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CSS Suit

The CSS Suit is a protective garment worn by members of the Cirrus Station Security forces.

Akio Noboru

Cirrus Station Security Light Security Armor Suit “CSS Suit”

History and Background:

The CSS Suit is a fairly protective armor suit, although it is far lighter, has very few suit systems and is not armed with any integrated weapon systems. As such, it does not classify as the standard powered armor. The CSS Suit was designed and created by renowned scientific mind Cassefin Montreal, with the explicit purpose of the suit being its use for the Cirrus Station Security rather than having powered armored soldiers trouncing their way through her stations hallways.

Why make such a suit when much more powerful version, such as the Nepleslian Arms and Munitions ELEMENT powered armor line, are available to the Cirrus Station? A direct quote from Cassefin Montreal herself explains her intentions of the CSS Suit quite plainly…

”I WILL NOT HAVE YOUR BARBARIC POWERED ARMORS DESTROYING MY BEAUTIFUL STATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Ion emissions, Mass Mesher systems jamming communications, high explosives, antimatter munitions…AND SO UGLY! Think of the damages! Your trigger-happy meat-head soldiers would tear my poor Cirrus apart! I WILL NOT HAVE IT!!” –Cassefin Montreal, during a Cirrus Station Security meeting

Sure enough, the CSS Suit posses no weapons of its own, and little to no systems of its own other than a basic oxygen apparatus and short-range radio uplink, posing little threat to the station itself while still providing (limited) protection to the security staff.

About the “CSS Suit” Light Security Armor Suit

Stovaa Drakon

The CSS Suit is a venture into lighter, security-type uniforms for the Cirrus Station Security teams. Most of the technology composing this suit is borrowed from Nepleslian Arms and Munitions design, although it is the first venture into the field of such a light-weight armor suit not explicitly designed for military combat. This suit itself is surprisingly comfortable to wear, and acts nearly as a second skin to the user.

Another point of interest is that each suit has been tailored to each CSS personnel it was assigned to. Without their permission, each CSS member was scanned to ascertain height, weight and other fitting information, which was then used to tailor the suit to their exact specifications. Therefore, it will often be rather hard for another CSS member to wear a CSS Armorsuit not belonging to him or her. Hard, time-consuming and rather uncomfortable…but not impossible.

Statistical Information:

  • Government: Cirrus Station Administration
  • Type: Light Armor Suit
  • Class: Cs-G1-01a
  • Manufacturer: Cirrus Station On-Site Production Facility
  • Production: Limited Production
  • Crew: 1 Humanoid
  • Maximum Capacity: 1 Humanoid
  • Appearance: Excellent doodle by Bilgecrank

  • Maintenance: After every mission, overhaul every YE.
  • Lifespan: 5 Years

Systems Descriptions

1. Outer Armor Plates

Ablative Durandium Panels The outermost layer of the CSS Suit is composed of lightweight durandium, glazed in a highly reflective ablative substance. These plates come separate from the Inner Armorsuit, in individual pieces for the chest, arms, and legs. When in storage, the arm and leg plates fit neatly withing the chest plate, to save space.

When the Inner Armorsuit is worn and ready to receive the Outer Armor Plates, all the CSS member has to do is snap the armor plating around the correct areas, indicated on the Inner Armorsuit. The armored panels then allow integration onto the Inner armorsuit through nanomuscle threading, which connects the Outer Armor Plates to each layer of the armor suit. The combined amount of protection from the CSS Suit is roughly around DR 5, overall.

2. Inner Armorsuit

The Inner Armorsuit is the very flexible, form-fitting undersuit of the CSS Suit. Its use is simple: The CSS member merely needs to slip into the Inner Armorsuit as one would put on a glove, entering the suit from the front and 'zipping' it into place. This layer of the armorsuit contains a number of systems which assist the Outer Armor Plates in protecting the CSS member. The layers mentioned below are repeated a few times within the breadth of half an inch or so.

2a. Extreme Temperature Protection

Carbon Buckypaper Mesh The outer armor plating rests upon a fine dense mesh of woven carbon nanotubes, which are able to withstand high amounts of heat energy, as well as give good piercing protection from objects moving at moderately fast speeds.

2b. Radiation Protection

Anti-Radiation Gel Layer Lining the other side of the temperature protection mesh is a thin layer of radiation-nulling gelatinous mixture, capable of absorbing most of the harmful radiations found naturally in space.

