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Freespacer Types

The entirety of Freespacers society is based around adapting one’s own body to the environment, instead of engaging in a perpetual losing battle to attempt adapting the environment to oneself. Over the generations, this has resulted in several distinct castes, with varying degrees of sophistication and reliance on one another.

Type Ones

The original natural-born humans from decades long past, Type Ones are the originators of the race, but are now thought to be completely extinct. There was just no way for them to survive long term, not in the deplorable situations that all of their genetic offspring were specifically engineered to…

Type Twos

Though it may seem like a hideous concept to other races, organic Type Twos are raised in exactly the same way as Type Two Automata. Programmed at birth to have a single, overwhelming obsession to perform one specific task, they have been the workforce backbone of the freespacers for as long as the race has existed. To call them childish or simple would be an insult, for their extreme loyalty and ability to perform a singular complex task may not be immediately obvious, from what at first seems like a very open, unjudgemental demeanor.

Constantly selfless and quick to accommodate new cyborgisations in order to perform their job more efficiently, it is truly their dedication and expertise that keeps the Freespacer lifestyle running.

Example Type Twos

Type Threes


Smarter, more individual and generally more attractive than the Type Twos, these are beings that more closely resemble the standard civilians, scientists and negotiators of other nations. Indeed, it might seem like an odd idea to create a caste that is so often known to live amoungst other races; But the actual origin lies in creating beings to think in ways that simple blind loyalty and dedication is unsuitable for. In short, it is the creativity and ingenuity of Type Threes that prevent the Type Twos from working themselves to death, throwing themselves at impossible problems.

It is also these caste members who produce a tremendous amount of art, music and literature, or in their own words, bringing meaning to the Freespacer’s continued survival. Even Type Three Automata are much the same way, surprising outsiders with their very non-mechanical passion for aesthetics, clothing, and even religious subjects.

:!: OOC Note: Type Three Freespacers are the most human of their kin in mental and physical terms, and thus are highly recommended for first-time players!

Example Type Threes

Type Fours

Many Freespacers have extremely high levels of cyborgisation, but Type Fours are the point at which Organic and Automata meet in the middle. Generally, they are mountains of baroque hardware, much bigger and complex than others of their kind, with only the fact of an organic brain or robotic chipset continuing to remain as evidence of their origins.

Becoming one is not a task to be taken lightly, and neither is convincing others to give up the resources to construct such a body in a society without money. They are only constructed when the fleet desperately needs an edge against one specific hurdle, and thus combine the best physical attributes of the Type Twos with an enhanced intelligence beyond that of even the Type Threes.

Not all who attempt to reach this level of ascension are successful, as an applicant may die or go insane in the process. But if a single will is great enough to take the risk, then…

Example Type Fours

Type Five

Type Fives (or Synthetic Intelligence Entities) are those have transcended beyond the limitations of the physical world. They are Freespacers whose minds have been converted directly into a digital program, which roam the information networks and powerful computer systems. Their mental capacity greatly surpasses Type Fours not only in intelligence, but in creativity, self-awareness, comprehension, and all mental facets. Type Fives are very akin to artificial intelligence in function, but unlike their kin are capable of experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions and self-awareness.

Example Type Fives

Population Demographics

Freespacer population by caste and format as of YE 39.

Caste Organic Population Machine Population
Type Two 80,000 480,000
Type Three 100,000 240,000
Type Four n/a 20,000
Type Five n/a 360,000*
TOTAL 180,000 740,000

Note: Type Fives do not have physical bodies in the traditional sense, therefore are not factored into the total population count.

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