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Na-EP-01a "Scapegoat" Escape Pod

These are very large escape pods, capable of supporting a sizable number of people for an extended period of time. The pods are made of primarily Durandium Alloy, with a thin layer of Zanarium alloy layered over it to allow the escape pod to avoid detection by hostile ships. It is powered by a mid-sized fusion generator, and contains enough fuel and provisions to keep the craft running for three weeks, and around fifty people alive for around the same amount of time.

These pods, however, are by no means comfortable, and when filled to capacity (fifty five adults), can be extremely cramped. There is a small hyperspace communications system on board to allow communications to friendly ships. There is also a NAM Medtech - Cerebral Chip reader present. Also, should the escapees die before being rescued, the crafts on board SavTech JANE computer will send the CC data to a designated database on Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia (This backup will usually be “trimmed” to the last known REM cycle of the person, hoping to cut down on the mental trauma often associated with CC backups from death), and then detonate the fusion reactor, destroying the craft.

OOC Information

  • Art Added by Andrew, Art made in DOGA and edited in Fireworks MX.

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