2c. Nano-Repair System

Nanomachine Circulatory System The next layer of the CSS Suit is comprised of a thicker cement-like solution, composed of a dormant layer of rapid-expanding nanomachines. While initially these nanomachines do nothing, should this layer of the armor be punctured, the nanomachines around the point of entry activate and rapidly expand themselves, filling the puncture with the thick gel-like solution which quickly hardens upon reaching the outside atmosphere or hitting the body. The nanomachines do nothing to the wound sustained to the puncture, however.

2d. Strength and Flexibility

Super-Thin Nanomuscle Strains Woven into each layer of the CSS suits armored padding are thin layers of nanomuscles, powered by the Fission-Fusion generator in the backpack. These give the wearer a slightly larger amount of strength, dexterity and agility.

2e. Comfort Layer

Conforming Nano-Gel Padding The final layer of the CSS Suit is a thicker layer of softer nano-gel. Upon putting on the armor suit, this layer of gel-padding that lines the inside of the suit expands and conforms to the wearers unique physical attributes, fitting the Security team member like a big, squishy glove. The wearing of the suit is quite comfortable.

3. CSS Armorsuit Helmet

Suit-Integrated Visor and Helmet The helmet of the CSS Suit is a lightweight, angular piece of equipment, easily put on or taken off. When not in use, the helmet is open-faced, the visor split in two and sheathed within the recesses of the sides of the helmet. When placed on the CSS staff’s head, the neckline of the armor locks with the bottom of the helmet, sealing and becoming airtight.

A small touchpad on the lower right jaw of the helmet. Touching this while wearing the helmet will cause the two visor panels to slide together and seal themselves. The visor itself is clouded, taking a dark-brown color when activated for protection against harmfully high spectrum of light that the CSS member might encounter.

3a. Heads Up Display

CSS Suit Display System The CSS Helmet visor faceplate is integrated with a small number of display options. Initially, a small window in the upper right hand corner displays a general information window, with things such as suit status, wearers’ life signs, temperature, room pressure, etc. A quick touch to the touchpad on the left jaw line, opposite of the visor button, of the helmet will give the CSS member a set amount of information about whatever his focus is centered upon, centered upon a pop-up window in the lower portion of their visor faceplate.

Information given is direct from the Central Station computer. Restriction rules apply to scanned objects…limited clearance means limited information received.

3b. Communications

Cirrus Station Security Radio-Uplink A traditional microphone and small antenna in the CSS Armorsuit Helmet gives the CSS member access to the security channels of the Cirrus Station’s radio uplinks. The radio uplink cannot be changed to different channels, and can only pick up the Security channels.

4. CSS Armorsuit Backpack

The CSS Armorsuit Backpack houses many of the more technical systems for the suit, such as providing power and minor life support functions to the CSS member. The backpack is intergrated directly into the back of the Andrium armor chestplate, and the systems are stored inside the plated shell of the pack itself.

On the right or left sides of the pack is a magnetic hooking device, which the CSS member can use to holster their CSS Variable Weapons. Attachment is fairly straight-forward…simply hold the side of the weapon up to the side of the pack, and it will attach itself. Removal is as simple as grabbing the handle and giving it a light tug.

4a. Suit Power

Compact Fission-Fusion Generator Seeing as not much is needed in the armor suit in terms of power, Cassefin opted to use the much cheaper, yet still energy efficient Fission-Fusion generator technology common to CSEIA designs. The compact final product is located in the small backpack of each CSS Suit.

4b. Life Support

Oxygen Tank and Pressurization Module Upon wearing the CSS Suit, CSS Helmet and activating the visor, a pressurization tank located on the backpack pressurizes the inside of the suit, allowed for limited use in space. Should the suit sensors detect a possible risk of pressurization while the CSS members’ visor-mask isn’t closed, the suit will automatically close it for the suit-wearer. A small tank of oxygen, also located in the backpack, allows for roughly one hour of clean oxygen before running dry. It is expected of CSS members to avoid prolonged exposure to space conditions.

4c. Ammunition Storage

Compact Ammunition Belt Attachment On the left side of the CSS Backpack is a large belt-like apparatus, which holds a number of extra cartridges, canisters and other pieces of equipment for the CSS members' Cirrus Station Security: Variable Weapon. Cartridges can be removed and replaced into the recesses of the storage belt with relative ease, simply be using the left hand to reach above the left side of the pack and pulling out / pushing in the equipment. The ammunition belt will hold roughly ten extra cartridges and canisters of varying type.

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