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Na-S/S-03a 'Zvonock' Wormhole Gate

A Zvonock Gate

About the Zvonock

The Zvonock Gate system was designed by NAM in YE 30 to replace the NovaCorp Gates used to connect the various worlds of Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, in response to growing unease within the Imperium government concerning galactic events at the time. The Zvonock allows the DIoN to control its wormhole gates, and includes multiple systems to keep them working even under dangerous conditions.


Height 1600 meters
Width 1600 meters
Length 50 meters

The Zvonock provides enough clearance for vessels up to 1500 meters tall and 1500 meters wide.


Primary Armor

Nerimium Casing The gates systems are contained within two half hollow, donut-shaped pieces of Nerimium, which are sealed together. The plates are 2 meters thick, and provide ample protection against many forms of attack. DR 7


Durandium Skeleton with NCS The Zvonock's structure is supported by a latticework of Durandium rods filled with NAM NCS gel, allowing it to initiate repairs on damaged portions of the station.


The Zvonock's primary system is the wormhole generator that links it to other gates, and allows for nigh-instantaneous transportation.

Na-SC/CM-03b 'Very High Ground' Interdiction Suite

A beefed-up version of the standard High Ground systems found on many Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia starships, the Very High Ground's primary function is to allow the Gate to remain functional, even in the event of interdiction, and features a very powerful anti-interdiction module, capable of keeping the wormhole system functioning even in the presence of numerous Anti-FTL fields. It can also assist SMoDIN ships in the event of enemy engagements, and is capable of projecting interdiction fields and beams all the way out to 10 AU.

Na-SC/P-02b 'Prometheus' Hyperspace Tap Generator

The Hyperspace Tap creates the large amounts of energy needed to run the Zvonock. They are identical to the variant found on the Tolchok-class Battleship.

Na-SC/S-02b Electrostatic Shields

Simple electrostatic shields to protect the station from enemy attacks as well as space debris impact. They're much like those found on the Nepleslian c1, although substantially stronger. DR 7

Na-SC/C-03a Communications suite

The Zvonock has a robust communications system, allowing it to communicate with other vessels and installations.

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