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Ley Lines

The Ley Lines are the synonym for the Freespacer gate network that utilizes Rift Generator technology. Unlike traditional FTL travel, these systems are immune to interdiction. However since they require a physical gate to stabilize the system a gate can typically only accommodate ships smaller than whatever platform it's on.


These gates are vast structures designed to accommodate even Mothership-class vessels. They are completely stationary due to their sheer size, and are usually placed on or near major systems used by 'Spacers. Secondary Mainframes are also hidden and scattered around non-key systems to facilitate guerrilla warfare, and to prevent the crippling of the network in the event the main systems are destroyed.

These gates typically accommodate huge amounts of traffic, and are reserved for use by major traffic hubs (save for the aforementioned Secondary Mainframes).


Gates are typically accompanied by a myriad of defenses, usually involving mines (including โ€œhoming minesโ€ which are effectively cruise missiles), ECM emitters to disguise the gates as natural phenomena, and booby traps inside the gate itself to deter any hostile intrusions.


Routers are smaller gates typically mounted on Mothership-sized vessels, or support carriers. These typically accommodate fighter craft and smaller starships such as patrol craft and gunboats.

Due to their mobile nature these gates can also be โ€œaimedโ€ and used for siege warfare. Typically this involves a receiving gate having ordnance launched into it, such as an ICBM-class missile or a railgun slug fired from orbit and accelerated into a gate on a planet's surface. These then leave the exit gate pre-armed and ready to destroy its target, allowing such ships to project significant fire without the ship itself actually needing to haul the bulky ordnance or launch systems around.

These are the smallest of gates available which are typically used to transport personnel, supplies, fighter craft, and vehicles. Due to their small size they generate a negligible signature which can easily be hidden by any number of natural phenomena, or drowned out by the typical energy signature of whatever ship carries it.

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