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Planet Osman

Osman is the name of a planet located in the Osman system in the western sector. It was determined that humans had attempted to colonize the planet many decades ago, but harsh weather ruined colonization efforts. A barely post-industrial society has developed on the surface. By YE 39 the OSO set itself up as the rulers of the planet.


Planet Osman
General Characteristics
Gravity 0.8G
Atmospheric Pressure 0.8 atm
Atmospheric Composition Nitrogen 80%, Oxygen 18%, Other 2%
Population 1.5 Billion
Satellites 1 Natural
Climate Cool, Dry, and Sandy

The planet Osman was colonized by ancient interstellar craft sent from Nepleslia over 1,000 years ago. Those that could, left. Those that remained, either by choice or from not having other options, struggled to eek out an existence on the planet. Harsh conditions on the planet would deter additional visits, and erode the technological base of the settlers. They would eventually lose the ability to produce more complex equipment and the ability to easily travel between settlements. Over time the trip to the planet would fade from the collective memory, as the harsh realities of living on the planet kept concerns more often in the here and now than in long term planning or education. Similarly, information regarding the planet was left to decay, as no new information regarding the status of the settlers left the planet and no new expeditions were mounted to the planet.

By YE 36 the planet had regressed to a barely industrial society with many settlements scattered around the surface, usually near sources of water.

In YE 38 Uso heard of the planet through her contacts. Having spent nearly all her money from her last job she decided to have a little fun and try her hand at world domination.

Planetary information


Life is tough on Osman, and the air is a constant reminder of that. Dust storms constantly sweep small particles into the air and the local vegetation does not quite provide enough oxygen to make the planet's population comfortable. The air itself tastes a bit stale, due to the lower than standard oxygen levels and higher than normal trace elements.


The Majority of the planet's population lives in areas that both exist in a mountain's rain-shadow and within a short distance of a water source; with the largest concentration of civilization being based around the largest sea on the planet located in the western hemisphere. Smaller pockets of population exist beyond those shores, where the local population scrapes out an existence at the edge of deserts and on the slopes of mountains. Though heavy storms do pass through these areas, it happens infrequently enough that basic agriculture and industry can form. Outside of these major centers of population, much of the planet is inhabited solely by small nomadic groups who traverse the wastelands. While only the most desperate, or skilled people carve out a living in the open deserts; pockets of life beyond the Western Sea become more common closer to the planet's extreme north or south, where the heat of the open wastelands are felt less due to distance from the equator. Historically groups from the north and south have fought multiple wars over control of the Green Sea whenever resources drew tight. The advanced technology that brought humans to the planet has been destroyed by time. What remains is what the people can create for themselves, plant-fiber or tanned leather clothing, mostly stone and wood structures, simple metal firearms and steam engines though animals are by far the more common method of transportation. Though there is plenty of food in the form of algaeia, getting all of the proper nutrients can be difficult as this requires a diverse diet. As such, the people of Osman tend to be shorter than baseline humans.

Osman Government

The Osman government was the largest on the planet by far, and controlled the cities around the planet's largest body of water. The government was authoritarian by necessity, and was largely focused on survivalist policies. It was often opposed by ad-hoc groups formed from dissenters within the Osman government and nearby cities that wish to maintain their own independence, though these groups would fight among themselves just as often. The government itself was a constitutional monarchy and had been established on the planet for 147 years. The authoritarian Osman Royal Family was supposedly kept in check by a representative Parliament stocked with elected officials, however these officials were just as often entirely corrupt aristocrats. Members of Parliament frequently forced themselves into government through use of bribery or threat of violence to rig elections. All in all; the Osman government only managed to stave off total collapse by corruption or civil war by managing to pull together against external threats that would attempt to gain a foothold on the Green Sea. In YE 38 the Osman Government was destroyed when Uso led a group of mercenaries to the planet.

Grant Government

Established by aaron_grant at the request/demand of Uso, the Grant government styles itself as a democracy, and plans to hold elections within a few years of its establishment in YE 38. The government has been granted authority over the locals of the planet, but is still in its infancy. While still having nominal sovereignty over the planet, this government in infancy only holds power where the alien invaders have their power felt. The democratic hand of the Grant regime only stretches as far as the shores of the Green Sea, as the advanced alien forces basing themselves out of the old Osman capitol can easily dominate the core cities of the planet. Outside this area, the untamed frontiers of the planet that Grant once sought to unite against the Osmans are still just as wild and dangerous as ever.

