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Minnie Valentine

Minnie Valentine M.D. is a player character played by Charmaylarg.

Minnie Valentine
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Date of Birth: YE 17
Organization: NSMC, NYRDs, Intelligence and Pacification Group
Occupation: NSMC Marine(Marine Doctor)/Support
Rank: Sergeant
Current Placement: Lost in the Void

Preferred Plots:

Physical Description

  • Height: 5ft (60 Inches)
  • Mass: 790lbs1)

Build and Skin Color:

Despite being relatively short at 5-foot tall Minnie is a downscaled version of any base-nepleslian and is closer in proportions to the average yamatain or Nekovalkyrja being that she has body proportions irregular for her size. This comes from a full android body built under scale.

Her body has large legs and hips for its size due to bulky cybernetics. A large (for her size) chest with perky breasts made of faux synthetic flesh. Her body lacks any actual skin to have color but the majority is either a charcoal black faux-synthetic skin or in the case of her face a chocolate mocha

Eyes and Facial Features: Minnie's eyes are a set of unblinking cybernetics that are overlain by an almost translucent circuitry pattern that glow ever so slightly with light-green irises over a startling black sclera. She has an unscarred and unblemished face with a faux-synthetic flesh that ends at her lower jaw which is made into a reinforced cybernetic replacement. with a sharp, soft jaw line. and few but prominent features that show what was once her youth remarkably well.

As of YE 40 She haD small, Scattered scars across her chest and right shoulder from shrapnel. But have since been replaced by her android body.

Hair Color and Style: Minnie has medium-length, curly, dark Brown hair made of fire retardent fibre-optic cables.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Eyes: Minnie has two green, piercing, cybernetic eyes. That emits a soft, slightly noticeable glow in low-light and that can enhance her vision well beyond normal to see further and in greater detail. As well as allow her to remote access certain equipment as of YE 40, Her eyes each contain a single charge laser installed in the back of the lens that when fired drain all battery charge to her eyes temporarily blinding her as a trade-off for their use. These eyes are the same installed in her android body as of YE 42
  • Head: As of late YE 39 Minnie has had a brain spider installed during the New Bernese campaign. Her brainspider and brain remain her only organic feature and are encased in a protective braincase resembling her head and skull that have been reinforced to withstand considerable trauma, heat, or even cold. She can remotely interface with equipment.
  • Arms: As of late YE 39 Minnie has had her dominant (Right) arm replaced at the shoulder joint with a cybernetic. It is made from supporting a series of interleaved synthetic muscle bundles and composite bones to mimic a natural range of movement and offers her considerably more strength output than her flesh and blood counterpart. The arm itself connects to a ball/joint mechanism installed into her shoulder joint and can be removed by hand. The arm itself is covered in a flexible tactile-sensory “skin” that looks like her own almond color except around the joints, Seams, And break-Lines. Over the skin of the upper arm Minnie has a heraldic tattoo of the 309th's NSMC star with Whooper the friendly cobra emblazoned over the center. As of YE 42 her other arm has been replaced with a cybernetic counterpart that is slightly stronger than a normal arm; This new arm contains no remarkable features other than clearly being a cybernetic and also a small volumetric projector that usually can project her name, rank, medals, and basic information onto her body and chest due to her bodies awkward shape making it difficult to wear clothes or uniforms.
  • Hand: The hand of Minnie's right cybernetic arm contains five (one for each finger) blades that fold into the last third of each digit when not in use. The blades are made from durandium and are curved almost like claws to cut or grip as needed. Each Blade is an inch long and 1/8th of an inch wide. As of YE:41, Minnie has had left arm replaced with a copy of her mentor's cybernetic arms that disperse hypolathe medical nanites from the fingertips and contain a defibrillator function in the palm that can also work to stun or incapacitate if used the wrong/right way. Her left hand also contains the same claws but lack the hypolathe function of her right arm.
  • Body: As of YE 42 Minnies entire body has been replaced by a full-android body. The body is made of a mixture of titanium, Durandium Alloy, and synthetic flesh in the case of her chest, face, and hands. The body weighs a considerable amount and is both stronger, faster, and more agile than any base Nepleslian; Putting her on par with most military Nekovalkyrja sans their unique abilities such as flight or self-healing. Her cyborg body, while clearly humanoid lacks the fluid curves of the human body in favor of utilitarian armors making her arms, legs, and parts of her body lack any form of organic aesthetic in favor of utility. The body walks on two powerful magnetic heels and has armor covering her lower chest, rear, crotch, and other parts of her body giving the impression that Minnie is at least not naked2). Her body is reinforced to the point of withstanding limited bursts of small arms fire, survive the vacuum of space, and is strong enough that Minnie can lift half her body weight easily and her full weight with minor effort.
  • Tail: As of YE 42 Minnies android body has a 9-foot long prehensile tail that is flexible enough to wrap around her body like a rope and also lash out like a whip or scorpions tail. The tail ends in a powerful blade/spike combo with a pneumatic function to let it pierce armor when stabbing into hard materials. The tail is strong enough to pull her heavy body when hanging or coiling and as such is as strong as the rest of her body.
  • Crown of Mercy: literally grafted to her new durandium skull the Crown of Mercy is a band of durandium resembling a circlet on her upper-forehead with volumetric projectors in it that display a spinning crown of pointed spikes resembling a gray-green crown. While a gift/award from the NYRDs on the surface it is really a piece of advanced technology that activates to subtly control Minnie's emotions and actions and keep her in line the NYRDs' objectives and to keep her from straying as a sleeper agent. The crown is only active when it is manipulating her, giving the impression that it is linked to her emotions or actions as it will often be active during times of manufactured stress, high emotion, or combat. The crown also acts as a thread/link to secure an armored helmet issued to Minnie by the NYRDs to protect her head and the brain inside due to her lack of ability to wear armor.


