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NSMC 309th Armored Infantry "Ruthless Riders"

The NSMC 309th “Ruthless Riders” is both a Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Division and a former roleplaying plot created by GM Legix which also included a combination of the Aquila Flight and Die Screaming or Die Trying plots.

For the currently active plot about the 309th: Die Screaming, see Here!

The 309th Logo

Current Statistics

Unit Type Mechanized Armor / Powered Armor Cavalry
Commanding Officer General Apollodorus Wiegand
Estimated Strength 200,000 to 250,000
Motto Chase 'Em Down, Ride 'Em Proud
Mascot Whooper the Friendly Cobra
Assigned Fleet NSN 4th Fleet

Plot Overview

Note, the main 309th plot is currently innactive and is currently run under the name Die Screaming or Die Trying.

The NSMC 309th “Ruthless Riders” stars one of many ground divisions of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, as they're assigned operations within and out of Nepleslian space. As a part of the 3rd Assault Fleet, the 309th were once an elite fighting force until many of its command structure was broken down and sent across many other divisions. One of its many platoons has been reassembled in the efforts to preserve the 309th, resulting in the group being composed of veterans from various transfers as well as new recruits. This platoon, led by a long-time member of the 309th, is the focus of the plot as they fight to restore their Division, defend Nepleslia, and accrue war trophies from its enemies!

In 2018, the plot Aquila Flight was merged into the 309th as a fighter-focused division. This has allowed the plot to become a mix of all types of warfare.

309th History

Main Thread Listing


The 309th, on assignment with the 3rd Assault Fleet, are being properly organized and brought about into an operational capacity. One platoon of them, under assignment and the command of Juno Rickett, are picked and formed first in the initial efforts to restore the division to its original strength. This, of course, all starts with their first field of operation within the Nepleslian-controlled world known as New Bernese

YE 38

In the final weeks of YE 38, the group arrives to a bandit siege on Fort Puckett within the capitol of New Bernese, the mega-city of Puckitall. They're deployed from the NAM-S1-01a Hray Class Stealth Gunship that transported them with the detachment of its cargo module, quickly riding to help the local defenders with their single tank and small group of infantry, while their support staff rush to aid in medical relief for the planetary militia. The resulting battle, suffice to say, is one of utter carnage. The many members of the 309th's infantry push forward to support the militia, under extensive fire, while the tank pushes and begins obliterating the enemy's strongpoints. Multiple members of the militia are slain in the resulting push, but ultimately the elite militia squad does its job and works alongside the infantry to reach a bunker holding critical supplies. Within, however, holds the key to stopping the pirate's elite ace sniper: an Aggressor once owned by the elite 309th itself. After a well-executed kill of the pirate power-armor soldier, the tank and the troops rally the militia into a powerful counter-attack that breaks the siege at last.

YE 39

About a month later into the first few weeks of YE 39, the 309th have recovered and the fort has survived. A request for more soldiers allows the platoon to prepare for a new operation at long last, all starting with an important meeting with the Governess herself, Ngozi Abraham. She brought out a Nepleslian soldier who had previously been stationed and part of the military advisement of the planet, long-time veteran Autumn Wilde. Wilde had been transferred back into active duty alongside the 309th, allowing the briefing of the next phase of the war effort to be emboldened. The group was set to move out to the defensive wall made on the planet by the mega-corporations, where they would make a new FOB and prepare to ride into the Fatneck-controlled plains. The extra-addition of members Fredrica "Fitz" Wallace and Joe "Radar" Larson allowed the platoon to move out at nearly full strength for its combat squad, but along the way they bore witness to the arrival of additional 3rd Assault Fleet assets alongside the early arrival of General Appolodorus himself with the newly issued Na-S3-1a Jackdaw-Class Heavy Corvette for the fleet. From the ground, they witnessed the four machines fire upon the fields and further distant mountains, the deafening booms reaching them despite how far they were. One of the craft, however, ended its barrage early to intercept the middle of their venture due to space, releasing additional personnel of the 309th that would both go to the wall and return to the Fort to take up the defense.

Among them, however, was the arrival of Chiaki Kokuten, the newest second-in-command of the 309th who would oversee the infantry and further allow the expanding size of the platoon to properly operate. While he joined the squad and everyone moved to briefly break, Juno would board the ship to further discuss the plans of the assault and figure out the reason for the arrival of additional troops. After a period of two weeks of intense planning and shenanigans from the others within one of the local slum-towns of New Bernese, they would all regroup at the wall amid a collection of vehicles that had been ferried in as well. In particular, the arrival of a proper transport for the Infantry that would be commanded by Timothy McClosky when Kokuten wasn't aboard. This vehicle, a Jackelope APC, would be joining them as they finally prepared to push out and show the pirates what Nepleslia could do on the attack.

