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William Howard Harrison

'I've never seen a problem that can't be solved by using more gun.' ~William Howard Harrison

Private 1st Class William Howard Harrison serves under the colors of the Star Army of Nepleslia and is currently serving aboard the NSS Acadia, as the marine compliment's most dedicated (if not most capable) FIRE1 pilot.

William Howard Harrison
MEGA MANLY character art done by Mark (deveraster)
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 6'4“
Weight: 247 lbs
Hair Color: Black/Grey
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Identiying Mark(s): Various tattoos
Organization Star Army of Nepleslia
Rank Private First Class
Occupation Power Suit Pilot/General Infantry
Current Placement NSS Acadia
Theme Song 40:1 - Sabaton
Voice Clip Here

Will in Roleplay

Will is currently undergoing power suit training aboard the NSS Acadia. He is played by the hypermasculine, testosterone-fuelled Cipher (Player).

Family, Friends and Acquaintances

Direct Family:

  • William Jacob Harrison (Father)
  • Lesley Bird-Harrison (Mother)
  • Vincent Harrison (Brother)

Nakama/Blood Brethren/Those Other Folks

  • Henry Morris- Close friend, object of mockery, and source of literature
  • Autumn Wilde- Former squadmate
  • Mirielle Belmonte- IPG officer and acquaintance
  • His squadmates aboard the Acadia

Physical Appearence

Height: 6'2

Mass: 281 lbs

Build and Skin Color: Well built and muscular. Not to the point where it is grotesque, but sleek. His skin is relatively pale but not without color.

Facial Features and Eye Color: His eyes are a cold shade of blue; almost grey or gunmetal. His face bears a jagged scar running across his forehead and down the left side of his face; and a checkmark-shaped scar on his left cheek.

Hair Color and Style: His hair is short and black, and slicked back from a rather large forehead. He has long bangs and sideburns and a prominent coat of black stubble over a prominent chin.

Distinguishing Features: Since he left his home, Will has sported a tattoo of a snake curled around his neck and down both arms. Also, due to a gang war, the whole apendage has been replaced with a cybernetic arm along with three ribs. Will also always wears a necklace in the shape of a cross with nine bolts into it- 5 on the vertical, 4 on the horizontal part. There is also a small barcode tattoo from incarceration on a prison planet on the outskirts of settled space- 8427219-6248503.


  • Right Arm (ProsTech “Jaw-Crusher”-series): William's right arm is an old-model cybernetic made by the now-defunct ProsTech Cybernetics, Incorporated. It is a simple affair, designed to be sleek and simple and pass itself off as a perfectly normal human arm, which it does fairly well. Being from the appropriately-named “Jaw-Crusher” series; though, Harrison's arm is capable of much more than its simple appearance would let on. While an average Nepleslian heavyweight prize fighter's right hook would be approximately 1260 pounds of force, Harrison's average right hook is somewhere in the ballpark of 1900 to 2000 pounds.

Tattoos: Double snakes. Heads on palms, bodies curl up both arms, tails around necks, ending at the base of his neck on the back. Barcode tattoo on back of head; covered partially by hair.


He is a mold-cast copy of his father, with a short-fuse temper which rivals even that of Stromm Kumorok Dekomir and a voice with authority and determination. Despite the fact that he dislikes people shooting at him he is cool and slick under fire. Talkative and cocky one moment and all business the next, Will is very bold and unpredictable, making him a good soldier. He is notorious for being extremely blunt when people talk to him, at which he jokes that 'Whenever I talk someone ends up in the med lab being treated for blunt trauma'. He enjoys a small flask of tawny port at times, and wine at small parties and weddings, but other than that does not drink.


Guns, tools, practicing shooting, money, all things that go boom and technology (namely Power Suits).


Death, people shooting at him, pay deductions, loss of weapons, anything to do with love, complex mathematical algorithms, melee combat, Nekos, clones and subtleties.


Reclaiming his father's lost spacecraft and returning to the freedom of being a freelance mercenary pilot; no matter how much it takes.


