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Private First Class

A true surviving soldier through and through, the Private First Class proves that he can survive the hell that the enemy throws him/her, and can throw it right back. These soldiers are veterans of more than two battles, showing that they have the know-how to survive. “Pikes” as they're called, are respected, despite their rank as a private. Only their ability as a combat soldier allows them to achieve the rank of Private First Class. Characters with this rank are paid 250 DA a week.

NSMC PFC's Rank Bar

The rank below is Private and the rank above is Corporal. For a full listing of ranks, see Nepleslian Military Ranks.


Previously there was a Private 1st Class and Private 2nd Class rank, but they were merged into this rank in YE 37 following a streamlining of Nepleslian ranks.

List of Private First Class

Nepleslian Ranks
Rank NamePrivate First Class
Rank PaygradeE2
Rank Desc.You've got skills and are learning how to lead.

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