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Akio Noboru

“Day by day, things can only get worse. That way it's a pleasant surprise when you wake up to another day of monotony.” ~Akio Noboru

Akio Noboru is a veteran of the UOCPF and SAoY and is currently in the SMoDIN, serving aboard the Cirrus Station.

Akio Noboru
Rockin' character art done by Mark (deveraster)
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'7“
Weight: 172 lbs
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Silver
Theme Song: Knights of Cydonia (Muse)
Identifying Marks: Silver eyes, Silver hair
Organization: Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Rank: Private Third Class
Occupation: Security Detail
Current Assignment: CSS Security, Squad 35, recovering from a case of radiation poisoning
Voice Sample: Narrator


Mother: Akio Ran (Geshrin, 44, Alive)

Father: Noboru Ryuu (Yamataian, 46, Alive)

Noboru in Roleplay

Noboru is currently awaiting assignment. He is played by the forumnite Cipher.

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Colour: Noboru is tall and fair-skinned, with long arms and thick legs.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Noboru has a clean-shaven face and a tapetum lucidum made from his own stem cells. His tapetum lucidum reflects white light, making his eyes resemble Riddick's, and also improving his night vision capabilities. Unfortunately, this also renders him partially to fully day-blind, depending upon the amount of lighting in the area.

Hair Colour and Style: Noboru's hair is a color somewhere between blond and white, and is kept cut short around his ears and forehead, and at the base of his neck.

Distinguishing Features: Other than his silver eyes and almost-white hair, Noboru has little or no distinguishing marks at all.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Noboru is a very down-to-earth person, a logical thinker and a fighter with a dark, slightly twisted sense of humor. He is a man of many words, prone to long-winded explanations and using large words where others would try to finish quickly. Despite this, he is a calm and quick-acting soldier who can either be your best friend or your arch-nemisis.

During his short time in Nepleslian space (namely aboard the Cirrus Station), Noboru has learned that not all Nepleslians are booze-swilling, horny bastards with bullets for brains. He has seemed to take fondly to his new home, and has taken on several qualities of his crewmates. He has also gained a head for caution and practicality in combat, using the most logical approach and attempting to cause minimal collateral damage.

The lack of Power Armors aboard the station helps, too.

Likes: Fighting, reading, bladed weaponry such as shivs and swords, fencing and easy missions.

Dislikes: People who make fun of his eyes, boring, repetitive assignments, Kage Kisumi, Kotonoha Miyako and the SAoY/UOCPF in general.

Goals: Don't get discharged again!


“I'm boring.” Akio Noboru

Noboru doesn't have much of a history, aside from his transfer to a Yamataian body and his enlistment in the Star Army of Yamatai. However, there is a bit to be said about his eyes. Noboru was born with a degenerative genetic condition in his rods and cones which caused the cytoplasmic membrane to deteriorate, resulting in extremely premature death of the rod and cone cells. When the genetic condition revealed itself shortly after puberty, Noboru began preparation for transfer to a Yamataian body.

Noboru Syndrome

“Night blindness!?”

Akio's previous genetic state (and his old eyes) have been confiscated by medical companies and have undergone intense study fot about a month now. The previously unknown disease has been found and isolated, and affectionately dubbed 'Noboru Syndrome'.

The syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs on chromosome 22. An isolation of two base pairs forming an extra chromosome during crossing-over containing genetic information for the maintenance of rod & cone cells is lost during meiosis. This condition usually reveals itself 1 to 4 months after puberty and results in rapid necrosis of rod and cone cells, causing night blindness.

Noboru Syndrome is a rare malfunction in the Yamataian genetic code and has about a 1 in 5,000,000 chance of revealing itself in the typical Nekovalkyrja or Yamataian. The most common treatment of this is complete and total replacement of the eye (or eyes) with cybernetics or, on rare occasions, with eyes containing a tapetum lucidum as is the case with Noboru.