Minnie is an extroverted, and shy person, She will talk your ears off out of sheer nervousness. You would never guess by first meetings alone that she is probably absolutely unprepared to meet someone. The more comfortable she gets with someone, the less she will go off on tangents and ramble. It's almost instinctive that she talks as much as humanly possible in order to fill an awkward silence that might not even happen. Peculiar and talkative, and kinda happy at the same time and she can't fully hide it whether she likes it or not, She is prone to bouts of frustration that she has a hard time controlling, and is easier to fluster than she lets on.

As of her time on new-bernese she has discovered she has an aversion to killing, But this does not stop her from engaging in combat.


A privileged only child growing up in one of the many residents of Funky City, Minnie received the best schooling, tutoring, and extracurricular education her parents could provide. The benefits of coming from a semi-successful line of doctors, the handed-down profession of her father and his father before him. (Her mother is a pharmacologist.). Groomed to carry on this line of work, working as an assistant in her parents' clinic, observing and helping in kind, Minnie quickly developed an early interest and experience in the medical arts.

Throughout her teenage years, Minnie developed a fascination with cybernetics, and body augmentation in general. The inner workings of grafting together man and machine fascinated her and bordered on technophilia at times. Her parents encouraged anything that encouraged her study into any medical field, Unknowingly fueling what was less than an interest in the particular field, and more of an obsession.

Minnie's room quickly filled with posters of Nepleslian propaganda posters Depicting muscular and shirtless Nepleslian Marines With Cybernetic eyes, And large augmented arms, Books of various Cybernetic and their Applications, And anything she could get her hands on to surround herself in her “hobby”.

By the time Minnie reached her twenties, Minnie's parents had decided she had studied and observed enough, and that it was time for their now, well of age, daughter, and heir to their clinic to strike out on her own. Minnie's father, Urged her to go to school and license herself as a civilian doctor. Minnie's Mother, taking Minnie's fascination with cybernetics in mind, suggested Minnie take a career as a Marine Doctor, Getting placed as a ships doctor or triage surgeon allowing her to observe and participate first hand in the field she had become so fascinated by.

Weeks later, A green uniformed recruiter was more than willing to take her signature and send her on the path of a Marine Doctor in the NSMC.

New Bernese Offensive (YE:38-41)

Minnie would spend her first deployment out of training on the frontier world of New Bernese. Where the NSMC 309th Armored Infantry "Ruthless Riders", Her designated unit would deploy planetside to help fend off the forces of the New Bernese Red Rebellion (BRR), And the Fatneck pirate group that both threatened to break the fragile peace of the planet and overwhelm its corporately funded militias under the command of one Governess Ngozi Abraham.

