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EM-G6 Emrys Ship Jumpsuit

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-G6 series ship jumpsuit provides personnel on ships or stations with emergency protection from decompression. It became available in YE 33.

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: Em-G6-1a Type: Vacuum Class: Jump suit Organizations using this product: Emrys Industries, Scientific Studies Service (SSS)

About the EM-G6

The EM-G6 looks like a standard jumpsuit and boots when worn. However with the advent of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and their sudden lightning attacks on ships and space stations, many people were killed when the compartment was explosively decompressed and they were still in normal clothes. The suit is designed to operate as an emergency Void Suit. The main zipper is a pressure-sealing zipper. The leggings when tucked into the Mettolidae lined boots also form a pressure seal when the boots are secured. Tucked into the collar is a transparent plastic bubble that is pulled over the head and seals around the neck. A pair of Mettolidae lined gloves are stored in two small pockets in the upper part of the suit. When the gloves and donned and the bubble in place, the wearer turns on the air by the control on the left arm. This causes the bubble and suit pressurize with breathable air. The suit has enough air for a maximum of thirty minutes.

The suit is not intended for EVA activities as it does not have the protective nature and endurance of the EM-G1 Emrys Dusk Suit

The EM-G6 Suit can be produced in whatever color the customer prefer. Fabric hook-and-loop fastener pads can be added for applying patches.


  • Single 250 KS
  • Bulk 150 KS (orders of 500 or more)


The EM-G6 features the following systems:


The fabric of the suit consists of three layers. The inner layer of the suit is made of wicking fabric. The middle layer id woven fabric made of para-aramid synthetic fiber, which provide durability and protection from sharp objects. The outside is made of fabric that is treated with a polymer to make it air tight. The suit has vent panels that allow it to breath in a normal atmospheric pressure for the wearer's comfort. When the suit is pressurized the panels are closed.

Air Supply

The jump suit contains enough breathable air for thirty minutes. It is stored in two small bottles that are fitted into the sides of the torso.


The jumpsuit has a pocket in which a Basic Communicator can be inserted. There is a small voice activated microphone, and two speakers which can be linked to a communicator to provide hands free operation.


There is a pair of rechargeable power cells located in the back of the belt. They supply all the power the jumpsuit requires.


Located on the right sleeve is the air supply display. It it six inched long and consists of ten colored gradients. It automatically comes on when the suit is activated.. When activated all ten are all illuminated and show green. Each represents a three minute interval. After each three minute interval an audio tone is sent through the speakers, and the appropriate gradient turns off. When the display enters the last five, the displays turn amber. When the display gets to the last two the display goes red and provides an audible countdown.

O2 Status Guauge - Test Pattern

Located on the left sleeve is the environmental status display. It provides an indication of the atmospheric pressure, and any immediate hazards.

Mettolidae Gloves and Boots

The jumpsuit features a pair of Emrys Mettolidae Gloves and Boots. These offer the wearer the means to secure themselves when moving through a decompressed environment.

OOC Notes

Created by Nashoba. Approval Thread.

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