In space, however, assets from the 1st Assault Fleet had arrived, bearing the renowned Aquila Flight. With the 3rd Fleet preparing to organize a proper invasion of ground forces, it had fallen upon elements of the 1st Fleet to handle the more dominant air-control, utilizing Jackdaws as impromptu strike carriers to bring the extra precision and speed they could bring over the eight Jackdaw currently at the planet. While it was unorthodox, they were opened up to a controlled space with the prospect of facing a mixed threat to try and contain their foes and prevent further spread through the system. If they would be successful, however, was still up to debate. Their fights would hinge on a combined effort, after all, with the forces below to fully cripple their opponents.

The original members for the first force to land being Fergus Mallan, Ella Duville,Fang Yin Zhou, Minnie Valentine, Juno Rickett, Slon Kuznyetski, Autumn Wilde, Chiaki Kokuten on New Bernese in the first wave were awarded gold-trimmed New Bernese Conflict Ribbons while all others who came after were awarded silver-trimmed second-wave medals.

YE 41/42

After the end of the new-bernese conflict. 309th Forces where gathered and shipped to parts unknown to fight against the kingdom of kuvexia. After joining the forces of Lysander Calloway and his taskforce. Fighting was sparse and sporatic in many divided pockets during the Tripple Front War alongside a strange alliance of Nepleslian, Freespacer, and newly allied members of the Bernese Red Rebellion and ended in heavy casualties and many such as Tobias Carrick, Lupin Kennedy, Quilly Ash, Steelrender Molotra Three Four 34-8912-5689, William, Carina Gabrielle Sanroma and Ötto Leupold Reiter being presumed MIA/KIA with the last individual creating a small diplomatic incident due to his connection to the Motoyoshi Clan prompting Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko to make inquiries which were adressed by Calloway himself but would never be officially disclosed.

YE 43-44

After the losses sustained during the Tripple Front War and the eventual end of the Kuvexian conflict at the hands of the Yamatai Star Empire, the 309th would be stood down from active duty and begin bolstering its ranks again into a fully-functioning combat force once again with new blood which came easily due to the renown of being one of the most famous Nepleslian military units of the past decade as well as the spotlight and attention focussed on Minnie Valentine who was recovered and resurrected by the New Yellow Relief and Developmental Society, declared the sole survivor of her particular unit and made into a figurehead for the group and as a small hero of the imperium who brought renown to the unit as a result of being amongst its ranks from the very start of the New Bernese conflict and participating in every notable action since.

Unbeknownst to the 309th others of the same unit Valentine belonged to had not only survived but were abducted by a small shadow group within the Intelligence and Pacification Group. This group was led by a Macro AI with the purpose of predicting future events on behalf of the DIoN and was using its own recruited and indoctrinated units to see them to fruition by nudging events to its favor or ensuring they came to pass.

After being inserted into a Penal Unit of convicted SMDIoN personnel, these abducted members of the 309th fought on the assault on Ukk where they unwillingly assassinated the marine colonel in charge of the penal unit and were all almost killed when the resulting collapse of the chain of command when the rest of the force was attempting to destroy a grounded Mishhuvurthyar frigate resulting in the collapse of the warehouse they resided in.

These marines were recovered as predicted by the Kiss Of Spring macro intelligence by now Grand Admiral Lysander Calloway and were used to prove its purpose to him after the very events had been revealed to Calloway years before. The marines had their records sealed and were re-integrated into the 309th after 4 years of captivity since they had last been seen.

Their revival was largely unknown to the wider Imperium who had thought them dead and the status of Otto Leupold was never passed on to the Motoyoshi and was still considered MIA/KIA.

YE 45

The 309th was deployed to Svodog after being transferred from the command of the 3rd Assault Fleet to operating under the 4th Fleet to act as a peacekeeping force between local Kuznyetski settlers and the Senate-appointed governor.

The Division

As a division, the 309th was formed roughly in YE 29, fielded for battle in YE 31 during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. An armored infantry division, the 309th has been under a single command, the command of Apollodorus Wiegand. The original logo for the Division was simply the NSMC star, but was replaced with a tribute to the General's pet snake Whooper.

Over the various campaigns before assignment with the 3rd Fleet, the group was commonly deployed as a frontline asset, used in hammering through ground formations with armor-supported infantry pushes. This old tactic had been fruitful in providing them a nickname in YE 31, where they broke a Mishhu hold-out and chased them down until there was none left on the entire planet.

