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Aerudirn, is a complex organic alloy employed by the Iromakuanhe in nearly all their starship and vehicle designs. It is a semi-refractive non-sentient armor material with substantial protection versus lasers and other electromagnetic radiation weapons, and has the unique ability to mend tears in the hull by stretching itself to accommodate damage. The EM resistance is thanks to nearly a century of breeding tissues that were largely resistant to radiation of most kinds that were known to the Iroma, though the protection isn't perfect. It is able to protect itself from physical attacks by creating a passive electrostatic field on the surface of the armor that enforces the surface tension of the substance preventing some weapons from effectively penetrating the surface. This static armor system is only functional while the armor is charged with an electric current, which is constantly operating while the vehicle is active. Given a bit of time and some nutrition, in the form of biomass of any kind or a specialized nutrient solution, the alloy can regenerate wounds in a manner similar to tree bark, or a sea star, albeit much faster.

Aerudirn is something akin to coral in its growth patterns, but it is inverted, with the living layers being directly beneath the dead colonies. The material has the look of smooth white eggshell on the surface, and can be tinted by modifying the electric currents that flow into the armor. The underlayer is filled with burgundy-colored spongy growth colonies that are responsible for the healing and self-sealing abilities of the armor. The material is, overall fairly heavy, being a little lighter than high-grade steel.

Producer(s): Solan Starworks, Astral Commonwealth Cost: Moderate Type: Light (x.6)


Aerudirn objects can and/or are:

  • Autoseal: Can seal off holes in the armor by stretching itself, at the cost of thinning out armor in other sections.
  • Regeneration: Can heal heavy damage to plating in hospitable environments in 1-2 weeks if proper care isn't available.
  • Flexible: As an organic armor, Aerudirn is highly flexible and has higher give than inorganic substances. This is especially important in applications such as melee weapons and in situations where the substance is required to have at least partial mobility.

OOC Notes

Authored by Exhack and approved by Andrew on February 17, 20081)

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