The Buttonless Brigade

The Buttonless Brigade was formed shortly after Uso's arrival on the planet in YE 38. This group was formed from soldiers and officers that had their buttons taken by Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587 as they were the only thing of value the spacer could find during their first encounter. The Brigade was originally created to do whatever Arccos decided they should do, and once Arccos was given the duty of planetary sheriff the brigade became lawmen.


The planet has a mix of currency; older gold coins that go by the name 'Dead Kings' for being minted with images of Osman royalty still on them, and a newer transitional paper currency backed by being pegged to other digital currencies called 'Sheriff's Papers' or 'Arcmarks', as they were printed by the newly appointed High Sheriff of the planet Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587.


The vast majority of organisms native to Osman are subterranean, and largely consist of desert-resistant plants or simple organisms like worms. The planet used to have some ocean dwelling life but it has since become extinct due to the introduction of algaeia. Often plants and worms stay dormant until a major rain, at which point they move to the surface. Some cattle type animals also exist along with small mammals and birds. These animals are not native to the planet, and largely exist in the semi-terraformed areas around human settlements. There is a distinct lack of insects and fungi on the planet, meaning plants and animals are slow to decompose.

Bloodwood Trees

There is not much vegetation on the planet outside of the rain shadows created by mountain ranges that protect the downwind areas from the harsh winds. The trees that grow here are very thick, and very sturdy with thick bark and a heavy blood red sap that protects the tree after it sustains injuries from storms.

The Great Osmani Drop Bear

A great mass of grey and white fur, A big black nose, round fuzzy ears, dark twinkling adorable eyes, huge talons, and a maw full of flesh rending teeth. The Osmani Drop Bear is a rare predator that lives in the forests that grow in the rain shadow of large mountains. It can grow to be over 9 feet tall and will climb the sturdy Bloodwood trees so that it can fall on and crush its prey.

Osman Indigo

A desert flower highly coveted by the former Osman Royal Family, and once considered more valuable than gold to the planet's population. Osman Indigo are identifiable by their bright blue petals, and thick wooded stem with broad root formations. Found incredibly rarely in the wild, and primarily cultivated in greenhouses owned by several of the most affluent members of the planet's original population. The Indigo is named for its colorful petals which can be used to make a bright blue dye, and is one of the few sources of a color other than green on Osman.

Geographical Regions

Osman City

The center of the new alien renaissance on Osman, Osman City is a sprawling city of squat stone and wooden buildings formerly in the rain shadow of Mount Gleipnir allowing it to have thrived without risk of being hit by the planet's harsh sandstorms. Former seat of the Osman government, and current seat of the USO's rule. At present the city is being refurbished and rebuilt at an astounding rate; new roads being put in place by I'ee engineers, buildings rebuilt by Freespacer drones, and full fledged spaceports are being laid down. The coastline along the Great Green Sea is being cleared to make way for beachfront property. The city itself is a mix of old and new, formerly center of the planet's boutique industries such as jewelers, glassblowers, tailors, and fine weaponsmiths, there is a large mercantile aspect to the city itself. Everywhere here is something destroyed and something rebuilt, broken windows on half of edifices full of shards of glass like broken teeth. Demolition crews on every corner tearing down something ruined, and building something new next door. It was a land of opportunity and danger.

  • Was held by the OSO.
  • Presently Governed by Aaron Grant.
Osman City
1 Landing Impact from the White Lament
2 Osman City Starport
4 Osman City
5 Mt Gleipnir(s) and the crater left from General Lewis's landslide plan]]
6 Craters from the Orbital Bombardment used to stop the landslide
7 Araxie Reservoir


A desolate province along the northeast coast, sharing a border with Tyben. While reasonably peaceful, these lands are mostly unshielded from the planet's harsh weather, and conditions. The vast majority of its territory is based along the coast of the Green Sea itself, with nothing sprawling out into the open deserts beyond. Life here is harsh and unforgiving, but thrives despite that. With Asantren providing a standing army which traditionally supported Tyben against the threat of constant invasion, in exchange for raw materials to continue growth of the region's settlements.

  • Was a suzerainty of the OSO, governed by its traditional owners, the Dantratten Family.