Birth & Early Life

Will was born on Nepleslia Prime to Lesley Byrd and William Jacob Harrison in the mid-to-upper crust community of Funky City. Will was happy and content, constantly exploring and playing with things he could hold and swing around- namely suction-cup dart guns. While his father was out most of the time doing contracts, his mother kept busy by teaching young Will the fine art of communications and medicine. Whenever Will Senior came back, he would be taught shooting and driving skills. Will was happy for thirteen years.

Then, everything changed when he turned 18.

Loss of a Limb, Loss of a Father

One night when he was eighteen, William was out on the streets, driving his Zen Arms K1-33R (a racing variant of the standard K1-33) when out of nowhere there was the sound of a thud under the chassis. The bike heaved suddenly, throwing William out of the saddle. The 33R dissappeared out of sight. A pipe held by an unseen hand dropped onto his chest with surprising force, shattering three ribs and knocking him out. Another smashing blow crushed his right arm. Until sunrise, Will's battered, bruised, bloody and looted body lay on the side of the road until a good samaritan brought him to the hospital.

Until that night, doctors struggled with the dying man, finally they repaired the damage with three zeusaiaum ribs and a right arm. The next morning he came home to more bad news. In a rare fit of rage, William Sr. went off on the gang, known as The Exiles, and showed them the true meaning of 'invoking the wrath of God' with lead and fire. That night they found his corpse thrown into a dumpster on the roadside, shot three times through the head with an L-5 Liberator.

Will never truly recovered from that night. Though physically he recovered, and repressed the memories of that day, every now and then he will have a literal mental breakdown and be unable to do anything for the better half of the day.

Taking Sides

The very day after, Will recovered his 33R from a municipal parking lot and went back into the bowels of Funky City, meeting up with Lawrence Calahan, an old family friend, and offered his services. After completing several initiation 'tests' Will was allowed into the ranks of the Fallen Empire, then being only Lawrence and a Yamataian, Shiro Wanatabe.

Over the next year, Will went to war with The Exiles, riding through the City of Funk and destroying many Exile gang members and strongholds. One night, on the first anniversary of the Exiles-Fallen Empire war, a police raid brought both bases crashing down. Will barely escaped with his life. Lawrence, however, wasn't so lucky, losing his right arm in the hasty escape. Lawrence had his arm replaced with a cybernetic, and Will was finally at peace. The Exiles were wiped out, and Will quit The Fallen Empire shortly after. He was happy until he arrived at home. He found, to his horror, the house was almost empty, his mother nowhere to be found. The only other visible living organism was the family dog, Cerberus. However, his kid brother, Vincent, was still home and stayed oblivious to the situation.

The Will and Charmer's Luck

The next day, Will Senior's will came in the mail. The family's only extremely valuable posession, the Charmer's Luck, was to be shared between the two-some. And for ten years, this worked out well. However, when Vincent was 20, for the last two years he had been a gambler and gambled away everything but Charmer's Luck. That night, Vincent gambled his last worldly posession, without Will's permission- Charmer's Luck. He lost, and the ship dissappeared the following morning. In a rare display of pure rage and fury, Will lashed out at Vincent, who promised he would get the ship back. Vincent ran to the spaceport that night. He never returned. Will went away and lived with his mother's niece, Sarah, who taught him medical skills. Three years later, Will bid his cousin a fond farewell and set out to the spaceport.

The Runaway, The Jail and Present Affairs

Will departed Funky City on board a mercenary ship, the Flare, and began his career as a mercenary. Across the galaxy he travelled, evading the military and various bounty hunters who wanted the captain's bounty (Most notably the Lorath for liberating and recruiting Helashio and the Star Army of Yamatai for hijacking ships and Power Armors). Eventually, they got it. And Will, and everyone else on the crew. Will was deported to a jail millions of miles from home, and marked with a barcode tattoo for identificational purposes. Three years he served his term, then made bail and ran back to Nepleslia, the journey itself taking just short of a year. On his thirty-sixth birthday, he joined the Star Army of Nepleslia with one goal in his mind- find his father's ship and his brother, or die trying.

Harrison originally joined the Star Army of Nepleslia as a general infantry soldier aiming to try and serve aboard the NSS Alliance, but more openings were available aboard the NSS Kestrel, so he thought to himself a simple little plan- he would enlist aboard the Kestrel until the Alliance arrived back at Nepleslia. Then, he would jump ship and run for the Alliance. However, after his first victory in a power armor and the gaining of a few friends (Matt Cheyle, Deon Maxwell, Zhen Wu and Henry Morris) he has decided to stay aboard unless a more potent opportunity arises. However, upon completion of his testing, he was quickly shipped off to the NSS Alliance.

