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Na-B-01a Tolchok-Class Battleship

The Tolchok is the first Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia-produced vessel to hold the designation of a battleship. It is heavily armed and armored.

About the Ship

Key Features

  • Superheavy armor
  • Exceptional amounts of weaponry
  • Extreme range for attacks
  • Very small crew
  • Many redundant systems for maximum survivability

Mission Specialization

  • Prolonged combat
  • Raiding sorties
  • Artillery
  • VIP transport


A giant brick covered in guns.

History and Background

The Tolchok-class Battleship was designed in the first half of YE 30 by Nepleslian Arms and Munitions to help fill the ranks of the burgeoning Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Navy. It was designed to be extremely durable to defend against the most lethal threats facing the Imperium.

Statistical Data


Class: Na-B-01a Tolchok Type: Battleship Designers: Grand Admiral Vladimirus Corcyra, Nero Romani Manufacturer: NAM Production: Mass Production Fielded by: Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia


Crew: 20 operators are recommended, but only one is required. Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 30 people. About 35 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


Measurement (in meters)
Length 900
Width 300
Height 200
Decks 2 decks

Propulsion and Range

Continuum Distortion Drive 18,000c
Hyperspace Fold Drive .75 LY/min
Sublight Engines - PID .25c
Sublight Engines - Gravitic .2c
Combined Sublight Drives .35c
Range 20 Lightyears
Lifespan 50 years
Refit Cycle Recommended once every month
  • Hull: 50 SP (Ship)
  • Shield: 50 SP (Threshold: 5/5)

Inside the Ship

Compartment Layouts


The central control station of the Tolchok, this room is actually rather small for a vessel of the Tolchok's size. Its walls are lined with a solid vidscreen, which the AI is capable of dividing into an almost infinite number of smaller screens upon request. As such, the crew stations are usually simply a desk with a comfortable chair set up against the wall, with work space being set aside on demand by whoever happens to be working. The floors are carpeted in the standard green of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, with the DIoN's emblem stamped in the middle of the lower section of the room. The higher section, however, contains only the captains seat, a posh green seat with a neural interface link similar to those found in many NAM power armors that the captain may use to more directly interface with the ship. The AI, however, only will allow the registered captain of the vessel to access this function.

Captain's Suite

A very comfortable room, if a little small compared to the suites found on many SMoDIN vessels. The furniture within is left up to the captain (NAM provides up to 20,000 DA in funds for captains to choose), although by default is a very conservative collection of solid, hand-crafted wood with deep blue and white cushions, blankets, and linens. The carpet is dark green, with white walls and ceilings.

Cargo Storage Area

Due to the relatively small amount of people meant to be aboard the Tolchok, the cargo hold is quite small. It's a bare metal room, about 20×30 feet (6.09m x 9.14m). A microgravity field can be generated on demand by the AI to allow movement of heavier materials. The Cargo area also serves as the ships armory, and a small rack of weaponry sits against one wall.

The cargo area fits three Medium Standard Starship Cargo Containers (5m x 7.5m) and three small containers (1m x 7.5m) on the side and two (5m x 1m) at the front for a total of 3 mediums and five smalls.


Quite literally a carbon copy of the medbay found in the Nepleslian DD4-D.

Crew Quarters

This is the largest room in the vessel, and features a number of comfortable, queen size memory foam beds. Footlockers for personal possessions are located under the beds. The XO inhabits the bed against the far wall, his bed being a size larger. The carpeting is green, as usual, with white walls. The bedding is blue, green, or white, depending on the crewman's preference.

Maintenance Conduits

These are very small, cramped passages leading to the various systems located throughout the starship. They're barely large enough to accommodate a crawling ID-SOL. However, as the designers realized that there was a chance there would be trouble in the various ship systems, they were kind enough to make the passages comfortable. In addition to the green padding that all surfaces within them, there is a light anti-grav field within that allows for speedier and less abrasive movement within. In case of combat, like the rest of the ship, the anti-gravity is automatically pumped to its fullest capacity to ward against Scalar attacks.

Crew Support Room

Due to the more limited space available in the Tolchok, the recreation center, mess hall, and kitchen have all been combined into one multi-functional room. The kitchen itself is equipped with several large cooking stations, along with a plus-sized refrigerator. This area is separated from the rest of the room by a partial wall with a long window located in the middle.

Outside this room are the tables. There are several, enough to seat the entire crew, should it be necessary. The tables retain the tradition of granting their officers (which would be almost the entire crew in most cases) with extremely fine dining utensils, plates, and cups.

On the far end of the room are several comfortable couches and chairs set in front of a very large television. In addition to this are several VR assemblies.


These passages are standard for Nepleslian vessels. Clean, white walls framed with green lining, and a green-painted floor. Running lights are located low on the walls (about a foot above the floor) and on the ceiling.


The only actual access point to the vessel, this is a very long tunnel located on the bottom of the ship, just behind the first NAM Massed Positron Array battery, the airlock is rarely pressurized, and almost never unsealed except for disembarkation and boarding by the ships crew. It uses very similar systems to the maintenance corridors throughout the ship, although substantially larger to more easily allow passage through it.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

Outer Hull

Leptonium plating These are very large, very heavy plates of Leptonium set into the superstructure of the vessel. There are extremely small tunnels throughout these plates that allow the transport of NCS nanobots throughout to help speed along repairs to both the armor itself and the numerous weapons systems dotting the hull of the ship. This plating makes up most of the ships mass.

