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List of Starship Armors

Protective Armors


ADNR (or Aggregated Diamond Nanorods) is a moderately weighted allotrope of carbon that is easy to produce in large quantities, even in the absence of metals, and is an ideal 'cheap' armor material for many factions with low budgets or less advanced materials science. While certain producers of the material have been confirmed, it is likely that many more exist.


Aerudirn is a lightweight organic alloy exclusive to Solan Starworks that weighs about the same as structural steel and yet is many times stronger, able to alter its shape and compensate for perforations or large breaches and naturally able to regenerate with time and resources. While one of the more adaptive “Smart” materials, it is weaker than most standard ship-grade alloys.

Boreanium Alloy

Boreanium Alloy

Durandium Alloy

Durandium Alloy alloy (also known as Andrium and Solanium to Nerimians) is an advanced lightweight alloy that weighs as much as aluminum, but offers several orders of magnitude more protection per square centimeter. Considered ideal for small craft such as fighters and power armors, Durandium is not considered heavy armor because it offers poor protection against the heavy weapons of the time period.

Variant: Transparent Durandium


Mâqirây (Bound Metal) is the Poku Saeruo Degonjo medium grade armor for ships and other constructs. It is a compound that combines, Carbon, Ruthenium, Titanium and Iron.


Mâqitua (Light Metal) is lightest armor material that the Poku Saeruo Degonjo uses for construction. It is a compound that combines, Carbon, Silicon, Tungsten, and Aluminum. As such it is a non-conducting material, and durable.


Nerimium (also known as Hephestium to Nerimians) is an abundant, super-dense metal that is the primary resource in NDI starship construction. When refined and combined with other mundane metals, such as iron and nickel, it forms a potent armor plating that is effective against all weapon types save for anti-matter. Its major downside is the considerable weight it adds to any unit that uses it in its construction, making it only prevalent on large warships and not fighters and mecha.

  • Producers: NAM, UMC
  • Cost: Normal
  • Armor Type: Heavy


Saemâqi (Star Metal) is the strongest material that the Poku Saeruo Degonjo can produce. It is a compound that combines, Carbon, Ruthenium, Osmium, Titanium and Iron.


Duremium Alloy is Durandium Alloy, and Nerimium,


Yama-Dura is Yamataium-laced Durandium, which is lighter than Yamataium, somewhat more harder and heavier, but still has minor regenerative qualities.


Yamataium alloy is regarded by many as the most advanced metallic alloy ever developed next to Zesuaium. Unlike Zesuaium, however, Yamataium is highly-resilient to damage (it will regenerate its strength over time) and to date is the only alloy capable of resisting the effects of particle disruptor beams effectively. It's very cost-prohibitive to produce and likewise, very expensive. Nerimians call it Leptonium.


See: Yarvex


Zesuaium (sometimes called Impervium) is super-strong, doesn't bend or break, and doesn't conduct electricity and heat. Downside? It's hard to repair damage done to a unit with Zesuaium because of its nature. Zesuaium usage is declining (and OOCly discouraged).

Stealth Armors


Xiulurium is similar to Zanarium in composition, but this alloy is more flexible, requires less energy (to use its stealth), and not as armor-beneficial (easier to puncture/evaporate).


Zanarium is a 'stealth armor' that offers less protection but makes the unit harder to detect.

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