In YE:45 the 309th was transferred from the 3rd fleet to the 4th where it was combined with the 4th Marine Shaik

Current Equipment

All soldiers are armed with…

All Platoons have access to additional equipment such as…

Characters, NPCS, and Inactives

Known 309th Characters

309th Armored Infantry The following characters all exist for ground/infantry-style warfare.

Character Player Notes
Juno Rickett Legix Tank Commander, one of the few members left after the initial break-up and reorganization of the division. He has a terrible hat.
Ella Duville SirSPT Tank Driver, possessed doll of Hanako
Joe "Radar" Larson Whitehart A batty Nepleslian loader.
Fredrica "Fitz" Wallace Syaoran Transferred from the 1st Expeditionary Mechanized Force, Gunner
Fang-Yin Zhou Primitive Polygon Spooky beefcake she-tyrant. Nice chest, but might be a witch.
Minnie Valentine Charmaylarg Master prostheticist and minor hero within the 309th and wider DIoN.
Jezper Chrystoff Zusak SirSkully Quarter ID-SOL machinegunner
Chiaki Kokuten Bilgecrank XO of Juno Rickett and minor hero within the wider DIoN, uncle of Carina Sanroma
Slon Kuznyetski DJ P4NTSL3SS A Kuznyetski with a fancy for guns
Jaron Nasif Livgardist A normal Nepleslian infantry marksmanship.
Baki Hansen Biesecker A large infantry woman with supposed roots to the extinct giant women of Nepleslia
Kevin McClain Sparkee0213 A newly-passed designated marksman
William Gunhand4171 Reformed cat lover
Sebastian Armstrong Gunhand4171 Big Ronchy boy.
Dyna Mostrokov Izokia78 Lucha~
Ötto Leupold Reiter Thekrimsonwulf TEAMKILLER! DEAD WIFE AND KID!!
Caffran Canterbury Cowboy Ghost~
Tobias Carrick Alex Hart Former IPG Spook, Possibly fabricated past.
Lupin Kennedy SirSkully Cant stop wearing womens underwear.
Steelrender Molotra Three Four 34-8912-5689 Primitive Polygon Viridian Array. Acolyte of a star god
Carina Gabrielle Sanroma Soresu Still too cute to be in this plot
Quilly Ash Arbitrated Who let a birb in here?!
Vaishnavi Pai Locked 0ut Nickname generator~
Clayton Tillery shadowwalker Woke up, chose violence
Fergus Mallan Cordinarr One of the NSMC Infantry escorting the platoon's tank, and the squad cook. Probably cooking tank-bacon.

Aquila / Naval Personnel

78th Tactical Battalion The following characters all exist for space, aerial combat, and CAS warfare; all of its members are from the 78th Tactical Battalion and are technically within the Nepleslian Star Navy.

Aquila Flight

Rank Name Callsign Position/Role Player Notes
Captain Nero James Vega Crux Flight Leader Gunhand4171 Aquila 1
Commander Judith Branthese Caster Co-Flight Leader Krisslanza Aquila 2
Ensign Alyse Du’tonn Marshmallow Fighter SirSkully Aquila 3
Lieutenant Edward Donato Virus Electronic Warfare Whitehart Aquila 4
Lieutenant Lawrence "Larry" Falke Pixy Fighter Alex Hart Aquila 5

Other / NPCs

This includes NPCs and anyone who might just appear in either.

NPC Player Notes Art
General Apollodorus Wiegand Legix The current commanding General of the entire 309th. While he's grown old enough to not head into the field as often, this man handles the major orders over the platoon, working in coordination with the fleet to carry out their various field operations.
Ngozi Abraham Legix Elected Governor of New Bernese, Ngozi is a woman who's profoundly not corrupt in the grand scheme of most Nepleslian politicians. At the same time, she doesn't stop the blatant corporate and thug take-over that's been plaguing the planet and the corruption of the planet's garrison. She's become a laughing-stock among most Nepleslians as the sort of politician only a Yamataian would trust.
Francis Euphoria Charmaylarg Misandrist former convict from the Star-Empire days, Combat Specialist.
Inactive Characters Player Notes Art

Open Positions (Updated on 10/7/21)

We are currently open to new players for Die Screaming!

Contact Charmaylarg in the chat for information or queries on anything NOT including or pertaining to these roles such as support roles in the platoon. Multiple characters are welcome!

Extra Information

Created October 20, 2016 by GM Legix Legix is still the creator and ruler of the 309th. But is currently being used by Charmaylarg for his Die Screaming Plot.

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