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Species and Society in Nepleslia

The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia is generally considered to be the ‘salad bowl’ of the universe, with a species manifest so diverse that several remain yet to be labeled. While Yamatai may have greater population (and therefore more ‘distinct’ species in total), only in Nepleslia do all cultures mash together, for better or worse.

For more about the ethnic groups of Nepleslia see Nepleslian Ethnic Groups.


Nepleslia bustles with species enclaves running a gamut of diversity. It is a fact that the mundane concerns of a Nepleslian’s life will feature him interacting with members of different species. Therefore, the average Nepleslian has a high tolerance for members not of his own ilk. This does not necessarily translate into a like for the differing species, but rather, a working relationship that must be acknowledged for society to function.

As such, traditional views of race have been entirely discarded. Racism based on skin color or ethnicity is non-existent. In its place, a type of speciesism has risen among more conservative groups in the empire. Discrimination based on species is technically illegal (according to the Greens), but still occurs.

For most Nepleslians, discussing matters of species in public is a major faux pas just as likely to be met with angry silence as violence. The average citizen recognizes the tenuous social relationship that exists in Nepleslian society and will never directly insult the species of another Nepleslian citizen for fear of alienation or retribution. This rule has been bred into the core of Nepleslian culture since the initial revolution thousands of years ago.


The ‘salad bowl’ concept of The Nepleslian Empire has expanded to include Nepleslian relationships with alien species on the universal scale. After a period of initial suspicion, if an alien race proves itself to be functional within Nepleslian society, it will most likely be tolerated. Paradoxically, many alien races, upon first encounter with a Nepleslian outside of his home world, will react negatively, as the reputation of Nepleslia for violence and corruption precedes its member.

As mentioned earlier, there are a few notable exceptions to this general mindset.

See: Random Aliens


One of the most unknown and least seen members of Nepleslia, the Delsaurians remain an important member species of Nepleslia for two reasons. The first is their unique skill as merchants; many Delsaurian off-world jobs focus on harnessing the flow of coin to provide profit. The second is the Delsaurian ability to thrive in high-heat environments. Delsaurians are counted on to help colonize high temperature, desert-like worlds. Though Delsaurians are often only frequently seen off their home-world of Delsauria, this species remains critical to Nepleslia's growth.


If encountering an Elysian, the average Nepleslian is likely to react in a variety of different ways thanks to historical events and - to a lesser extent - efforts at improving relations with them.

A few react with outright hostility, for they still believe that the Great Plague of YE 08 - which nearly eradicated the entire population - was caused by the Elysians, despite official statements to the contrary made by Empress Katsuko during her YE 30 State of the Empire Address.

Some react with barely-contained disgust, for they are among the countless thousands who lost family members, friends, and loved ones during the four wars waged with Elysia by Nepleslia (due to being a part of the Yamatai Star Empire at the time).

Some react with a neutral expression, for they know that the pigeons paid for their arrogance, pompousness, and pride with their lives at the Battle of Elysia, the Battle of Veritas, and the Battle of Anakes.

A few even react with warm smiles and open arms, for they believe that the Elysians are, in a sense, the Nepleslian's (extremely attractive) “sisters” due to both races being former - or present - subjects of the Yamatai Star Empire. War, after all, makes strange bedfellows - especially when it comes to designing battleships


Members of the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) are viewed with fear and anger. Only a few years ago (YE 26) did the Mishhuvurthyar launch a full-scale attack on Nepleslia (See: The Battle of Nepleslia). The resulting loss of life burnt a bloody image in the psyche of the general population so great that their very threat of attack caused the secession of Nepleslia from Yamatai and the creation of the Nepleslian Empire.


For a long time, Yamatai as a whole was perceived as highstrung, egotistical and very smug in their perceived authority as the strongest nation in the known galaxy. The species restriction act passed by Yamatai cemented this view in the public psyche. Millions of “True” Nepleslian and Geshrin soldiers were put into secondary roles or forced out of their jobs for refusing to transfer into a Yamataian or Nekovalkyrja body. Virtually all Nepleslians placed into this situation viewed the ultimatum as blatantly insensitive and offensive.

The influx of immigrants to Nepleslia worsened the already negative perspective towards Yamatai to the point where the war with the Kuvexians they faced seemed to look like something Yamatai deserved to be put through. For a long time the Yamatai Star Empire was treated with less than respect to the point where there were whisperings of bannings going on in establishments and the war machines of the Empire to the East being sold and traded.

Like the Ikemen of Yamatai, Nekos were sometimes sold and traded, many times at great expense to the bidder's life once they got their hands on the inherent fighters. This practice lasted less than a year until the government crackdowns disrupted the selling of them fully and completely.That coupled with the death toll of those that were killed by their bought Neko made the practice incredibly outdated for the day and age the modern Nepleslian found themselves living in.

Though there were once genetic scanners at the borders so that Neko could not get in to Nepleslia, Nepleslians have become able to give Neko what they consider a second chance. Though Nepleslia likes to give Yamatai the cold shoulder at this part in their galactic relationship, they have become capable of cohabiting in the same sector at this time.

The war with the Elefirn that are subjects of the Kuvexians that Nepleslians entered in YE 39 brought about a need for the nation of Nepleslia to ready itself for war and the two great powers of the universe, Nepleslia and Yamatai, began working together towards a common goal to destroy the common enemy, Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia. The culture once hated by Nepleslia has, in recent wartimes, become one that Nepleslian companies pull from to supplement their own, seen in trending naming conventions of goods. Whether the change in perception will blossom into the everyman of Nepleslia borrowing from Yamataian habits remains to be seen.


Ever since the Nepleslia's Lorath Assets were given to the Democratic Imperium, the Lorath have been under high scrutiny by individuals, though the DATASS treaty unified the two nations. The Lorath still left in these territories are self-contained and under the umbrella are open to peacefully staying in their homes and systems. Some are open to or have already moved to Nepleslia proper planets to better utilize the resources of the Imperium. Though they have started spreading to Nepleslia, the spreading to other places from the Northern Territories outside of Nepleslia is completely unheard of at this point in time.


There are Human in Nepleslia space and make up parts of the military branches as well as the civilian populace. The Geshrin of Nepleslia are much like the Nepleslians they live around.


There is a cohabitation effort in North Western space with the Freespacers. They are allowed to do whatever they please in Nepleslian space and there have never been any kind of monumental incidents with the Freespacers.

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