Finding herself evicted of the rear-line role of a trauma surgeon, Minnie would end up in the fray fighting on the frontlines with the combat-rated members of the 309th, and the other support personnel was pushed into the fight to break the deadlock. Here she would meet her future battle-buddy, protector, and best friend. The kind and gentle giant Fang Yin Zhou. As well as the 309th cook Fergus Mallan.

She would continue to fight with the 309th for several years against the reds and fatnecks. Meeting such characters as the kind and nurturing Autumn Wilde. Her future mentor and executive officer Chiaki Kokuten, The shy antisocial cat-lover Ella Duville, The kind big-sister Fredrica "Fitz" Wallace and the elfen eared Joe "Radar" Larson.

Her stint in the 309th would go rather without considerable injury as she played soldier by day, And surgeon by night until a routine operation with no expectation of conflict ended up with her XO, Lieutenant Chiaki. Stepping on a landmine and severely wounding both himself and Minnie alerted a group of local fatneck pirates that quickly began hunting the two down.

Heavily concussed, losing blood quickly, and nearing death. And with a long twisted piece of shrapnel embedded in her shoulder, Minnie would hide her equally dying superior and attempt to lead the Fatnecks away or signal help. On the very verge of death, the two were saved by the arrival of Fang in the units Aggressor power armor who after a short firefight was able to extract the two to relative safety, Where lifesaving emergency surgery saved all but Chiaki's legs and Minnie's right arm at the shoulder. Both injuries were replaced by Minnie shortly after…

Minnie would depart from new-bernese with the 309th in mid-YE 41 when the conflict began to come to a close after a series of considerable DIoN victories would drive the reds to the brink…

Kuvexian War (Ye:41-42)

After being named a minor hero recognized throughout the freemud system, Minnie would be elevated to the rank of sergeant and volunteer for a simple mission protecting NAM technicians on a developing firebase in a far off, unnamed system. She would take the position of fireteam leader of a group of young and inexperienced greenhorn privates, one of which being the daughter of her mentor Chiaki's good friend and former comrades; Carina Gabrielle Sanroma.

Unfortunately, things would go awry fairly quickly and descend into chaos as Minnies team was forced to fight against killed insects, alongside their former enemy the BRR against kuvexian mercenaries, and get roped into a suicide mission to board a Kuvexian cruiser and create a diversion with her team as cover for an IPG operation to destroy said cruiser and the millions of Kuvexian soldiers in cryo sleep deep in the bowels of the ship.

In the chaos and confusion, Minnie would take fatal wounds and be separated from her team who managed to escape, leaving Minnie and dozens of other corpses floating in the wreck where their corpses would all later be recovered by the Kuvexians when they salvaged the destroyed cruiser.

Death And Rebirth (Ye:42-43)

Minnie's corpse would be recovered months later in Ye-42 after the ship her corpse was being preserved on was abandoned after a devastating loss from the Kuvexian fleet against friendly forces.

Her body, being one of the only ones with a preserved cerebral chip was still declared a loss after tampering was discovered with her chip. Her body was turned over to the NYRDS and their advanced medical practices in a final attempt to revive her. Minnie's cerebral chip was able to be successfully recovered and repaired but was repurposed by the NYRDS and placed into a prototype android cybernetic body of Minnies' own design despite being unfinished.

Before bringing her to full consciousness the NYRDS would tamper with not only her memories and emotions through subtle brainwashing but also her motivations and aspirations in experimentation in a politically motivated play against the newly promoted Grand Admiral Irene Barna if/when she came across her whom the NYRDS saw as an un-Nepleslian leader unfit for her station who prioritized and favored not only foreign alien races but also foreign nationals over her own Nepleslian soldiers.

