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Rico Sanroma

Rico Sanroma
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 5'10“ (175.26 cm)
Weight: 161 lb (73.03 kg)
Organization Star Army of Nepleslia
Rank Sergeant
Occupation General Infantry
Current Placement Planetary Infantry , NSS Alliance

Rico's Voice and Theme

Rico in Roleplay

Rico Sanroma is a saucy, sweet-talking marine of the NSS Alliance plotship. Rico's character is played by Moon Man.

Current Events

Rico Sanroma is currently serving as an infantry Sergeant, assigned to a ship patrolling Nepleslian Colonial Expanse.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'9” (175.26 cm)
  • Weight: 161 lb (73.03 kg)
  • Build and Skin color: Muscular Nepleslian build, muscles aren’t very defined, has light brown skin.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Slight maintained fuzz around the mouth and chin, thin, handsome face, with smooth brown eyes.
  • Hair color and Style: Dark brown hair, length of a few inches past the ears and curls a bit towards the end, usually kept oiled to give it a slight shine, often combed back.
  • Distinguishing Features: Rico has a naturally attractive appearance (along the lines of a Latin heart-throb, if you need an example), and takes care to keep it that way. Rico also has had his upper torso and both arms replaced with cybernetics, which he keeps concealed in synthetic flesh.

Family and Friends

  • Father: Mario Sanroma (Nepleslian, Dead)

Mario Sanroma, before his death, was involved in a sizable Smuggling syndicate located on Nepleslia. Despite his involvement in crime, Mario was a fairly decent individual, and took great care of his family. The reasons behind the explosion that killed him in his car were never fully explained, although it is widely accepted that they were caused by a second party, with lethal intent. Rico is the only person who really knows what happened.

  • Mother: Callista Sanroma (Geshrin, Age 43)

A stay-at-home mother until her husbands’ death, Callista currently works as a real estate agent for the area where the new Sanroma household lies to make ends meet. Callista really doesn’t have many other skills besides being very persuasive with her demeanor and choice of words, thus she is very capable at her choice of work.

  • Sister: Esma Young (Geshrin, Age 29)

Rico’s older sister and the more sensible of the siblings. Esma is a lounge singer at a local café, and is currently married to Rodger Young. Rico was strongly against this marriage. Esma is often very harsh and unamused by Rico's antics, but this is expected to be the usual Sanroma way of showing care between siblings.

  • Brother-in-Law: Rodger Young (Nepleslian, Age 32)

Rodger, a successful owner of a local Los Apagos newspaper, is generally a respectable man, genuine gentleman, hard worker and devoted husband. He and Esma are in a very loving relationship and Callista considers him a welcome addition to the family. Rodger has even learned to respect Rico in a remarkably short span of time. Perhaps it is one of these reasons, or another set of reasons all together, that Rico absolutely detests Rodger and everything about him.

Other People

Even though they are essentially the exact opposite, Rico holds a good relationship with his fellow ranking marine, as both a friend and as a rival for position. Rico personally believes he trumps Fian in every field, and will constantly state so. A small part of Rico's subconscious envies Fian's rank and ability, although he is constantly challenging himself to better the middle Vel Steyr sibling in all areas.

Although normally Gran's type of personality would piss Rico off to no end, the saucy Nepleslian has found somewhat of a hobby in teaching the quiet, passive technical sentry the ways of the fairer sex. After taking Gran under his wing, Rico found that Gran had a lot more to him than first impressions gave, and considers him a reliable friend (if only to have him tag along to make himself look better). Even though Gran has been reassigned to a different location, he and Rico still exchange pleasant words on many occasions.

One of Rico's many relationships, Suku, a military medical assistant, was one that stuck to Rico in a more personal, intimate way. Although at first it appeared that Rico was all to eager to return her feelings, for reasons of his own he broke off their budding relationship in a rather harsh manner and has been taking steps to avoid speaking to Miss Matsobuki in any fashion. Rico's feelings for her are undecided and his reasons guiding his strange actions are still, although it has, to this day, not affected his ability to woo other women.