Post-Mission 4: Rest, Rock and Relaxation

After being transferred to the NSS Alliance from the Kestrel, along with his friend Henry Morris, Will attended an Aethersperm concert for the first time. He made the monumental mistake of standing in front of the speakers, almost at point-blank range, and was blasted four feet through the air, jarring the battery for his cybernetic arm and retinal HUD out of place, and dislocating a durandium rib, he made his way out of the concert and met the femme fatales of the NSS Alliance, Mirielle Belmonte and Autumn Wilde.

From there, he made his way to the bar, pissed off Ian McCain, left the bar, made his way to a gun shop, bought a pair of HHGs, punched Ran in the head, was headbutted in return, met Kagura Belfour and made it to the Alliance just in time for the mission briefing.

Alpha Squad: A Most Painful Examination

Will was examined by Kokuten, who was, in a twist of irony, with Suku Matsuboki- the victim of Ran's recent panty raid. After Ran dodged Suku and the squad was implanted with brain spiders, Harrison, Morris, Cadet Ran and the newest member of the squad, Cheza Evans AKA “Funbags”, made their way to the PA Bay. There Will learned a bit about the PAL and customized his FIRE1. Feeling satisfied, he stepped out of his armor- only to be turned back around and inserted back in.

The reason? The Kennwes Offensive was beginning.

Mission 5: Kennwes Offensive

Alpha Squad: The Hammer Falls

Will was the third person in Alpha to launch into the murky, swampy ocean surrounding the target building on Kennwes, a Water Treatment Plant. Along the way, he confessed his fears of being underwater in a PA (eloquently phrasing it as 'Being afraid of being stomped into a durandium pancake') and made landfall, quickly chalking his first two kills, one of which was accidentaly a DD squad leader. He saw his squad leader, Ran "Red" Rui, get his arm shot off and went to his rescue, taking a 5-second command of the squad and disabling the Red armor with the help of squadmates Henry Morris and Kokuten.

Revealed to have a slightly sarcastic sense of humor when in combat and a hatred of senseless loss of life and limb, Harrison proceeded to take out 7 power armors and assist in the crippling of a 'Crooked Demon', a new type of Red power armor. he commandeered 2 shoulder-mounted Aether cannons, one of which was given to Master General Pyros Thull Westwood for examination and one of which was kept for himself. Originally headed for redeployment to the battlefield beneath the waves, Will and the rest of Alpha was bound for the NSS Hammerfell for a bit of rest and refit. However, the combined forces of Delta and Epsilon took care of it for them. So a quick jaunt in a shuttle landed Will and the rest of Alpha in the (relatively) safe bosom of the Alliance.

A defining moment in the battle was when Will took the ring off of a crippled and destroyed Cyclone's finger and placed it in the hand of a dead Dark Demon in what he called 'a last act of kindness'.

NSS Alliance: In the Wake of the Storm

Straight off, Will got out of his armor and set about putting his kill tally onto the left pauldron of his FIRE's armor. Following that, he pressure washed the entire system and parked it. He briefly inquired with his friend Henry Morris about installing the remaining shoulder-mounted Aether cannon after returning the books he borrowed. However, he discovered that a fundamental flaw in his re-armament was that his FIRE ran on antimatter, not Aether, thus rendering the weapon unable to be installed.

From there he noticed that Sergeant Rico Sanroma was carrying an unconscious, damaged Autumn Wilde towards the medlab, and inquired as to what happened. He found that Autumn's arm had been shattered by a mysterious power armor in the sub plant, later identified as the same type that had blown off Cadet Ran Rui's arm. He proceeded to meet Ian McCain for the third, most hostile, time, and Keid, the Epsilon automata obsessed with hair- human hair. He drew guns on McCain and proceeded to piss off both Sanroma and McCain, which resulted in him getting floored- twice. And yelled at.

