, Starbase Midas
  • Communications Grid 1: Civilian
  • Communications Grid 2: Military
  • Communications Grid 0: IPG/Emergency

Gold Harbor

Planetary Description

System Capital: Opportunity City

Planetary Capital: Yellowdust

Gold Harbor Grid


Planetary Description

Planetary Capital: Leon City

Leon City is a city unique among Nepleslian settlements in that it is composed of two vastly differing sections that are several hundred kilometers apart. Money Town is in the middle of the ocean, with floating platforms housing hotels, casinos and all the entertainment the average Nepleslian frontiersman could want. Unlike the other large cities of this system, Leon City plays host to a variety of 'business syndicates' that would be illegal in many other nations. Most of the residents in Money Town are immigrants from Nepleslia and Halna. A predominant theme of wealth, flash, tourist culture and excess are the norm.

Culture Town, the other component of Leon City is a large suburban area set up on the edge of Fortuna's southernmost ocean, only a short shuttle ride away from Money Town. It has an unusually rustic and cultured feel to it, and is populated primarily by settlers from Delsauria and Kennewes.

Fortuna Grid

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