Revived in a body of her own design but no longer the master of it as, incapable of feeling anything physical ranging from touch to pain with neither pain nor pleasure or anything in-between now under the control of the NYRDs, and with psychosomatic reprogramming to be the political tool of the same group without question, Minnie was paraded around as a political mouthpiece and loyal hero of not only the NYRDs but the DIoN as a whole and was sent back to active duty with the goal of eventually transferring her to Barna's flagship at a point in time where the plot would not be obviously linked to them thanks to political maneuvering on the part of the NYRDS in a plot to either get herself killed as a martyr and discredit the admiral as being responsible for the death of one of the DIoNs heroes and hopefully have her removed from her posting as Grand Admiral.

Or to betray her oath against killing, now a repressed memory thanks to her reprogramming, and to assassinate Irene Barna.

Return To Duty (YE:45-X)

Never fulfilling her task to assassinate Irene Barna due to unforeseen circumstances Minnie continued to be attached to the personal staff of Lysander Calloway of the NSN 4th Fleet as an advisor and attache and occasional member of the grand admirals blackguard unit while also once again joining temporarily the ranks of the IPG as a medic and reliable veteran.

Lacking much individual freedom and growing tired of such prestigious rear line duties, parades, interviews, and the constant spotlight eventually drove Minnie into a severe bout of depression that came to a climax with the passing of her mother and father early in the year. With no true allies or comrades left to count on with her well-being in mind Minnie left the grand admirals staff and using her political leverage within the NYRDs, her connection to Lysander Calloway and General Apollodorus Wiegand-Minnie was able to transfer back to active duty as sought after cadre in the 4th Fleet but instead opted against the wishes of the NYRDs to remain in the spotlight and sought out low-profile assignments.

Social Connections

Malcolm Valentine (Father, Deceased)

Minnie Valentine (Mother, Deceased)

Fang Yin Zhou (Best Friend/Partner)

Chiaki Kokuten (Mentor)

Skills Learned


Marines must be familiar with basic radio operations and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Marines are fluent in Nepleslian. They must be able to speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. The character is skilled in field communications and is proficient in all rudimentary forms of communication (hand signals, flashing lights, etc).


Minnie has knowledge of hand-to-hand combat that comes from years of dirty street fighting, and the basics of hand-to-hand combat in the form of Nepleslian Marine Self Defense Training.

Minnie was also taught the basics of standard riflemanship and the use of sidearms and equipment.

Minnie is also trained in the use and operation of Nepleslian power armors,


Minnie has learned about combat tactics and the differences between power armor and light infantry operations. They are also taught about combined arms operations, utilizing Navy and Marine airborne assets to support their own operations. They also learn how to plan and execute various non-standard operations such as commando raids, reconnaissance, urban, jungle, desert & arctic warfare as well as starship boarding operations.


Nepleslian Marines are expected to know how to survive and live off the land without resupply. Their fourth month of training is spent teaching them the skills to recognize edible plants and animals, to catch and prepare said animals, and how to navigate without electronics or a map. Marines are also taught how to make a fire without any of the usual means as well as to survive in cold weather without a fire.

Fighting and Physical

Or Fightin’ and Diein’, Marines such as this one are trained to stay fit, to shoot weapons, and to punch someone’s lights out if need be. This includes how to set up a workout regimen by devoting at least an hour a day to physical fitness, how to set up and clean workout equipment, and how to properly cycle through workout types to get a full-body workout. Marines who only ever work out their arms are punished! Marines are trained to fire accurately, and in the same direction as other marines, on the HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’, the Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber, and the M2 Rifle. Marines are taught how to strip down, clean, and put these weapons back together. Finally, marines are taught the basics of hand-to-hand combat in the form of NSMC Self-Defense Training.

Specialty: Marine Medic

Marine medics are taught more than simple battlefield first aid. As the ability to stop lethal damage increased in potency, so did the weapons technology to bypass such defenses; combat medics are a necessary part of any infantry force, in order to stabilize injuries inflicted to marines in combat. They are essentially doctors who know how to kill just as well as how to heal. Medics are taught about the various physiology of the races within the SMDIoN, such as Nepleslians, ID-SOLs, and more recently Jiyuuians. They must also be fully trained in the use of all field and hospital equipment. Training takes place at the Nepleslia Prime Medical School after completion of Basic Training. It is a six-month long course.