Fort Ready

Noboru's arrival at Fort Ready came with mixed appreciation. During an exercise, he was revealed to be a fair marksman with a split persona in combat. Shortly before the fight ended; when Nakamura Kai discovered a Mishhuvyrthar in the power armor hangar, Noboru was the first to respond and arrived to find, lo and behold, a victim of tentacle attack, an NH-7 Nekovalkyrja, laying on the ground, supposedly dead. When he was ready to start firing, he was suddenly irked to find the neko, still breathing, making its way towards a power armor. He opened fire on the Mishhu with the three live clips he'd brought with him, and when the others arrived and Yuril said to not aim for the neko, Noboru responded with the profound statement of “I don't give a f—! Let the damn thing die like it should've!”, un-intentionally revealing his racist-like discontent with the over-the-top survival ability and tenacity of the Nekovalkyrja breed. Inevitably this caused tension with his squadmates. He then proceeded to be stabbed in the chest by a Mishhu, and was engaged in killing it with a hail of fire.

YSS Asuka: An Unfortunate Night

Noboru commandeered a power armor when the Asuka was attacked by the Mishhuvyrthar. Instead of Mishhu, however, Noboru shot a cleaning android and stalked two members of the 17th Kaisuryuu Power Armor Wing through the ship. Due to being unable to read his IFF (due to mechanical failure or intentional pilot error, this is unknown and disputed), Noboru was put on probation and attended mandatory Kyoto War College classes for a while.

Kyoto Shoreleave

Noboru spent a short time with the rest of his crew on the planet of Kyoto, going over shore-leave. He returned to the Asamoya (he had been surreptitiously reassigned) after it was completed.

Waiting for an Assignment

When the Asuka temporarily changed hands to the UOCPF, Noboru ended up joining the UOC and waiting for a while, asleep in a bookstore, until the message came for him to go to his new assignment: the UCS Vanguard.

[UCS Vanguard] Mission to Mitsuya

Noboru arrived in second place in the footrace to the Mitsuya. After recieving a somewhat… Awkward welcoming image, Noboru chose a bunk and suited up for the mission. However, he was quickly cursed by his instincts again, as the mission went south when a group from the Vanguard's companion ship was trapped underground. In a rush to save as many people as possible, Noboru charged into the cavern where the group was trapped, missing one person. Repeatedly committing acts of insubordination to attempt to save as many as he could, Noboru was eventually shipped back to the Vanguard and imprisoned for the remainder of the mission.

Court Martial

After an (un-necessarily) drawn out court martial hearing, Noboru was discharged from the UOCPF, marking his second discharge or desertion within the course of two years. Immediately after his discharge, Noboru headed for Nepleslian space.

Cirrus Station

Episode 5: A Unique Encounter

“We aren't sanitation staff, ma'am.” ~Akio Noboru speaking to Jen Jackson

Noboru arrived on Cirrus Station about three days after his court martial, and has been on the station for two weeks as a member of the security detail before being ordered to attend a chance meeting. Having attended said meeting, and being reassigned to the 'notorious' Squad 35, Noboru is now being assigned (well, sort of) to an escort mission of VIPs Laj Vinross Yu and Marissa Cranker, the CEOs of Vinross-Yu/Cranker Materials and some meticulous fashion line, respectively.

However, upon arriving, Noboru discovered Melissa's personal all-female security team, the ever-so-stuck-up Uniques, who quickly passed the CSS Squad off as “antiques”. Noboru, not taking that lying down, went on the offensive- by calling them 'Combat Hookers', no less. After a grudging apology and a rocky start to negotiations, Noboru and the rest of Squad 35 headed to the Weapons Lab to meet with their mission provider again. Of course, s— went downhill fast when the station locked down and Noboru, along with Cyril Sevyn, claire_winters and Keziah Dells had to go on a vent crawling spree in order to open the front door of the weapons lab, only arriving just in time to see the betrayal of Administrator Vanderhuge, and participate in the killing of two Uniques holding him (and the rest of the squad) hostage.