It came as quite a surprise to learn that Rico had a daughter. Apparently, in some of his escapades across Nepleslia, a night of random passion beget this little bundle of joy. Truthfully, Rico's feelings towards Carina are not those of a father; Rico did not ask for Carina, however he does feel some measure of pity for the girl after learning that her mother had died and that he was the only direct relative keeping her from an orphanage. Carina's presence is largely regarded as something he has to endure until he can dump her off at his mother's house, although he does enjoy interacting with her from time to time…in a strictly non-father-to-daughter manner.

Kokuten, to Rico, represents that while being calculating, calm and painfully platonic to any and all women might not be how Rico is, it is still possible to carve out a passable place for ones self. Rico Sanroma holds Kokuten in some respect in that he is always mellow and level-headed, something that Rico could never be. Rico has also found that Kokuten is a great source for real, substantial advice. Overall, an okay fellow.

Although the two were generally friendly to one another before a certain incident, Rico currently hates Adrian Decane and is doing everything within his power to avoid him at any cost. The incident, which culminated in a drugged Rico becoming 'overly amorous' with a female kitchen attendant, being subdued and then treated for stimulant overdose. Upon learning that Adrian was to blame for this, Rico has held extreme distaste for him ever since.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Rico is the street-wise big-mouthed wise-cracker. He loves to talk, but he loves having a good time even more. Because of his attractive appearance, Rico has a lot of confidence in his life (and the ladies), and rarely ever takes things as seriously as they should be. However, Rico does know the limits, and will cut the crap and buckle down if things become too dismal.

Rico is petty and somewhat self-absorbed, although it doesn't show that often. Rico does have one glaring problem, however; he becomes overly defensive and hostile when his family is insulted. This first spawned from fights between rival gangs in his hometown, and during that time he grew to hate such insults, and if provoked enough, could cause his to become wildly aggressive. Rico attempts to work on this problem, however ever since his father’s death, insults to the Sanroma name have been few and far between.

Beneath the exterior, Rico has passion and loyalty for both his comrades and Nepleslia. Rico also has a fierce respect for his family, despite their past involvements in criminal acts. However, contrary to his outward personality, Rico is secretly unsure of his future, but never chooses to talk about these issues at his own will.

Likes, Dislikes, and Goals

  • General Likes: Aggressive women, drinking, Nepleslian military and society, self-grooming, airbikes, action movies, leather jackets
  • General Dislikes: Disloyalty, super-serious types, people who can talk more than he can, disrespect to his family, submissive personalities, bruises to his ego
  • Religion: None
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Comic: Gunfist: Shoot Sh*t Dead
  • Favorite Movie: Twin Gun Tango…For Two (Action Comedy)
  • Clothing: Rico tends to lean towards casual clothing, including slim jeans and T-Shirts. However, Rico is an enormous connoisseur of leather jackets; he prefers to wear one over his clothing on any occasion. Although the occasion doesn't happen often, Rico also likes to dress formally in tuxedos…but only because of their use in most of the action films he enjoys.
  • Food: Exposed to the expert consumer market for Nepleslian fast food at an early age, Rico has learned to love to subtle elegance, yet bold statement of the hamburger. When he gets serious about eating, Rico searches for the nearest burger joint and will happily inhale a lovely portion of heaven on a sesame seed bun. Rico is 100% mustard, and has been known to insult the abominations of the burger collective who douse their perfect meals in mayonnaise.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Tastes in Women: When it comes to women, Rico isn't particularly picky; in fact, he loves just about every thing about them. There are, of course, some preferences that he holds in higher regard over others. Rico prefers social, strong-willed individuals that are somewhat akin to his own mannerisms. Rico also enjoys women who are slightly aggressive; he has been known to instigate on many occasions, and Rico loves to see his efforts rewarded with reaction. These personal preferences, however, are more of his own personal guidelines; if it's female and humanoid, chances are Rico will find it attractive in some manner.
  • Distastes in Women: Rico detests Nekos, and has a strong dislike for women (and men) who are overly passive, soft-spoken and reclusive.
  • Goals: Outwardly, to live life to the fullest and go out with a bang. Inwardly, Rico wishes to see Nepleslia prosper into a greater universal power, and secretly desires to find some sort of direction in his life. Rico has gained a small ambition to continue rising through the ranks, although he does not know where he wants this to lead.



