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NSS Alliance

The NSS Alliance is a NDI DD4-class Destroyer on loan to the Star Army of Nepleslia and captained by Jack Miller.

The Alliance has an AI commonly referred to as Ally.

Alliance in Roleplay

The NSS Alliance the first PvP focused action/adventure plot that focuses on the life and ordeals of the common Nepleslian soldier. The progress of the Alliance is mostly done through single posts (SP) with an occasional joint_post (JP) whenever conditions are good. Due to the rough nature of most Nepleslian soldiers and Nepleslian society, it is expected to see plenty of coarse language, dirty and/or sexist jokes, graphic violence and occasionally an adult situation, so interested players be warned.

The NSS Alliance is currently headed by Tom.


Her maiden flight from Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and her first assignment consisted of an assessment of a recently discovered planet, which turned sour after the science team and its marine escort were ambushed by a contingent of Nepleslian Reds during planet-side analysis. The enemy forces were neutralized, but the marine squads took moderate losses as well.

After a short shore leave and period of resupply, the NSS Alliance was 'graced' with the presence of the Diplomat Soreta, and a new mission; to conduct and peace agreement with the Elysians. During the diplomatic reasonings, however, the NSS Alliance was struck by Red sabotage, and was severely crippled as a result. The Elysian peace talks were not without slight hitches, but luckily the overall agreements between the two nations ended peacefully. No real change in Elysian/Nepleslian Relations occurred from the meeting.

After the surprise attack against the shipyards above Planet Nepleslia by the rebellious Nepleslian Reds, the NSS Alliance was forced to make a pit stop at Nepleslia Prime for repairs instead of heading back toward the shipyards above Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. The Alliance was involved in a short skirmish with red soldiers again. After forcing them to retreat the Alliance was joined by the NSS Kestrel before before moving to Unity Base for a refit and RnR for the crew.

After an eventful shore leave which included a bar fight instigated by the Captain, the NSS Alliance was re-assigned to investigate weird signals coming from an area near Nepleslia Prime. Upon investigating the signals the NSS Alliance uncovered a ship crewed by a group known as Freespacers and opened diplomatic talks with them. The results were surprisingly successful, despite a few hitches and bumps along the way, and the two vessels left each other under relatively good terms.

After another shore leave (along with a rather interesting Aethersperm concert), the NSS Alliance was sent to the front lines of the Kennewes Offensive to participate in the liberation of the Nepleslian Reds-controlled planet.

Current Personnel

Command & Bridge

  • Captain Heram J. Wazu (Uso Tasuki) - Captain
  • Sub Lieutenant Matthew Lionheart (Abwehran Commander) – Computer Systems Officer

Enlisted & Support

Alpha Squad: "Bullet Sponges"

  • Soldier Second Class Henry Morris (Luca) – Technical Sentry
  • Soldier Third Class Cheza Evans (Evangeline) - Marine

Delta Squad: "Bruisers"

  • Lieutenant Uso Steshlen (Uso Tasuki) - Intelligence Officer
  • Soldier First Class Gran Keats (Davis) – Technical Sentry
  • Soldier Second Class, Adrian Decane (SUBLIMEinal) – Medical Officer

Epsilon Squad: "Big Daddies"

  • Soldier Second Class Deon Maxwell (Dragonkat) – Marine
  • Soldier Third Class Autumn Wilde (Kim) - Armorer

Marine Reserve

  • Soldier Second Class Tom Alect (Firebird) – Fighter Pilot
  • Soldier Second Class Wolf Cross (Dustin) - Fighter Pilot


  • Sent to Officer's School: Cadet First Class Fian Vel Steyr (Fian) - Marine
  • Reassigned: Captain Jack Miller (Tom) – Ship Captain


According to Uso:

Promotions are handed out mostly based on the quality of role play. This means not meta gaming, participating, and making your character feel realistic and interesting.

IC actions are also very important and are the deciding factor of if your character will be promoted during the next promotion cycle. Specifically participating in plot events like missions or being active within the ship's society (talking to people and making posts about doing your assigned job).

OOC actions play a lesser role in promotions but those players who talk to me (Uso) about how they feel about the plot will be considered before those that don't.

DD4 Current Modifications

The NSS Alliance has been customized during its tour of duty and includes many systems not normally found on DD4 class starships. So far a well stocked medical facility and a set of virtual reality simulators have been added to the ship design. The lounge has also been retooled to serve as a meeting area.