Erven Reach

The furthest eastern limit of the former Osman government. Small scattered townships bordering on desert, desert, and more desert. While mostly useless, it was and remains held by the Osman Sea Lords, with its largest settlement being a naval base along the coastline. Erven's outposts existed solely to deny possible access to the Green Sea by nomadic desert bandit clans who could potentially sail to raid cities along the sea.

  • Was nominally allied to the OSO, governed by the Sea Lord Charriere.

Grenville Bridgedown

A vast and salty mudflat on the southeast coast of the Great Green Sea, and the second largest production center of Algae on the planet; whenever a storm rains on the Green Sea, Grenville floods and turns to mush. Most civilization here is limited to small skimmer communities who spend much of their life on stilts to allow them to traverse the muddy landscape. The largest settlement here is Bridgedown, a small two-tiered city where the hilltops are walled communities linked by intricate rope bridges, surrounded by mudflat level slums.

  • Was nominally allied to the OSO, governed by the Grenville family.


The south coast of the Green Sea, and former Duchy held by the Blake Family. Lahiri was a sprawling urban landscape, and industrial center which had been repossessed by the Osman royal family. Southerly enough to be an uncommon area for the planet's deadly storms, it had become the largest and safest region for industry on the planet; and far enough away from 'polite society' that the effects of industry wouldn't affect the upper classes. When the OSO claimed the planet it fell into a state of near anarchy, and is held in chunks of individual city blocks and factories by street gangs; many of which are funded directly by rich merchants and industrialists. The forces which once held it against southern bandit clans have started to incorporate the raiders into their ranks to get an edge over competitors as they ignore the outside world around them.

  • Currently in a state of total anarchy.

Lakes District

Offset from Osman city, and home of the planet's largest freshwater lakes. This district has some of the most fertile lands on the planet, and formerly supplied the majority of fresh non-algae based food to Osman City. Although this industry is now overshadowed by exports from space, it remains a wealthy and peaceful part of the planet.

  • Currently a fiefdom of the OSO, held by Errowyn and Cyrus.

North Ranges

Rocky and mountainous regions closer to the planet's north pole, knotted with deep forests. While multiple attempts were made over the years to dominate the Ranges by the Osmans, the sparse access to reliable sources of water, and harsh wildlife which can thrive here made it too difficult for anything like organized civilization to exist for long here. Most of the people living here exist as part of short lived barbarian clans which constantly war over the scattered freshwater lakes. Brutal raiders who gave the Osman Grand Army a run for their money for over a century.


A series of salt-water rivers which flow to the Great Green Sea's northwest coast, carving through a series of steep and rocky canyons. What civilization here are a series of small frontier towns, based along the flattest areas of the riverbanks. The Riverlands are a major center of Algaeia skimming on the planet, where spores are seeded at the river source on a monthly basis, and algae growth is contained with nets before being allowed to flow down-river where it is captured and processed. While its exports under the Osman government were mostly unneeded, and the region often went poor but well-fed, the Riverlands has seen an upsurge in profitability now that export to space has been opened.

  • Currently a province of OSO, governed directly by the Buttonless Brigade under Sheriff Josward Braith.
  • Formerly held by the Hagendam Family.

Southern Reach

Flatter, and icier than the northern ranges. The Southern Reach is much the same as the northern ranges in terms of civilization, except with less warring over limited resources. Mostly rolling icy plains, with the odd mountain peak piercing the flat earth. Civilization is small family groups which wander the border between the ice and the desert, scrounging a meager existence and occasionally turning to raid Lahiri, or Tolmasch.


The northernmost region of the former Osman territories. Tyben is a temperate, mountainous landscape on the border of the Great Green Sea, and lush by comparison to most of the Osman empire. A major exporter of Bloodwood lumber, construction grade stone, and furs along the coast of the Great Green Sea. However this region's wealth is directly proportionate to its danger. The extreme northern location leaves it dangerously close to the temperate areas favored by bandit kings, and Tyben's history is one of constant raiding and warfare against encroaching bandit clans.

  • Currently a province of OSO, governed directly by the Buttonless Brigade under Sheriff Kelly Buchanan.
  • Formerly held by the Colridge Family.


