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Viridian Array

A young and consequently unstable Freespacer group that is known for their unusually high acceptance of pro-militaristic ideology. They are directly supportive of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, chiefly operating within their space.

Their overall goals involve up-gunning and modernizing the Free State, allowing the Deoradh race to negotiate on even terms with foreign superpowers. They also have many small planet-based facilities, giving them considerable industrial clout for an organisation of their size, through in actuality, they are mostly temporary mines/factories that are entirely operated by NU automata before being rapidly abandoned for more profitable ventures.

Nepleslia is their chief trading partner, and in return they actively protect DION's interests with the Free State. This of course has caused them to be accused of being a simple puppet organisation, seeking to assimilate their culture entirely, but the truth is much murkier in reality.

None the less, they continue to operate on bad terms with the more individualistic sub-factions such as the Astral Locksmiths, and have been refused access to the Ley Line gate system as a result.


In order to insure the traditional values the Free State survive in the long term, individuals cannot join the Viridian Array, only fully crewed ships with a unanimously positive decision. They provide a multitude of armor and firearm types in return for special 'green points' earned, which are calculated in terms of resources gained when a ship aids in the construction of a new facility. Due to the unstandardized nature of the fleets, the new kit is simply provided intact, often affixed by the crew of the vessels themselves.

Combat and internal law enforcement are worked out in a similar manner, with the net value of their efforts being worked out on the polysentience. This makes them more prone to displays of power when they feel their holdings are threatened, or when Free State citizens are directly in danger, but overall they prefer not to apply violence liberally.

As time has shown, there are several major downsides to this system. The quality of their military assets, and the speed of any armed response, is completely based on the luck of the draw. The loss of war materials due to crews choosing to turn piratical is negligible, but still a destabilizing influence in the areas around the mist nebula. It's also been proven that their loose organisational structure is rather prone to hacking by more anarchistic Freespacer groups.

Independent World League, Paragon, and even surplus Nepleslian uniforms are common, but there is no set standard.

Indeed, the only real penalty for leaving the Viridian Array, or misusing their resources, is a future ban on access to more of such materials. This is the only notation that is given on an individual basis within their organisation.

Area of Operation

From the Black Hole Cluster to Journey's End, the Viridian Array excel in many of the areas of space which are unsafe for other human races to operate within. There are spies that actively seek out sources of outside manipulation and things like hidden ley line gates, but the majority are stand alone complexes motivated by personal vision.

They rarely cite missions outside of Nepleslian space, mostly in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the superpower's protective fleet, but individual associated ships are of course known to act on their own impetus. The only locations that they actively defend are small temporary asteroid bases, with the rare larger installation such as the one that is set up on Port Hope.

Contrastingly, they are one of the most vocal forces currently operating on the polysentience, able to bend the ear of the masses, even if they lack the specialised electronic warfare skills of the Hacker Cult.


Formed in the continuing political turmoil of YE 36, particularly relating to the theft of military technology by the Astral Locksmiths from Null and Void. Many of their initial members were syntelligences working on various far-fetched super soldier programs that could be used in support of the Nepleslian Star Military, as well as some of the ex-IWL technicians originally responsible for fitting such organisation's weapons onto pre-existing technology like the Phantasm Gunship.

Their relatively small operation grounds was established by all of the heavy weapons and armor plating their ancient ramshackle vessels are now lumbered with, making them somewhat less than independent in terms of maintenance and upkeep. This was only worsened by the fact that they now no longer have access to the ley line system, making their fleet movements quite cumbersome and disorganized.

By YE 41, their political independence has become severely threatened by the bankrolling and food resource clout of the The Wire Guided. There are many organics in the organisation who still believe that piggybacking off of Nepleslia is their best bet for continued personal independence, however, as the de-facto leaders of both the other factions are actually machines of one form or another.

In support of the Nepleslian response to Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41, the renowned manufacturer Hollowpoint was appointed as an unofficial “fleet quartermaster” in command of the mothership “Steel Liberty”, in charge of more than 4000 specifically reorganised militia members. Though seen by a risky move by many, the intention was to strengthen connections with their new homeland, and learn fresh combat tactics from their more experienced planet-dwelling brethren in the process.

Regular Forces

The “Reckless Abaddon”, a Nomad salvage/subterfuge ship sporting typical Viridian Array colours.

It often takes a keen eye to discern if a Freespacer craft belongs to the Viridian Array, likely only firmly established once one views the disproportionate amount of weaponry, or contacts their syntelligence directly through the polysentience. In rare cases, the particularly fanatical have been known to coat their hulls in vibrant green geometric shapes, but this is definitely an interesting exception rather than a rule.

Type Quantity Notes
"Divine Comedy" State-Issue Ayame 3
Nomad-Class Solarfoil Corvette 75
Crewed Long-Ranged Phantasm Variants 160
Phantasm mk.II Gunships 450-600~
Upgunned Medium Maintenance Vessels 300-500~
Traveller Shuttles 1000-2000~

They all have mixed organic/automata crews, exemplifying the original intentions of the Free State, literally because they have integrated into that framework, rather than creating new resources. It is often impossible to tell if actions committed in their name are even necessarily performed by vessels officially registered as part of the organisation, and thus their 'active numbers' obviously hold a lot of variance over time.

Spacers don't have ranks as standard, but there are several members who stand out because of their personal diplomatic ties with other races;

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