Rico grew up in the midst of the street violence commonly associated with the lower rungs of Nepleslian society. Rico's father, however, was secretly high in the local crime ladder, and that allowed Rico's family to live a somewhat secure life through the respect and protection his father established. Rico didn't exactly live in the luxury suites, though, and he learned how to navigate the ugliest parts of Nepleslian society, getting his fair share of cuts, bruises and lessons of life along the way. Rico himself led a small, insignificant gang that presided over their area of the neighborhood.

When Rico was about sixteen, the role his father played in the crime ring began to dissolve, and before long tragedy struck…an 'accidental' explosion in the vehicle Rico and his father were riding in. While Rico's father was instantly killed, Rico himself lived after losing his right arm and a portion of his chest. With the money left over from her husbands’ work, Widow Sanroma paid for cybernetic limbs for Rico, and realizing the danger they were in, used to rest of the money to move the family into a safer area of the planet.

The family had always planned on Rico taking his father's place in the crime ring, and as a result, Rico wasn't taught many other talents. With that option no longer available, and the Sanromas’ involvement in crime a relative secret, Rico half-heartedly flipped in and out of several different careers. Rico, feeling no true passion for any of them, became unsure of what exactly he wanted to accomplish with his life. After a number of exhausted careers, Rico considered a military occupation and found that he enjoyed the rush of emotions he experienced in combat situations, and has since then continued to play soldier for the Nepleslian Star Army.

Starship Troopers

Rico was then assigned to the NSS Alliance, a NDI DD4 warship on loan to the Star Army of Nepleslia.

During the marine's planetary drop onto Planet X for analysis, Rico and a few other marines were assigned to remain on the ship for sentry duty, much to his dismay. He remained on guard duty during the initial contact and engagement with the Nepleslian Reds.

After the conflict, Rico was sent down by shuttle to assist in the evacuation of the wounded and deceased. After the first shuttle had lifted, Rico stayed behind in order to find the location of Lieutenant Jet Endurain who had been searching for an MIA marine. Upon reaching Endurain and resolving the situation, Rico escorted them back to the landing zone to be lifted back to the NSS Alliance by the second shuttle.

Sustaining casualties, the NSS Alliance returned to Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia to repair and rearm. Most of the crew was given a two day shore leave, which Rico spent drinking and getting acquainted with a handful of marines. On the second day a recall order was issued and Rico returned to the Alliance.

The VR Simulations

After returning to the NSS Alliance, Rico and the rest of the marines were called to participate in a series of virtual training simulations to ensure top performance from all marines. In the first simulation, an assault mission similar to Planet X, was won by Rico's team. The second simulation, a virtual boarding action to destroy or disable a representation of the NSS Alliance, was led by Rico himself, and was narrowly lost at the final moments.

As a result of his abilities and qualities during the simulations, Rico Sanroma and his comrade Fian Vel Steyr were given rank promotions.

In a series of escalating practical jokes between Rico and Adrian that had during the simulations, Rico feel victim to an overdose of Vigour, leading to an unwilling rape attempt and a hostile recovery as explanations were given in the following scenes at the Medical Bay. As a result, Rico now has an extreme dislike to his former friend Adrian for 'making' him do these things.

The Elysian Treaty

A lieutenant assigned Rico to escort the Nepleslian Diplomat Soreta for the duration of the visit to Elysia, which Rico accepted. Though there were a few slight problems during the negotiations, Rico and his entourage pulled through successfully, and returned back to the NSS Alliance.

A Red Letter Day

A sudden offensive by the Nepleslian Reds forced the NSS Alliance to stop for minor repairs on the recently acquired planet, Nepleslia Prime. During the landing on the surface, however, the NSS Alliance came under attack by a small raiding force of Nepleslian Reds. During the confusion of the fight, Rico Sanroma was killed by a stray explosive, and his body and preserved head sent to the medical facilities on-board the Unity Station.

The NSS Alliance docked at Unity Station for a period of R&R before its next assignment. Rico Sanroma, with the assistance of the new NAM Medtech - Cerebral Chip, was revived and returned to the NSS Alliance.

