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A Private is a Marine fresh from their advanced combat training. They've not experienced their first real battle and will remain at this rank until they do. Characters of this rank make 200 DA a week. The next highest rank is Private First Class.

NSMC Private's Rank Bar

For a full listing of Nepleslian military ranks, see Nepleslian Military Ranks.


Previously there was a Private Third Class and Private Fourth Class rank, but they were merged into this rank in YE 37 following a streamlining of Nepleslian ranks.

List of Privates

#BranchRankMOSPageJoinedDate of Rank
1NSMCPrivateAaron Anderson
2NSMCPrivateSpace MarineAdam Edison
3NSMCPrivateAkio Noboru
4PrivateAlan Douglas Wagner
5NSMCPrivateSpace MarineAlbert Ethan Gisgard
6NSMCPrivateAliza Scorn
7NSMCPrivateSpace MarineAmber Ormaund
8NSMCPrivateNepleslian MedicAnya Kastanava
9NSMCPrivateNepleslian EngineerArc Vinidict
10NSMCPrivateSpace MarineBelial Ecanus
11NSMCPrivateCyril Sevyn
12NSMCPrivateTech SpecialistDaniel Arethen Clifton
13NSMCPrivateDarux Gashil
14NSMCPrivateNepleslian MedicDoctor Ry'Vesh 'Profundity' New Tur'lista
15NSMCPrivateMarine GunnerDyna Mostrokov
16NSMCPrivateMarine SniperEcho Sakura
17NSMCPrivateSpace MarineEdward
18NSMCPrivateMarine CavalryElla Duville
19IPGPrivateEllena FrostYE 34
20NSMCPrivateEthan Hawkins
21NSMCPrivateSpace MarineEzra Brand
22NSMCPrivateNSMC DemolitionistFang Yin Zhou
23NSMCPrivateSpace MarineFaraday Terrence
24NSMCPrivateFrancis Lasalle
25NSMCPrivateFranklin “Earthquake” Horn
26PrivateFreethinker Vinderix Six Zero 60-2136-0108
27NSMCPrivateNSMC Demolitionist, Space MarineGlynn Shields
28NSMCPrivateSpace MarineGustav Slyren
29NSMCPrivateSpace MarineHarvey Grant
30NSMCPrivateHerschel Porter
31NSMCPrivateHimiko Muzai
32NSMCPrivateJack Gallows
33SAWPrivateNepleslian MedicJack Hayden
34SAWPrivateNepleslian MedicJackson FireStride
35NSMCPrivateMarine SniperJared Barrett
36NSMCPrivateSpace MarineJinako TabakoYE 45
37NSMCPrivateMarine SniperJohn Karrelik
38NSMCPrivateSpace MarineKeisha Mersina
39NSMCPrivateLiam "Lee" Gervasius
40NSMCPrivateSpace MarineMaggie Meyers
41NSMCPrivateNepleslian Military CookFergus Mallan
42NSMCPrivateMichael Saxton
43NSMCPrivateNSMC Demolitionist, Space MarineMiles Haggard
44NSMCPrivateSpace MarineNalia Simmons
45NSMCPrivateJaron Nasif
46NSMCPrivateSpace MarineOzzrik King
47NSMCPrivateCombat SpecialistPhelan Sullivan
48NSMCPrivateNepleslian MedicPhilip Morris
49NSMCPrivateNSMC DemolitionistQuilly Ash
50NSMCPrivateSpace MarineRhogar Castus
51NSMCPrivateNepleslian Military CookRia Rose
52NSMCPrivateSpace MarineRichard Braddock
53NSMCPrivateSpace MarineRuse T. Haives
54NSMCPrivateSpace MarineRyder Dawson
55NSMCPrivateTech SpecialistSaga LindqvistYE 43YE 43
56NSMCPrivateWolf Salem
57SAWPrivateSaturnina KerenskyYE 41YE 41
58NSMCPrivateSebastian Armstrong
59NSMCPrivateMarine SniperSlon Kuznyetski
60NSMCPrivateEric "Epic Sequence" Spence
61NSMCPrivateNSMC DemolitionistSteelrender Molotra Three Four 34-8912-5689
62NSMCPrivate"Stripe" Doane
63NSMCPrivateSpace MarineTakahiro Sunadori
64NSMCPrivateSpace MarineTanya Kuznyetski
65NSMCPrivateSpace MarineCynder Trobella
66SAWPrivateNepleslian MedicRamona Trobella
67NSMCPrivateMarine GunnerVaishnavi PaiYE 44YE 44
68NSMCPrivateSpace MarineWolfram Schwartz
CSV Export
Nepleslian Ranks
Rank NamePrivate
Rank PaygradeE1
Rank Desc.You're new and learning your job.

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