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Sergeant First Class

More apt and skilled at leading soldiers into battle than your average Sergeant, the Sergeant First Class is a more grizzled leader, his experience as such giving him the right to more responsibility to the Sergeants under him. Sergeants First Class can be employed in the position of a normal Sergeant, or he can be used as a varied leader between the Master Sergeant and the Sergeant. A character with this rank makes 600 DA a week.

NSMC Sergeant First Class Rank Bar

The rank below is Sergeant and the rank above is Master Sergeant. For a full listing of ranks, see Nepleslian Military Ranks.


Prior to the rank reform in YE 37, this rank was called Staff Sergeant.

Nepleslian Ranks
Rank NameSergeant First Class
Rank PaygradeE5
Rank Desc.You've got multiple squads under you. Lead, push, and teach the E4s.

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