The southwestern region of the Osman territories. Mainly a series of dusty towns in a sand blasted desert frontier, which remained close enough to the sea to keep afloat, and close enough to the main trade roads between Lahiri and Osman City to let them have trade. The most frequently contested area in the Osman territories, as it remains vulnerable to bandit clans from the deserts, and remains devastated from earlier battles between the Osmans and the rebellions led by Aaron Grant. While the Mnochis family did attempt to reclaim the land once the rebellion ended, it had no support, thus the land is mainly controlled by bandit clans who extort supplies from towns which are individually ruled. A real wild west region.

  • Currently in a state of total anarchy.

The Great Sands

The deserts. Deadliest frontiers on the planet. While varying between sand dunes, rocky deserts, smouldering badlands, and the odd active volcanic flat lands of molten obsidian, most civilization here is barely recognizable as actually civilized. Bandit clans, and nomadic caravans dominate out here, plying age old trade routes between sparse flat territory where ancient wells and ruined portions of infrastructure from the old colonists allow them to continue their harsh lives. Whatever is out here is hidden to the time and sands.


Below are some of the Osman landmarks:

Araxie Reservoir

Built by coating the surface of one of the massive craters of Mount Gleipnir with a non-reactive composite material and then covering the top with Durandium Alloy. The Araxie Reservoir provides running water to Osman City. The reservoir is fed from the nearby ocean where the water is pumped up the mountain and then purified. This water is then released down into the city's utilities infrastructure for use.

Functional Atmospheric Protector

Named by the I'ee, the Functional Atmospheric Protector is a large scale weather control project started to help control the devastating sandstorms on the planet.

Holsters and More

Originally a Nepleslian clothing store, the franchise was purchased by Uso in YE 38 and moved to the planet in the same year. The modern looking warehouse is a large, open, air-conditioned space filled with a wide range of clothing (and holsters) in just about every style imaginable. The sprawling warehouse sells most of its items at a steep discount to encourage locals to trade up to the local fashions. Holsters and More also includes a smaller hat-shop inside of it named 'Top Nep'.

Nath Tower

Nath Tower was built right at the city limits of Osman City, sitting close to the waterline and contained office space for lease before being completely destroyed in battles on the planet's surface. The foundation is all that remains.

Machine District

Created by an AI, the Machine District is a sprawling industrial complex built from large, interconnected, hexagonal modules. The exterior of this area is jet black, and internally each individual module can be sealed off in various ways. The insides of the complex are kept dark unless a person needs to be there to see them, and the production machines control variables like pressure, atmosphere, and gravity to create the correct environment for their work. It is from here that the majority of the items on the planet are produced.

Mount Gleipnir(s)

Mount Gleipnir, named by Cyrus of Ragnarok, was the largest mountain in the mountain range that protected Osman City from storms. In YE 38 the remaining military of the Osman Government stockpiled explosives in the mountain to cause a landslide and bury the aliens that had come to their planet. Though the plan did not achieve its goals, it did blow up the peak of Mount Gleipnir, giving it the appearance of having two much shorter peaks than before. The mountain's name having been effectively changed to Mount Gleipnirs.

The Great Green Sea

The largest body of water on the planet is known as The Great Green Sea. This name captures all of the vital aspects of the landmark, that it is Green from all of the algaeia present on the surface of the sea, that it is a sea which means it is not nearly as large as an ocean, and The Great meaning it is the largest sea on the planet. Looking down from space, it is the largest green blob on the planet, and easily distinguishable as it is much larger than the next largest green blob.

The Great Osman Library

Built mostly out of space-age metals, the Great Osman Library is a large dome that has partially sunken into the sands of Osman. Inside is the largest (and one of the only) libraries on the planet.

The Throne of Brass

The Throne of Brass is a large freespacer food production facility that employed many locals. It has since been largely abandoned by it's creators due to political instability, but continues to employ thousands of individuals within six massive agri-domes. Limited starship manufacturing facilities are also located here.


The planet's surface is a mere 40% water. Nearly all of the water on the planet is contaminated with algaeia, giving it an emerald green hue. Very little of the planet's water is in lakes or small oceans that are easily accessible, and all of this water is salty. The majority of the water is locked either in ice at the planet's poles or in large salt-mud flats that stretch thousands of miles.


Large sand-storms are constantly circling the planet with very little predictability. Some areas can go without storms for years while the area next door can be covered by sand for just as long. To make matters worse the storms tend to pick up water and rain it back down while collecting the salt in that water, making the storms highly corrosive to metal, causing untreated items to rust very quickly. This has made starting industry on the planet extraordinarily difficult.

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