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Ragnarok is a proposed plot to be run by Gunhand4171. Its concept is the creation story of a new PMC named Ragnarok. It was approved by as of not yet .

Plot Details

Age Requirement: 16
Format: Forum posts
Pacing: Moderate (Every 5 days)

About The GM

Gunhand4171 joined the site in March 2015.

Previous Experience

I am also the FM of Nepleslia and COFM of USO


Gunhand4171 is in the Central time zone and checks the site every day. It's very easy to find him.

Active Members

Character Name Role Player
Cyrus Marshall General/Founder Gunhand4171
Corgan Garret Brigadier General ArsenicJohn

Former Members

Arccos Support/Electronic Warfare Dumont
Ace Tactical Ace
Rip D. Torr Doctor/Medic Shadowclasper
Rosemary W. (Wu) Kato Marksman/Engineer Mrmister

Open Positions

Plot Status
Open, accepting new players.
Role Status
Tactical Open
Scout Open
Heavy Closed
Support/Electronic Warfare Open
Medic Open
Pilot Open
Marksman Open
Tracker Open


Several people from around the galaxy answered a call for mercenary work. Few accepted, but for those who did, they were given the chance to become the founding members of Ragnarok. This new Private Military Corporation soon started their first mission on New Belfast in the System R-1 "Freebeer".

The second mission the PMC took was much more complicated. The infamous Uso Tasuki hired the PMC to β€œliberate” and uplift a primitive planet far from civilized space.

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