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The Delsaurians are a species of reptilian humanoids native to Delsauria and one of the oldest species to still live within the Kikyo Sector. A majority, if not almost the entirety, of the species resides on their homeworld within Nepleslian space. There they act as industrial magnates and traders, extracting every bit their world can offer and acting as a valuable trade hub due to their position within the trade routes of the sector. Currently, there are believed to be over 14 billion Delsaurians living on Delsauria and in orbit within stations designed to their climate needs.


Historically, the Delsaurians once were a major power within the sector and became an early enemy of humans but were defeated by them in a devastating war that led to the colonization and forced-integration into the sector's budding nations. More specifically, they are believed to have been one of the first species to have made contact with pre-Nepleslian human life. However, this hostility has vanished entirely since the earliest days of the species to the current one. As long as anyone can remember, Delsaurians and now-Nepleslian populations have thrived in harmony on the surface of Delsauria.

Traditionally, the species has done little beyond play insignificant parts in the grand scheme of the sector. In YE 39, however, with the focus on the exploration and expansion of Nepleslia, the Delsaurians have begun to study and acquire ship designs from traders and retrofit them to head out alongside their Nepleslian allies in search of worlds they can turn into both a profit and additional homes to their isolated species. Those doing so do not fear nor have motives to breakaway… rather, the Delsaurians find themselves in a wave of aspiring youth wanting to expand simply to protect their species from the possibility of extinction.


Delsaurians have a large head that is as wide as their shoulders, with two large yellow snake-like eyes and a row of centered ridges running from above their nostrils over the top of their heads. They have a thick neck and a stocky body with large clawed hands and feet and a large tail that they often use with their legs to sit in a tripod position. Delsaurians have scaly skin in tan, brown, or olive tones. Inside the mouth of a Delsaurian, one can find roughly fifty teeth that are a mix of proper carnivore fangs and herbivore crushing grinders in a near-even split from front to back. Two or more of their fangs often will grow further ahead, giving them a pair or more of fangs that can be used for intimidation.

Most Delsaurians are known to be fairly stocky because of their body shape, always looking quite large even at their smallest sizes. The smallest Delsaurians of young adulthood tend to be around 4 feet tall, but there has been sightings of some growing large enough to be up to seven feet tall. As one might expect, Delsaurians tend to keep growing as they get older, which often leads to the plausibility of them reaching immense sizes given long enough lifetimes.


As a desert species and a reptile, the Delsaurians are omnivores in the truest sense. They will eat bugs or meat if the opportunity arises, or they're trying to grow stronger to be soldiers or attempt to accelerate their growth, but otherwise they are content eating desert fruits, fungus, and plants they grow or scavenge from their homeworld's deserts. In particular, they are one of the largest buyers of the Meganut, quite fond of how nutritious it can be. The oddity to their diet, of course, is that most of their eating is preferred wet as it helps cool or feign water which can be quite rare even with hydro-farms within their local towns.


Delsauria, in a word, is one of the hottest and driest places around the sector. As such, Delsaurians have grown up in the immense heat of their planet. Their species is fairly reliant upon this warmth, however, making it nearly impossible to last long in what most would consider comfortable conditions. For this reason, Delsaurians tend to wear clothes that are environmentally sealed and carry gloves, boots, and a helmet when they travel off-world. A waist-carried satchel or a backpack generally holds a heat generator, supplying them the warmth whenever needed. Suffice to say, a Delsaurian tends to despise anything but the hottest planets.

Life Cycle

Delsaurians are expected to have potential lifespans of well over one-hundred years old, but none are known to have lived beyond sixty. This is partially due to the species and its environment being harsh and unpredictable, their love for working non-stop, and the general unpredictability of life. However, what is known is that most Delsaurians reach what is considered adulthood within ten years. Some are considered adults in their culture sooner, but this age is when Delsaurians begin to thicken out and finish growing the entirety of their teeth set. At this point, the growth rate of Delsaurians diverges, some growing faster and others halting entirely. Teeth will always grow back regardless of their position in their life cycle, however.

At roughly thirty, a Delsaurian is considered middle-aged. At this point, growing their spikes out into horns is a possibility, while they tend to begin suffering a drop in their stamina and rely more heavily on consumption. This rate of consumption goes up further as they reach sixty, lending to their difficulty in surviving as they try to both continue working and having fun with their jobs as much as feeding their body's needy systems.


Delsaurians share much of the culture of Nepleslia, but do have unique spins on it. A good example of this is that they choose not to normally carry traditional backpacks, but rather crates as it means they can grow snacks in personal gardens. To Delsaurians, a job well done and coin flowing between their hands almost non-stop is often viewed as success within their culture. This means that the normal elitist society mentality doesn't fit them, with most of their people respecting those who work the hardest and ensure everyone makes money, rather than simply the richest or the best at speaking. To Delsaurians, words about it aren't as important as the actual act of doing what needs to be done.


Delsaurian clothing is styled after traditional human and desert-faring attire, though all of their clothes are technically environmentally able to be sealed. This means that synthetic material make up the majority of their clothing which can be uncomfortable to the touch for some, but not one bit phasing thanks to their rough skin.


Bugs, meats, fruits, and vegetables are commonplace as stated before. In particular, however, Delsaurians are often fans of fruit and fungi, as these two tend to be the most useful. Fruits are favored as drink substitutes, while fungi tends to be easy to flavor and can be grown with ease in many rocky settlements with caves present. Bugs would be their third favorite meal, however, as any Delsaurian could snap one up as they take a stroll through town.


Delsaurians have a local language, consisting of a mix of Nepleslian slang, grunts, and growls. This is often accompanied by a nod or hand gestures to help provide context, but is roughly a fairly simple language otherwise.


They have Nepleslian-style names, but often enjoy being more literal and having names to reflect either their environmental preferences (Krag for someone who likes rocky crags) or their favorite minerals.


They have Nepleslian politics, relying heavily upon its structure and working closely with both their own and Nepleslian officials.


Their technology is based around triangles and tends to rely upon the civilian market of Nepleslia.


Shared with Nepleslia, the Delsaurians tend to enjoy a fairly modern form of economy. However, bartering can still be seen in some of the other parts of the massive desert world.

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