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Combat Specialist

The crazy “Do Or Die” marines who have chosen to become Combat Specialists are the rare breed of marines who have chosen to stray from the path of the commonly used DIoN military tactic of combined arms in favor of close-combat weaponry and penchant for danger. Combat Specialists specialize in more intimate combat that allows the use of shotguns and melee weapons making them the front of the stack when breaching and acting as point-men and also the first man through on boarding actions. While they are trained in the use of these weapons, each Combat specialist is still a rifleman at heart and is not sanctioned by the NSMC to simply charge into oncoming fire or to discard their rifle and openly seek to engage in close-quarters fighting. They are simply another tool in the quiver of the NSMCs arsenal and are to use their training situationally and not as a primary source of reference.


Combat Specialists aren't trained like other traditional marine occupations and are always chosen after training and within a marine unit. Savvy officers and commanders will often take note of the fittest and active marines or those with the best aptitude for reflexive fire and hand to hand combat. These marines are then separated from their unit and appraised by the veteran sergeants of a unit and given additional training in the use of improvised weaponry, hand to hand combat, close-quarters weaponry such as shotguns, and melee weaponry both in and out of combat. It is entirely possible for any marine with any training from basic riflemen to demolitionists to be given a combat specialist certification.


Combat Specialists are still subject to the Nepleslian Standard Issue Equipment and are still riflemen or given the weapons of their occupation but are otherwise permitted to carry and use the following weapons alongside their primary rifle:

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