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A Sergeant usually commands a squad or platoon of Privates and Corporals, yet he/she isn't someone who leads out of book-smart knowledge of combat, or using age-old tactics. A Sergeant is a man who leads from the respect of his men, he is a Marine who has ascended from normal ranks into a figure of what Marine should be. He/she is tough, powerful, skilled, and a respected figure among his comrades. A character of this rank makes 455 DA a week.

NSMC Sergeant's Rank Bar

The rank below is Corporal and the rank above is Sergeant First Class. For a full listing of ranks, see Nepleslian Military Ranks.

List of Sergeants

Nepleslian Ranks
Rank NameSergeant
Rank PaygradeE4
Rank Desc.You're in charge of a couple teams. Keep them alive.

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