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Nomadic, cyberpunk, pseudo-religious and quasi-human; The Freespacers are a thinly spread culture of cyborg merchants, hackers, pirates, and revolutionaries that intermingles within the boarders of other races, just as much as they possesses their own territories beyond commonly known space. Thanks to a vast and incredibly sophisticated network known as the polysentience, the true boarders of their nation could instead be cyberspace, joining seemingly disconnected individuals despite light years of distance between them.

-β€œThe Allfolk Sigil”, a common Freespacer motif-

Being effectively anarchists as a whole, they have no longer have any one singular governing body, instead existing as one vast hydra of interconnected and yet varied organisations, with a variety of different viewpoints. Rather than see this as a weakness, they pride themselves on examples from the past, were throwing away the rule book has made them incredibly difficult to wipe out.

Strangers from other races are now welcomed into the ranks of the Freespacers with open arms, but, of course, such a life of true freedom is not always easy. Conversely, beings from this race are also free to work within many foreign organisations, such as the Star Army of Nepleslia, too.

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Social Organisation

Use of mindware and the polysentience means that all Freespacers may vote on subjects instantaneously, traditionally making them a total democracy right down to the level of individual ships. Crimes and corruption are not unheard of, but information spread through this network means that individuals can generally expect a fair trial. Any punishments administered can thus range from light to very heavy handed, entirely depending on the size of the space station, the desperation of the citizens, and the wealth of resources.

They also have an incredibly high number of robotic or android members within their ranks, reaching as much as 75% vs organics in some groups. Lastly, there is also the subject of Freespacer Types, a genetic holdover from when an older totalitarian organisation known as the Free State existed for many years in total isolation.

True to their name, Freespacers still vastly prefer permanently living in space stations, wandering spacecraft, and asteroid bases, but the nature of dealing with other species means they are often forced to walk planet-side in modern times, regardless.

Modern Freespacers often form themselves into large groups called cadres, though this is merely part of a strength-in-numbers approach to internal politics, and some may simply choose to remain independent.





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