Lower Hull

Heavy Nerimium solid armor These are essentially massive bricks of solid, almost completely defect-free Nerimium plating. While it is incredibly heavy, effectively comprising close to one fifth the ships overall mass, it is a very effective measure of protection.


Leptonium tubing with NCS interior The superstructure of the vessel, which serves as the attachment point for all plating, also provides a conduit for repair-capable Nano-constructor System nanomachines, as well as a method of diffusing power throughout the vessel.

Nano-Constructor System

Computers and Electronics


4 Drei AIs. These AI are located throughout the vessel, with one under the floor of the Captain's Suite, one close to the nose, and two located opposite one another in the rear of the ship. Only one is active at a time, however. While all retain a databank unique to their system, they share a central dump where backup data is kept. It should be noted that the Drei AIs are programmed to automatically initiate an immediate self-destruct should the ship be boarded by what it deems unconquerable odds. Also, in the event all AI cores are destroyed, all generators are wired to an automatic self-destruct, as well as the torpedo stores present in the NAM Na-LRMS-01a "Curbstomper" Long-ranged Missile System.



Essentially a simple laser transmission system. It travels at lightspeed, but is only capable of transmitting to those who directly in its path.


This communications system emits a data-carrying charge into subspace. Works in a very limited capacity in an interdiction field.



This suite is usually used when the ship isn't in a big hurry to broadcast itself to everything, but isn't quite in the mood for stealth. The ship is usually set to this level on its sensor settings, which detect subspace, quantum, aetheric, and other sorts of very blatant modes of things moving, powering themselves, and doing other such things.


A step up the ladder for awareness, but this will usually light up other ships in the area with the knowledge they're being watched. Theses sensors are based on NAM Monoeye technology, and work by emitting a directed stream of particles towards whatever they happen to be looking for. These particles are quite good at finding what they're looking for.

Emergency Systems

Escape Pods

Automated Systems

Repair Drones

The most frequent denizens of the numerous maintenance corridors that criss-cross throughout the vessel, these drones are outfitted with a number of tools allowing them to make quick fixes to damaged systems in a short amount of time, including a fusion cutter/ welder, numerous standard tools, and a small NCS module loaded with Leptonium, Nerimium and Durandium alloys. The machines are about 3 feet tall, and one foot across, with a shiny silver color scheme. They are constructed from light-weight durandium and move and propel themselves via a very small gravitic drive. A down-sized Drei AI controls the drone, and receives orders from the ship AI.

Automated defense drones

These are much like the Repair drones, both in systems and design. However, as opposed to a suite of tools, these drones are instead outfitted with two heavy Xaser rifles and a very small scalar generating array.

Life Support Systems

Atmospheric and water recyclers and regulators

A number of air vents fill the ship, which cycle and clean air through several machines located in engineering. This is one of the few major ship systems without back-ups. This system is also responsible for releasing the designer atmosphere found in many Nepleslian and NDI vessels, which mixes in several gases with the regular air to stimulate and refresh crew members. This is pumped into all rooms save the crew quarters and the Captain's suite.

Power Systems

Na-ZPER-01b Hyperspace Tap Reactor

The primary power generation units on the Tolchok are the NAM Hyperspace Tap reactors featured prominently on almost all Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia warships, and based on Nerimian technology. It works through the use of scalar radiation to release energy from space, providing near-limitless power. To ensure operation in environments suffering from anti-interdiction and other types of anti-gravity tech, which would make the reactors inoperable, a small gravity-generation device is built into the device. It runs on power from the generator, with a fail-safe battery included. On the Tolchok, there are exactly fifteen of these generators, located in various spots on the ship, and quite spread out. Three are required to be active for full operational capacity in a combat situation, although only one is required to keep the ship running its hyperspace, life support, and gravity systems. They are needed to power both the Positron weapons and Aether Shock Cannons.

Na-HFR-01a Heavy Fusion Reactor

Although the Hyperspace Tap generators are very powerful units, they are still visible through the use of many quantum disturbance-seeking sensor systems. To allow the ship something of a more “stealthy” running mode, ten fusion reactors have been added. They are, for the most part, offline, although two are turned on to power the numerous NAM Twin Plasma Turret in the event of combat. Two of these generators are required to run the ships life support and sublight engines, with a third needed to power hyperspace capabilities.


Slower Than Light

  • Na-PID-02a, 3, located on rear of vessel
  • Na-GD-01a, 2, located on opposite ends of the vessel

Faster Than Light

Shield Systems

Primary Shields

The Tolchok, in its long quest for extreme redundancy in all systems, sports four shielding suites. Only one of these is active at a time, however. When one suite is overloaded due to damage, another is quickly activated in its place. A new shield starting up takes about 10 seconds to get to full strength. The shields themselves are a combination of an Electrostatic field, a "hard" distortion shield, and a scalar Lightning Shield. DR 8

Damper Field System

An anti-gravity field that is known as the best defense against scalar radiation. This system runs independently from the other shields, and the field is projected in a manner so that it “hugs” the hull of the Tolchok. The only area this does not reach to are the scalar arrays located at the front of the vessel.

Weapons Systems

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