Designer Atmosphere:

On decks one, four, and the launch bay of three the traditional atmosphere systems have been replaced with a designer atmosphere system. Instead of the traditional oxygen/inert gas mixture the computer system controls and monitors a mixture of oxygen, inert gasses, armodafinil, special bacteria cultures and other chemicals designed to keep the crew awake, alert, healthy and functioning for up to a 22 hour work day. The computer system also monitors pressure, temperature, and smell to facilitate the working process and keep the air clean of harmful bacteria. It also provides the same functions as a traditional atmosphere recycler, scrubbing CO2 from the air and maintaining oxygen levels.

Drop Bay:

The front storage bay of the NSS Alliance has been modified with a special floor that can open downward entirely, or in sections to create a combination bomb bay/loading ramp. This facilitates dropping of various types of ordinance including up to four NAM bunker-buster bombs and three of the new NAM Na-O1-00 Drop Triage


The Lounge of the NSS Alliance was sparingly used during the operations around planet X. It has sense been modified to have more chairs, a round table that rises up from the carpeted floor, and nearly twice as many view screens and holographic screen projectors all designed to allow the Lounge to function as a meeting room for the senior staff or as a receiving area for guests.

The lounge has also been set to constantly display images on the ceiling and walls. These virtual windows are designed to make the room feel more open than it really is.

Medical Bay

After the operations on planet X the NSS Alliance was forced to create a makeshift med-bay to accommodate the wounded. Once returning from planet X a permanent medical bay was installed into the ship on deck two by removing one of the officer’s quarters and slightly shrinking the marine barracks to accommodate the extra room.

The entrance to the medbay is a white bulkhead door. Inset into the door are nozzles that spray people down with a fine mist of special chemicals that cleanse them of impurities and kill bacteria, viruses, ect.

The side walls of the medbay are lined with three layer bunk beds for a total of 18 and painted white like the rest of the medbay. Each is padded with memory foam and contains automated systems to perform first aid, defibrillation of the heart, and suspended animation functions in the event that the automated surgery tables and medical staff are overwhelmed. Small drains in the beds are capable of gathering lost blood, cleaning it, and retuning it to the patient.

The center of the room contains two tables, each with a spider like machine above them that has a variety of arms filled with drug dispensers, flesh fabricators, and other implements of surgery. These robots are capable of performing complex surgery on a patient quickly and efficiently without help from the medical staff. Like the beds on the side walls these tables are capable of blood transfusions and collecting blood lost, cleaning it, and returning it to a patient. Below these tables are cabinets with various pieces of medical equipment for the medical staff to use.

The rear wall contains a diagnosis area. Using inbuilt sensors any patient can be scanned and their vitals displayed upon the flat white wall. Tox screens and brain chemistry checks can also be preformed through the stations located on this wall. Additional equipment storage is built flush against the wall and is opened by a verbal command given to the ship’s computer by the medical staff. NOTE: The high resolution screen is for Serious Business not for watching AetherSperm music videos when the XO is not around.

The ceiling contains high powered lights that operate in a variety of spectrums for all conditions as well as four deployable, spherical, bots that float in the air. These bots use magnetic grappling technology to levitate and bring equipment from the storage areas to the medical staff that makes a request for additional equipment. Three hemispherical bots levitate small equipment trays that are 2×4 feet in size beside the medical staff to hold equipment for them.

When not in use the computer will automatically seal the medbay and sterilize the entire room with hot water sprayed from the floor, cleaning chemicals, and microwave radiation. Water drains out through a drain in the floor when the cleaning process is completed.

Modular Armor System

The NSS Alliance is to be equiped with a full modular armor system during its stay at Unity base above Delsauria.

Shield Backup

The NSS Alliance had a spare Argus Millitech Type C Electrostatic Shield generator system installed in the forward cargo bay while docked at Unity Station.

VR Simulator Bay

The aft storage area of the Alliance has been replaced with a power armor simulation bay. The center of the room contains a raised platform with numerous holographic displays and physical screens which display details about the sim to viewers. The raised walls of the viewing area block off direct view of the screens inside of the viewing area from outside.

The rest of the storage area holds 70 simulators. Each is built around a scalable in size power armor suit which has been reconfigured as a simulator. The inside will automatically change its internal displays to mimic other types of power armor and provides physical feedback to the wearer. Each simulator is arranged in one of 5 rows stretching across the room and is suspended from the ceiling by cables. Each sim suit opens in the back, allowing the marine to step inside.

The ship’s computer is automatically set to record each session as well as the vitals of everyone participating in the simulation.

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