Noboru, along with the rest of the squad members outside the door (read: Claire) were briefly startled when the Freespacer Fireball, Scarlet One One invaded the hallway from the vents. Noboru and Scarlet struck up a fast friendship, and together with the rest of Squad 35 repelled an impending Unique assault (though only after firing a supersized plasma bolt). The squad linked up again in the hangar bay, where Keziah and Cyril had been trapped in a pitched battle with Marissa Cranker in an armor suit and the rest of the Uniques. Currently, of course, the battle was over and the station came back online. Noboru's enemies quickly turned inward, however, as the Station Administrator let the perpetrators of the crimes against Cirrus go out the airlock with all of their evidence.

Although it wasn't confirmed, it is assumed that Noboru, along with Claire and (later) the rest of Squad 35, went to his secret stills to share a few drinks.

Episode 6: Sunny Side Up

“I promise that I won't wreck the joint. At least not on the first day. Second day's up in the air; depends on how I feel that morning.” ~Noboru assuaging Cassifin's concerns about the crew's raucous behavior

Noboru, along with the rest of Squad 35, finally got a much-needed break in the form of a dream vacation on a tropical resort planet. Those dreams were dashed on arrival, when they were met with monsoon rains and gale-force winds. Well, maybe not dashed, but considerably damper.

Noboru and crew immediately headed for the bar, barring (HEH HEH) Stovaa, Claire, Keziah and Cassifin, the former going to their rooms and the latter going to the guilt-free bar and grill. Noboru proceeded to get piss-drunk and slammed a bottle into another patron's face, managing to stumble out of the bar in a stupor before the fight got too bad, only to become reinvolved as it spilled over into the lobby. Noboru, teamed up with Winston Abeck and Stovaa, proceeded to subdue the combatants stacked against them and escape before the security caught them, Noboru taking shelter in the guilt free lounge.

After a relatively less-eventful remainder of their stay, Noboru and crew returned to the Cirrus to get back to the daily grind.

Episode 7: It's All Fun and Trams

“I dunno, Stovaa, giant monsters sound a bit rough. Maybe we should have a nice, easy to solve emergency, like some crazy f—ing rip in the time space continuum where we just stand there and gape while Cassifin and friends fix it up.” ~Noboru discussing prospects for the Cirrus Station's latest emergency situation with Stovaa

Waiting for a tram had always been a drag for the Yamataian. Factor into that the fact that the tram in question had gone rogue with a Station Administrator and an assload of Junker drones on board, and you had a recipe for disaster. Noboru, along with a few of the newcomers to the station, fearlessly took off in pursuit. Noboru



Noboru is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. He is fluent in English and Japanese, having learned from his mother. He can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.


Noboru received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. He is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons he is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armor. Also, long before enlisting, Noboru practiced swordfighting and knife-fighting, learning from various books, movies, animes and training videos. He is a great fighter both on foot and in a power armor.

Technology Operation

Noboru is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. He is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.


Noboru received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry.

Vehicles (Civilian)

Noboru knows his way around many civilian vehicles, and can drive most vehicles soundly. His true home, however, is in the cockpit of a power armor.

Survival and Military

Noboru always had a knack for surviving a lot of situations. He has learned from these situations in order to better prepare himself for another such occasion, in the military or otherwise.


Noboru found himself drawn to saving lives at a young age, and took a job at a hospital when he was 18. For the next few years he absorbed information like a dry sponge in need of water.



  • 1 pair welding goggles


  • 3 pairs of jeans, blue, stonewashed, relaxed fit
  • 5 pairs of Socks, ankle-cut, white
  • 5 pairs of underwear, boxers
  • 1 pair of sneakers, grey, high-topped
  • 1 Nepleslian Marine Corps uniform
  • Name bar, P3C rank patches


  • Type 28 NSP, 3 magazines
  • Zen Armaments .45, 2 magazines
  • CSS: Variable Weapon with minor optics modifications

Other Gear

  • Ulti-Tool Multi-purpose Tool
  • Combination lock


  • 3000 KS
  • -650 for sunglasses
  • -50 for goggles
  • 2300 KS
  • -400 for still equipment, ingredients and various bribes to keep the engineers/security teams' mouths shut
  • 1900 KS
Character Data
Character NameAkio Noboru
Character OwnerTeslaTornado
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty

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