Afterwards, he stormed out of the medical area to the power armor bay where he, once again, met Keid. This time, however, he almost lost his precious 'burns to the hair-obsessed automaton, and nearly shot him full of holes in return. He then went to the briefing room, where he was assigned to the NSS Melissa-Keni along with most of Alpha. he also met Druidess Dream Zero Zero 0018-[Insert other random numbers here], who promised to teach Harrison about the mysterious (to him) ways of the Freespacers.

His new nickname after this encounter? Dollcase Will.

Long Night in Los Apagos

After spending a little time searching for his Marine cohorts in the belly of Los Apagos, Apogee square, Harrison proceeded to play a minor role in the goings-on of the crew, eventually just parting from the group altogether after Kagura Balfour, one of his friends, was forcefully OD-ed on Calm and subsequently disappeared. Once again, he played a minor role in her tracking and eventual rescue, riding around Apogee square on an airbike and eventually arriving at the target area, then zoning out while everything went to pieces.

He visited Kagura in the hospital room and subsequently left, only to return to his new berth; the NSS Nerkat.

NSS Nerkat

Mission 1: This is how we do it downtown! (And Post-Mission 1)

Harrison's first experience (and, thankfully, his last) on board the Nerkat was an attack on a Red outpost, where they were dropped off by Vipers and told to do recon and then attack. However, other squads only got a portion of that order and started going “master exploder” on everything.

Harrison and the rest of the Nerkat marines opened the attack. The rest proceeded to descend into a pit in hell as Harrison, along with several other squad members, became wounded and the rest ran low on ammo or were disabled in combat. Thankfully, the squads aboard the Nerkat were reassigned to other ships soon after the mission, and Harrison went with a large group to the NSS Acadia.

NSS Acadia

Mission 1 (A Side): High and Dry over Golding

Will returned to the NSS Acadia- or so he thought he would, were the station he was slated to land on not occupied by pirates. Engaged in pitched combat alongside his crewmates, Harrison, after a long and gruelling battle, successfully managed to force the pirate occupation force into a full retreat and back to their ship. Along the way, the team of Marines rescued a Tarkarian Marine taken captive on the upper levels of the station, and Harrison himself was nearly killed when he walked headfirst into an elevator trap, destroying his EARTH armor and severely bruising his pride.

The mission was completed and the crew hustled aboard the Acadia to begin their next mission.

Mission 2: Brotherhood and Sisterly Love

The Acadia was dispatched to track down a Hray-class gunship that had been stolen during the raid on Starbase Golding, along with the help of a fellow Hray, the Alder. Harrison, back in his trusty FIRE1 armor, combined with the rest of his squad and a squad of infantry units, infiltrated the captured Hray and secured the hangar, then spread out to capture the ship.

Midway through the mission, however, things headed south when the Mishhuvyrthar appeared in nearby space and laid siege to the Alder. The squad of Marines aboard continued securing the recaptured Hray before the brave actions of Master Chief Vel Steyr and several others allowed the ship to escape.

Mission 3: Between Lambs and Wolves

Harrison assisted in the defense of Rok'Veru, along with the rest of the Acadia's Marine complement, including several new recruits. During the engagement his squad was forced to rapidly switch back and forth between offense and defense and Harrison himself was at least once pinned down while defending his position. The quick intervention of his squad prevented this from becoming an issue, though, and he was soon back in action.

Towards the end of the offensive, the squad was told to retreat from the battle, as resistance was becoming too hot from the Mishhu. The ex-mercenary and his teammates, however, had other plans.

Mission 3.5: Back Into the Frying Pan

Service Record

Soldier 3rd Class

Power Suit pilot training aboard NSS Kestrel.

Soldier 2nd Class

Transfer to NSS Alliance. 7 kills; water treatment plant on Kennwes.

Transfer to NSS Nerkat. 4 kills (unconfirmed), WIA- left leg; raid on an encampment.

Private 1st Class

Transfer to NSS Acadia.

Participated in the Defense of Starbase Golding. Awarded the General Defense Ribbon for his actions, along with the rest of the Acadia fighters involved.

Medical Record

NSS Nerkat: Left Leg, gunshot wound, treated and healing.

