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NAM Nano-Constructor System


Created at the beginning of YE 30 for use in the NOZH Power Armor, the NCS was designed by the NAM X-Tech division. Using nano-construction technology inspired by the femto-mechanics of numerous Nekovalkyrja models, the NCS is able to repair various materials, as well as form objects such as shields and weapons. By YE 35, it was featured on many Star Navy warships.


A β€œSynapse” network runs the NCS. This network is comprised of two types of nanobots. The first type are rather large for nanobots, and contain numerous electronic and broad laser transmission systems. These are the actual control centers, utilizing the afore-mentioned transmitters to direct the other constructor nanobots. The second type is far smaller, and used to bring signals to the other machines from the starship or armors computer systems.

Energy Distribution

The Synapse network is also responsible for the distribution of energy to the rest of the system. However, for this function, a different type of machine is used in place of the information carrier nanobot. These machines are substantially larger than the information carriers, the extra bulk being added by the inclusion of a number of power cells. These ferry energy from the power source to the various areas of the NCS, where they connect with the control nanobots. After transferring their stored energy, they quickly begin back towards the power source for another trip.


The nanobots are often combined with a large amount of molecules taken from metallic alloys. The nanobots are able to combine these molecules very quickly for pre-programmed schematics, allowing them to create weapons, armor, and other such objects a high speed. To do this, they generate ionic bonds by adding electrons or tearing electrons from the atoms.


The NCS uses its nanobots to shear bonds in much the same way as it joins them, by introducing or ripping away electrons to disrupt metallic or ionic bonds within a given substance, before collecting the atoms and pulling them back into the central NCS body. The newly acquired atoms remain in the NCS until it is disassembled, and may be used in the same manner as the other pre-added alloys for construction.

  • Note: Absorption is much faster on constructs made by the NCS itself as opposed to other materials due to the fact that nanobots stay within the construct itself, allowing them to take the construct apart from the inside as well as outside, as opposed to other materials which lack the machines. The downside to this is the fact that the nanobots present in the alloy lower it’s total structural integrity, as they are impurities within the metal.

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