The Free Nation

Rico Sanroma was present at Nepleslia's first discovery of the Freespacers, and jointly headed the marine contingent escorting the diplomatic team. Although at first everything seemed just fine and dandy, Rico was unpleasantly surprised to find that a neko, one Tweak Three Seven, was amongst the Freespacer's ranks. Rico Sanroma was extremely skeptical and critically harsh to the 'spacer neko, resulting in a small debacle that nearly lost him his rank. Rico's sentiments against nekos has not changed.

A New Assignment

After the defeat of the Red Faction and a lengthy shore leave, Rico Sanroma was relocated to the NSS Bridge of Sighs, assigned to patrol the Colonial Expanse, as an infantry sergeant.


Fighting and Physical

Rico learned how to defend himself in harsh Nepleslian society, which was then complimented and enhanced with a rigorous military training program. He is skilled and experienced in combat in many conditions and circumstances; however, he often brings his aloof attitude with him into combat situations. If situations become too dangerous, Rico will cut the crap and adopt a more serious attitude, but instances where he has had to do so are few and far between.

Rico is also well versed in unarmed combat, and although his particular style is fairly effective, it is also very showy with plenty of unnecessary fluff. He has also learned to make good use of his weaponless-yet-sturdy cybernetic arms during fisticuffs.


Rico is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures, able to make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Rico is fairly fluent in common languages on Nepleslia; however he has a slight accent which has built up from his time on Nepleslia.

Survival and Military

Through military training, Rico is capable of surviving harsh conditions and is fairly adept and experienced at finding water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage, etc. Rico is, however, extremely well-versed in survival in urban settings, due to his history in Nepleslian society.


Seductive Sweet-Talker

Rico has been called many things in his life. A suave scoundrel, a witty charmer, a debonair casanova, a sweet-talker…Rico has heard it all before. After many, many years of practice, success and failure, Rico has compiled a near-endless supply of pick-ups, compliments and one-liners of all shapes and sizes. These, when combined with his natural charisma and smooth looks, swirl into a deadly form of seduction that many find near-irresistible (or so Rico likes to believe). It is unknown exactly what Rico has, but whatever it is, it rarely ever fails.


Gang Leader

Rico has received military training in squad leadership and squad-based situations. Rico, due to his personality, past experience with leading his gang members, and military training, is also comfortable with public speaking and gatherings, taking control of situations if required, and giving commands. Rico is also skilled at motivational speaking, due to his social personality. This skill comes in handy, particularly due to his rank and responsibility of leading squads into combat.


Airbike Enthusiast

Rico, because of his rough history, is experienced in 'hotwiring' civilian vehicles common on Nepleslia. Rico is also adept at driving most civilian vehicles, and through military training, is proficient at handling Nepleslian military vehicles. Rico has a penchant for Air Bikes as well, and has owned a few of his own in his past life. He currently owns an old but well-kept Vipster and is exceptionally skilled at driving the vehicle. He is known to be somewhat of a reckless driver behind the wheel, having a few not-so-proud marks on his credit records involving vehicle collisions.

Knowledge (Crime)

Guy Who Knows How To Get Things

Rico, having grown up in a family supporting organized crime, is fluent with lower rungs of Nepleslian society. Rico knows how and where to import and export illegal items in relative safety and with minimal fear of discovery, and has managed to keep in contact with a few important individuals to the trades. Rico is also familiar with sects of organized crime around Nepleslia, and still has connections to smaller crime outfits on the planet…although he doesn't actively participate in them. He is known from time to time to mingle with the criminal underbelly, however.


Military, Standard Issue
2 Pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
4 T-Shirts, white
4 underwear, white
2 Khaki cargo pants
1 Beret, green, with flash patch
1 pair gloves, leather, black
1 pair boots, black (or khaki)
6 pair boot Socks, white
1 Belt, dark green (pants)
Military Weapons, Weapon Accessories
1 Pistol belt, black, with holster
1 Pistol, semi-automatic, .45 caliber, with 2 extra magazines
Military, Miscellaneous
1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
1 Canteen, 1 quart
1 Rank Patch, Sergeant
Personal Effects, Miscellaneous
Multiple small containers of various hair-care products
A small photograph of the Sanroma family, kept in his footlocker
2 Black Leather Jackets
3 Pair of Jeans
1 DA Card
Character Data
Character NameRico Sanroma
Character OwnerMoon Man
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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