Criminal Record


  • Raided Lorath Encampment. 6 Helashio stolen, 3 Lorath civilians killed.
  • Raided Lorath farmland. Uprooted 4 Lorath fruit plants (now planted near the Harrison homestead), wounded 1 Lorath civilian, liberated 3 Helashio.
  • Raided small, outlying Lorath farm village. Destroyed 2 buildings, liberated 6 Helashio, killed 4 Lorath civilians, wounded 1 Lorath civilian.



William is fluent in Nepleslian and speaks passable Yamataian, although don't expect him to be able to say anything useful (other than 'Where's the sake?'). He can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.


Although he prefers pistols and submachine guns to any weapon known to man (or otherwise), Will is somewhat skilled with any arms he can come upon, though he'll never be very good with them. Being involved in fist-fights and knife fights has given him a small amount of the melee training he opted out of.


The basics of hand-to-hand and melee weapons combat were self-taught from a life on the streets. Most experienced with smaller weapons such as jack-knives, shivs and blackjacks, Will is an efficient melee combatant with larger weapons such as swords, quarterstaffs, staves or improvised weapons.


Joining his father on many target shooting trips and accompanying him along with the rest of the Charmer's Luck's motley crew while enduring several boarding attempts has given him first-hand experience with many civilian and military-grade weapons. High-caliber sidearms aren't a foreign item to him, and he's always content with a bigass rifle.

Medical (Improvised)

Suited to tending to wounds inflicted to himself and his comrades, Will has taken many precautions and study courses to better his own chances for survival. He has also learned many ways to improvise for the lack of tools used to make specific medical repairs- a technique he affectionately refers to as 'frontier medicine'.

Vehicles (Airbikes)

Growing up doing various odd jobs and driving his own Zen Arms K1-33R, Will has gained sparse experience in flying, driving, and utilizing most civilian vehicles with relative ease and never met a vehicle he intensely disliked. However, his long-time favorite vehicle type has always been the airbike- fast, portable and easily modified, the airbike has captivated Harrison since childhood.


Although not in the greatest physical shape of his life, Harrison is fit and strong, almost untouched by negative substances (although he does like firewater when off duty and a celebratory flask of port when the mission is over). He can lift up to 250 pounds unassisted, with the aid of his cybernetic arm.


A former mercenary and explosives expert, Will is quite partial to all things that go boom, namely heavy explosives and grenades. A brief period of service in a gang gave him additional explosive experience.

Survival and Military

Will has been stranded on several occasions and learned from past experiences in order to better his chances for survival.



  • 2 Long pullover shirts, green, rank patches on shoulder pads and nameplate
  • 4 pairs underwear, grey
  • 2 khaki cargo pants, built-in foam knee pads
  • 1 Off-duty 'Lucky' Jacket, khaki w/ red satin backing (off duty)
  • 1 Duster, Tan, rough leather
  • 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
  • 2 pairs of jeans, blue (off duty)
  • 1 belt, black, silver clip buckle (pants)
  • 1 pair of boots, black leather
  • 1 pair of gaiters, tan
  • 1 pair hiking boots, tan, steel-toed (off duty)
  • 1 rank patch, Soldier 3rd class

  • 1 Rank Patch, Soldier 2nd Class

  • 1 Rank Patch, Private 1st Class

Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Pistol belt, black, with holster
  • 1 Pistol, semi-automatic, .45 caliber, with 2 extra magazines
  • 2 NAM HHGs, hammer-action, .45 magnum, with 1 extra box of ammo
  • 1 Pistol belt, brown, with two holsters, bullet loops


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 1 cross necklace


  • Current: 1335 DA
  • Income: None
  • Expenses: None


  • 1 bag of beef Jerky, resealable
  • 1 family picture, high gloss, wallet-size
  • 1 photocopy of Will Sr.'s will
  • 1 picture of Charmer's Luck and crew
  • 2 shell casings
  • 1 Rubiks Cube
  • 1 small crystal necklace
  • 1 Laptop computer w/ word processor and wireless internet connection
  • 1 copy of “How to Dance: Nepleslian Style”- Dance the Moonwalk in 30 days or your money back!


  • Zen Armaments K1-33 Racing version, nicknamed Evelyn for no specific reason.
Character Data
Character NameWilliam Howard Harrison
Character OwnerTeslaTornado
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty
RankPrivate First Class

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