This training includes:

  • How to perform triage
  • How to identify and treat various forms of combat wounds
  • How to identify and treat various forms of diseases
  • How to effectively quarantine infected personnel
  • How to distinguish between different races' physiology
  • How to view medical data from a power armor
  • How to use a NAM NCS Hypolathe
  • How to maintain cybernetic implants
  • How to retrieve NAM Medtech - Cerebral Chip recordings
  • How to treat trauma
  • How to read and update personnel medical records

Specialty: Marine Doctor

Those medics who decide to specialize further in taking care of the fleshy bits of Marines can return to the Nepleslia Prime Medical School for a course that will license them as a Doctor. These Marines are generally the ones who oversee a ship's medbay alongside their Naval counterparts and know their way around basic medical diagnostics to keep marines going when they get sick. They also accompany Marines on combat deployments, though are usually kept farther back to allow Marine medics to transport wounded to them. In this role, they set up field hospitals and aid stations. Their extra knowledge and specialist equipment give them the capability to resurrect dead Marines using their cerebral chips. They tend to oversee cybernetics implants as well as any medical attention needed beyond battlefield medicine.

These Marines attend the course for a full year and come out as licensed doctors. As such, they are allowed the MD suffix to their names. They are recognized by the Nepleslian Medical Association.

Inventory & Finance

Minnie Valentine has the following items:




  • Armored NYRDs mask-Black
  • Crown of Mercy

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 1 Wallet with the Marine Corps Insignia plated on it.
  • 1 “Dick Magnet” Gifted by New Bernese Militia for luck.
  • 1 Fairy Ai Named Cha-Cha
+6,000 DA Starting Pay 6,000 DA
+200 DA 1 months pay 6,200 DA
+2,400 DA 11 Months pay 8,600 DA
+20,800 DA Back Pay 29,400 DA
-6,700 DA Fairy AI/ PMOPE
+10,920 Back Pay 33,620 DA


Award Amount Earned Description Image
General Combat Ribbon 2 Awarded for Valor in Combat Operations against the enemies of Nepleslia. Usually awarded for doing more than what is expected. The GCR is a step lower than the Combat Valor Award and easier to receive without posthumous honors. The people who receive this ribbon are usually alive to be honored.
Orbital Assault Badge 1 This Badge is shaped like a flaming Meteor on a star background. Multiple awarding of this badge will be shown by Adding a durandium point to the edge of the star. Awarded to individuals who have entered the combat area via atmospheric re-entry.
Combat Valor Award 13) This is the highest badge that can be given to any serviceman or woman who distinguish him or herself in combat. It is rarely awarded and difficult to earn. When it is awarded, it is often done posthumously with posthumous promotions.
Combat Leader Award 1 Awarded to Squad Leaders/NCOs/Officers/Warrants who exhibit exceptional and exemplary leadership during combat scenarios.
Service Award 12 Awarded for general participation within missions, the Service Award is one of the few ribbons kept in use from Nepleslia's earliest days. Numbered pins can be added to the award to depict the number of times it has been received, effectively demonstrating the number of missions a soldier has undergone.
309th Unit citation 10 considered awards gifted to soldiers either as an entire unit, such as the 309th Armored Infantry, or to depict the history of the soldier's placement throughout the various divisions and the like a soldier has participated in.
New Bernese Gold Conflict Ribbon N/A A ribbon awarded to those who served in the first wave of the New Bernese Conflict.
Iron Fist Device 4 Awarded to individuals who suffer serious physical harm from enemy combatants while going above and beyond the call of duty. A triangular badge, with clamps that allow a Roman Numeral-stamped plate to be attached to depict how many times the award has been earned.

OOC Information

In the case Charmaylarg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? No. I would rather you write your own interesting stories with your own characters than try to adopt Minnie for whatever reason and play her with some new personality and not knowing how she acts and thinks and feels. She is my favorite and I would rather her remain as a footnote in history. Some stories end and some go unfinished. If that is her fate then I'm glad to have played her for so many years.
Character Data
Character NameMinnie Valentine
Character OwnerCharmaylarg
Character StatusActive Player Character
PlotsLost in the Void
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty
Date of RankYE 42
From cybernetics
these parts of armor do not come off and are attached to her body. There are no longer and sexual organs outside or in
was considered MIA/KIA when awarded

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